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Newsletter Issue 670
Apr 24, 2014

Welcome to the Fridae newsletter. There's been a lot going on in the world of LGBT Asia recently, and here's the place to get the lowdown. 


Phuket Pride Week 2014

2014-04-20 - 2014-04-27


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News / Features

North Korean state news agency abuses UN official for being gay

A North Korean state news agency has resorted to anti-gay abuse of a UN official for criticizing the communist state's human rights record.


Brunei temporarily halts implementing law stoning gay people

Brunei's new law mandating the stoning of gay people has been officially delayed.


Philippine police backs special desk for crimes against LGBTI people

The Philippine National Police (PNP) has thrown its support behind a House measure seeking the creation of a special desk in all police stations across the country so as to tackle crimes against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people.


UN urges Brunei to delay new law mandating stoning of gay people

Brunei has adopted a new penal code that calls for death by stoning for same-sex relations and will come into effect April 22.


Thai marriage equality bill unable to proceed due to political crisis

Progress in a marriage equality law in Thailand is stuck more because of the ongoing political crisis than any serious social opposition to same-sex couples marrying.


Tough barriers still exist for transgender people to marry in Hong Kong

Hong Kong's transgender men and women will soon have the right to marry, thanks to the Court of Final Appeal's ruling in the Ms W case, but barriers still exist. This article was originally published in China Daily on 9th April.


Celebrities show support for gay couple's wedding in Taiwan

Many Taiwanese stars in a show of support for marriage between same-sex couples graced the wedding of a gay couple in Taiwanese showbiz industry.


Top 7 Common Relationship Mistakes Gay Men Make

Straight(ish), Gay, or Bi-Curious - We all want to have a great relationship but some of us just don't know how to keep one. Here are some common mistakes Gay men make in relationships. 

Watch : Lady Gaga unveils music video for G.U.Y.

Directed by Gaga herself, the Artpop Production from Haus of Gaga is 7 minutes long. The epic video features dramatic heaven and hell dreamscapes mixed with Greek mythology, used to create a parody of male-dominated capitalism. Oh, and there's plenty of shirtless men.

Queer Tokyo, Lost in Translation

Walk through the narrow streets of Ni-Chome on a Saturday night, and you're forgiven for thinking you've stumbled upon a massive impromptu gay-pride festival. That's because Ni-Chome (pronounced knee-chomay) boasts the highest concentration of gay bars in Asia, if not the world.

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