18 Aug 2017

Watch: Abha Bhaiya on LGBT Families in India

Abha Bhaiya explains her vision of an “alternative family.”

Abha Bhaiya is the executive director of the Jagori Rural Charitable Trust in India. She explains her vision of the “alternative family” – a place of inclusiveness, where LGBT individuals are not just accepted, but become an integral part of the community - during the fifth session of the Global LGBT Forum on 'Home: Safety, Wellness, and Belonging' in May 2017.

"Alternative family for me is extremely important. It is important to create an inclusive, safe, beautiful place in nature and with nature. Because I personally find it’s not enough to have a biological family, that one part of our life. It’s important – but not sufficient."

The interview took place at the Salzburg Global LGBT Forum which was was formed in 2013 to discuss LGBT and Human Rights discussions around the world. Its signature is the international representation of leaders from diverse fields – including human rights, legal, artistic, and religious backgrounds.