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12 Oct 2022

Drag Race Philippines: Episode 10: The re-cap

Are you up to speed?

Can’t believe that we’re already at the end of Drag Race Philippines – this series has definitely breathed some fresh life into the franchise.

Are you up to speed with what happened in the final episode? Let’s get into it.

The returning queens

So great to see all of the returning queens back on the stage – serving some stunning looks. Vinas in the moon-boot was a moment – she obviously really hurt her foot!

We then got a performance from Mama Pao, living her fantasy.

The Runway

We got so many looks this episode – it was a feast of fashion.

As well as all of Mama Pao’s looks, and the returning queens, our Top 4 had two runway looks to serve – before getting to their lip-sync outfits.

The first runway category was Camp Couture, and the second was Indigenous Fashion.

  • Precious: For her Camp Couture look, Precious literally took us camping – celebrating girl scouts and wearing a tent-shaped gown. Nailed it. For her Indigenous look, she constructed a tribal fantasy using brushes. Very strong.
  • Eva: Eva’s Camp Couture was a celebration of spring rolls. It was a relatively simple look, but it seemed to hit the assignment. For her indigenous look, Eva had an elaborate looking dress and headpiece constructed from fans. She looked regal.
  • Xilhouette: For her Camp Couture look, Silhouette drew inspiration from Cher – the icons face and fear cleverly featured on the dress. This was a successful lool. For her indigenous look, Xilhouette created a look using white coconut fabric. It was a solid look but felt a little below the bar being set by the rest of the cast.
  • Marina: For her Camp Couture look, Marina gave us a simple red dress but used accessories to celebrate the street-game of kick-the-can. It sounds a bit underwhelming but the runway presentation really worked and demonstrated a campy sense of fun that seemed to nail this category. For her indigenous look, Marina had a stunning gown featuring an over-sized train constructed of coconut fabric. She looked beautiful.

The lip-syncs

The spinning wheel was brought out to decide the match-ups in the knock-out lip-syncs to take our Final 4 down to a Top 2.

First up it was Precious versus Eva. When Eva’s name was called to go up against Precious, you could almost see on her face that she knew she’d drawn the short straw. Eva is a good performer and gave a solid show, but Precious really is on another level when it comes to working a stage. Precious advanced to the Top 2 and Eva was eliminated.

The second match-up was Xilhouette versus Marina. We’ve seen already in this competition that Xilhouette doesn’t perform regularly, and Marina is a knock-out dancer. Xilhouette did what Xilhouette does, while Marina was  totally compelling and held the spotlight. Marina advanced to the Top 2 and Xilhouette was eliminated.

The Final Lip-sync

The final lip-sync track was Sirena by GLOC-9.

Lots of powerful emotions and drama to tap into with this track and it was a great showcase for the performance skills of Marina and Precious.

This honestly could have gone either way, but ultimately the decision went in favour of Precious and she was crowned the first winner of Drag Race Philippines.

Overall, this has been a very strong season – a great cast, engaging judges, and a very watchable competition.

Season 1, done!

The challenge
This week’s challenge was a performance challenge – everyone assigned a different character to play in a beauty pageant.
We have seen this style of challenge before in other versions of the franchise and it’s probably not my favourite – it chews up a lot of time and isn’t hugely entertaining to watch.
Perhaps the highlight of this was getting to see more choreo rehearsals with the formidable Sir Gerald – you can feel how intimidated the cast are by him.
Overall, everyone seemed to do okay. Precious and Marina were the clear standouts.
The Runway
The category this week was Pink.
Morgana: Morgana gave us a weird asymmetrical bodysuit with an elaborate headdress. The headdress was kind of interesting, but as an overall look it was a bit confusing.
Minty: Minty looked gorgeous – an extravagant cloud of fuchsia fabric that was a celebration of the vagina.
Precious: Precious was a pink horse. It was a cute concept but the execution felt a little messy.
Xilhouette: This was a strong look from Xilhouette – a power cocktail dress that would be right at home on the set of Dynasty. It was understated – for a Drag Race runway – but it did the job.
Marina: I really liked this from Marina, channelling Westwood to create a English lady in her garden. It was pink, it was fashion, and it looked stunning.
Viñas: Viñas gave us a nightgown look, complete with face-mask and hair-rollers. She was going for a comedic look, but it somehow didn’t work. It made her look dowdy, not sexy or fashion or runway-worthy.
Brigiding: Brigiding looked cute – it was an explosion of pink tulle paired with statement patent black thigh-high boots and gloves.
Eva: Eva looked to Mugler for inspiration, giving us a metallic pink bodysuit and a flowy cape. It wasn’t groundbreaking, but it was a clean look.
The Judging
Safe were Eva and Minty.
In the top were Xilhouette, Precious, and Marina. Marina was declared the winner, which seemed fair enough.
In the bottom were Brigiding, Morgana, and Vinas. Vinas was safe, leaving Brigiding and Morgana in the Bottom 2.
The Lip-sync
The track was Ate Sandali by Maris Rascal.
This is a fun, upbeat track with plenty of personality.
The energy of this song was a better fit for Brigading – she was able to strip down into a performance outfit and deliver a performance with plenty of attitude.
Morgana was solid but never really looked comfortable in this performance.
It was no surprise when Brigiding was safe and Morgana was elimianted.
Episode 5, done!

What's life like for LGBTQ people in the Philippines?

What’s life like for LGBTQ people in the Philippines? Let’s take a look at some of the key equality indicators.

Is homosexuality legal in the Philippines?

Yes. Same-sex sexual activity is legal.

Are there anti-discrimination protections in place for LGBTQ people in the Philippines?

There are some anti-discrimination protections place, but further work needs to be done to implement comprehensive protections against discrimination on the grounds of sexuality.

Is there Marriage Equality in the Philippines?

No. There is no legal recognition of same-sex relationships. Marriage is specifically limited to opposite-sex couples.

What’s life like for LGBTQ people in the Philippines?

In general, the Philippines is a fairly welcoming and accepting place in relation to LGBTQ people.

However, there is quite a lot of variation in the experience of LGBTQ people. Some parts of the country are very religious, and homophobia is frequently encountered.

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