4 Sep 2017

Landmark LGBT Art Exhibition Opens in Taipei

"Spectrosynthesis" launches at Taipei’s Museum of Contemporary Arts months after top court’s ruling on same-sex marriage.

"Spectrosynthesis -- Asian LGBTQ Issues and Art Now” has opened in Taipei showcasing 51 works by 22 ethnically Chinese artists from around the world over the past 50 years.

Open from 9 September until It is believed to be the first major LGBT art exhibition in Asia and features a variety of mediums from paintings to video installations.

The exhibition is aimed at promoting a better understanding of the LGBTQ experience in Asia, according to curator Sean Hu.

"The works relates to issues facing the Chinese LGBTQ community and our life stories," told CNN "It symbolizes a slice of our history.

"We hope the exhibition has a ripple effect across Asian society, and leads to people respecting different sexual orientations," said Hu, who is also an activist for LGBTQ and ethnic minority issues in Taiwan.

Featured artists include Chinese-American filmmaker Wu Tsang, and Samson Young, who is representing Hong Kong at this year's Venice Biennale.