6 Apr 2017

Tokyo Temple Opens Up to LGBT

Shodaiji Temple n Edogawa Ward offering graves for same-sex couples and guidance to LGBT.

Shodaji Temple in Japanese capital Tokyo has adopted an inclusive attitude to LGBT by introducing same-sex graves and actively welcoming the community into the Temple.

“Buddhism doesn’t discriminate on the basis of sex or impose an idea of what a person should be,” Joji Inoue, the 43-year-old chief priest at Shodaiji, told the Japan Times.

“I hope to eliminate prejudice and discrimination” against sexual minorities, he added.

Inoue named the grave for LGBT couples “&,” pronounced “ando” in Japanese, which means a sense of relief, in the hope people can rest in peace with their loved ones after death.

“We’d like to care for people of diverse sexualities and help those who are worried about their graves,” a Shodaiji official said.

Shodaiji temple plans to give LGBT people advice on other subjects and promote understanding of sexual minorities in Japan.