27 Mar 2017

Local Companies Rally Behind Singapore’s Pink Dot

About 50 companies sign up to support LGBT festival after govt forbid foreign funding.

Singapore’s largest LGBT event Pink Dot has received 70 percent of its necessary funding for 2017’s event, taking place in July, mainly from local companies.

Last year, Singapore’s home affairs ministry controversially banned foreign firms from sponsoring Pink Dot, 13 of whom—including Twitter, Facebook, Google and Goldman Sachs—gave money.

The Singapore companies now donating are giving $1,000, $5,000 or $10,000, according to spokesperson Paerin Choa.

There are more sponsors this year already, 50 compared to 18 in 2016.

Mr Brandon Goh, 33, sales director of Wood & Wood, told the Straits Times he was not worried about losing customers who oppose the LGBT cause. "It's a cause that we support," he said.

Paerin Choa told the Straits Times: "We were a bit worried whether there would be enough support from local companies to fill the vacuum left by the MNCs."