8 May 2014

Thailand catering to surrogacy for gay parents

Thailand is becoming a favorable destination for the LGBT people wanting to make use of new surrogacy guidelines that give them a chance of being parents.

Every month, hundreds of Intended parents mostly from the gay community are opting for surrogacy process in Thailand, one of the only few countries which allow gay people to do so, reportsivfconceptions.com.

With advanced medical care, low cost gay surrogacy program, steady and but improving success rate, and availability of healthy donors and surrogates, surrogacy in Thailand has gain momentum with many intended parents already going home with babies, it added.

Legally, a child born thorough surrogacy is not stateless and has Thai citizenship and can obtain a Thai passport.  In Thailand, the surrogate mother is considered the legitimate mother of the baby and her name is recorded the baby birth certificate along with that of the Intended father.

Parents can either take the baby home as a Thai citizen, after getting a Thai passport and then apply for legitimization in their country court or get an affidavit from the surrogate that she relinquishes her right to the child.

Thailand legally does not allow or prohibit surrogacy services  but the Thai Cabinet has introduced a draft  guideline to cover most aspect of surrogacy in Thailand so as to safeguard the surrogate mothers interest, to clarify the legal standing of the intended parents and to provide protection to the child born through assisted reproduction technologies.

Thailand does not bar parents  from surrogacy on the basis of their gender or sexual inclination and has become the choice destination for the intended  LGBT parents ever since India banned single parent surrogacy, reports ivfconceptions.com.

Infertility treatments including surrogacy in Thailand is affordable and up to  50 percent less than US, Australia and many European countries and have modern technologies at par with those countries.

Thailand is also one of the few countries which accept HIV positive intended parents for infertility treatments.