10 Apr 2017

Japan’s First Same-Sex Foster Parents

Osaka becomes first city in Japan to officially certify same-sex foster parents.

A gay couple in Osaka has officially been recognized as foster parents, becoming the first city in Japan to do so.

The city government formally recognized two men in their 30s and 40s as foster parents of a teenage boy who has been under their care since February, according to The Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry.

The ministry said Wednesday there is “no precedent” for a same-sex couple being certified as foster parents, according to Japan Times.

“I am happy we became foster parents (and recognized) as a single household, not just as individuals,” the older of the two men said, adding the boy is now “living a comfortable life as he talks about his school and friends.”

The man said he thought it is important for a child to “have an adult who gives affection on a one-on-one level and affirms his or her presence.”

The couple had submitted their request to be recognised as foster parents in late 2015. They had to undergo lectures, training, scrutiny and a screening by the city's social welfare panel before they were certified