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4 Jun 2023

New survey confirms that more people than ever around the world are identifying as LGBTQ

Gen Z is clearly the queerest generation yet.

A new survey undertaken by IPSOS has looked at sexuality across 30 countries - the results are pretty queer.

Across the 30 countries, an average of 8% of adults identified as somewhere within the LGBTQ umbrella. This is an increase on the numbers identified in previous surveys.

Unsurprisingly, those countires that demonstrated respect for LGBTQ equality reported higher numbers of adults identifying as LGBTQ.

Although LGBTQ people in Brazil face numerous challenges, Brazil was found to be the queerest country included in the survey, with 15% of adults identifying as LGBTQ.

The survey also found that people born after 1997 - referred to as Gen Z - are the queerest generation yet, with an average of 16% identifying as LGBTQ.


1. 2021-10-14 23:42  
Good article nice to read it.
2. 2021-10-15 01:57  
I feel that as same sex relationships become more accepted in all cultures, then people are more willing to accept themselves. Many younger queer people are much less likely to take their own lives as a result. This article help out a lot.
3. 2022-10-21 17:26  
My personal view is that, while it's encouraging to see more and more people accepting their LGBTQ+ nature, it's more important to evolve as compassionate human beings.
4. 2023-03-02 03:28  
I am not an LGBTQ+ and don't relate to that stuff at all. I am a gay man, pure and simple. I don't know why I'm gay, although I have had sex with 2 girls in my life, but I don't care. I'm just attracted to lean, fit, handsome guys and enjoy it.

5. 2023-03-02 13:11  
It is not more people come out it is because the internet age spread faster. If the homosexual and bi sexual community can use the Kinsey Scale Test to tell the homophobia, it would be even more countries accept the same sex marriage. Pink Vote is vital but many homosexuals are not using the right of their voting.




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