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24 Nov 2004

hossan leong

Well-known actor-comedian Hossan Leong who is currently starring in The House of Flying Chestnuts, shares his fantasies involving Meryl Streep, Glenn Close and Sandra Bullock.

Well known for his stand-up comedy routines, Hossan Leong is one of Singapore's most popular and successful screen and theatre actors. He has earned an impressive array of awards and reviews, including Best Ensemble Acting in the 2000 Life! DBS Theatre Awards and a nomination for Best Supporting Actor for the 2003 Life! DBS Theatre Awards.

Singapore Boy Hossan Leong
Hossan who is affectionately called Singapore Boy is currently starring in the eight installment of Singapore's only LIVE parody show promises more hard-hitting spoofs and merciless stabs at all things popular and artsy. PRIVATE (partly) - House of Flying Chestnuts will feature double-edged parodies of Mamma Mia! , Singapore Idol, Dim Sum Dollies, Private Parts, Wills & Mergers and films like Peter Pan, House of Flying Daggers, Kill Bill, Alien VS Predator and The Stepford Wives, from 24 to 27 Nov 2004 at Jubilee Hall, Raffles Hotel.

Hossan tells readers about his fantasies involving Meryl Streep, Glenn Close and Sandra Bullock, and more!

æ: ASOL (Age, Sex, Occupation, Location)
Hossan: I'm 35, Sex? Twice a day. Actor in Singapore!

æ: What's your "look"?
Hossan: Casual, but really would love to wear my Tuxedo once in a while.

æ: What are you currently occupied with?
Hossan: The House of Flying Chestnuts. It's a spoof-sketch comedy show. It will be irreverent, poking fun at the movies, television, theatre and politics even! Watch out for the our tribute to Asian Boys Vol.2 as we spoof that as well as 2046, Open Water and more! (Click link below for more info.)

æ: What inspires you?
Hossan: Beauty and life. Beauty because one has to find something good in everything, otherwise turn bitter, and life inspires me because if we live life, we move on. Very profound, but then inspiration is intangible.

æ: What is your earliest childhood memory?
Hossan: Playing on the beach at Sembawang Park. Does anyone still go there???

æ: What is the achievement you are most proud of?
Hossan: Being in a relationship.

æ: If you could do it all over again, what would you change?
Hossan: Frankly? Nothing.

æ: How are you misunderstood?
Hossan: I'm really a nice guy... REALLY!!

æ: How do you spend your Sundays?
Hossan: Depends on what I do on Saturday night. Church, lunch with family, sleep, brunch, pool, movie, work...

æ: Tell us one of your fantasies.
Hossan: Oh... I get to work with Meryl Streep and Glenn Close. The movie gets nominated for an Oscar... I get to wear my Tuxedo!

æ: What about yourself would you like to change the most?
Hossan: Ok, it wouldn't hurt to be slightly taller.

æ: What was the most important thing that happened to you in the last 12 months?
Hossan: Representing Singapore in the 1st ever Asian Film Festival in Paris!

æ: What do you think is important in a relationship?
Hossan: Empathy. Listen and understand your partner. Sometimes you don't know what he or she is going through.

æ: What turns you on?
Hossan: The smell of freshly washed skin...KINKY or WHAT!

æ: Briefs or Boxers?
Hossan: None, I like it nice and cool.

æ: What is your vision for the gay community?
Hossan: Stand up and be counted. Don't hide in the shadows. At moment, there ain't no real community, going to clubs and saunas after midnight doesn't create a community. I'm not asking for a revolution. I'm hoping for a sense of solidarity which I feel that Singapore does not have.

æ: Tell us about a cause that you support?
Hossan: Children who need help.

æ: Who would your dream date be if you were straight for a day?
Hossan: Sandra Bullock. I would take her to Happy and then Taboo and dance and laugh and eat Teochew porridge, then go home and make love.

æ: Tell us something even your mother doesn't know.
Hossan: Will she read this?



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