30 Jun 2015

Thai ice cream company apologizes for gay insult on Facebook

Wall's ice cream in Thailand was forced to apologize for its celebration of the legalization of gay marriage on Facebook.

The uni-lever owned company uploaded an image with its black bean flavored ice cream saying '#lovewins" in celebration of the Supreme Court's decision in the US.

Black beans is a derogatory term used for gay men in the country. The illustration was denounced as low and discriminatory.

"Black beans" is a demeaning slang term for gay men that originated from a famous pedophilia case in Thailand.

The image was quickly removed and replaced with a new picture of a rainbow-coloured ice cream but was shared liberally on Twitter with the hashtag #RIPWallsThailand.

Wall's Thailand issued an apology on Sunday, saying they were "sorry if the post created some misunderstanding" and that they "did not mean to cause discomfort to anyone."