2 Dec 2015

Hong Kong students protest at graduation over Catholic Cardinal’s LGBT stance

Dozens of students at Caritas Institute of Higher Education protest attendance by Bishop of Hong Kong John Tong after anti-LGBT comments he made earlier this month

A protest took place on Monday at the graduation ceremony at Caritas Institute of Higher Education in Tiu Keng Leng, which was attended by Catholic Cardinal and Bishop of Hong Kong, John Tong.

The protest comes after Tong urged believers to reject election candidates who advocate for gay rights and linkened homosexuality to drug abuse.

During the graduation ceremony a number of students produced signs with slogans such as “Love no limit”, “Embrace diversity”, “Accept the difference” and “I support LGBT rights”.

Some students held them up in the crowd while others attached them to their gowns or placed them on to Tong’s desk as they accepted their certificates.

After the ceremony there was a slight disturbance as students waved rainbow flags and approached Tong to pass him a petition letter and to quiz him on his LGBT position.

Students begun to chant “Shame on Tong Hon” and a brief scuffle with security and the petition was accepted by Kwan Ching-ping, President of the Institute.