15 Nov 2017

WATCH: Mainland Chinese Attend Pride in Taipei

A gay WeChat web celebrity from China goes to his first gay pride march in Taiwan.

Xiaohun is a gay man from China’s rural Fujian Province who runs a WeChat account with more than 20,000 subscribers—this year he attended his first pride event: Taiwan’s march, held in late October, and the largest in Asia. 

His boyfriend also joined him, and Chinese technology media platform TechNode interviewed the pair and filmed the experience. The footage is available on YouTube as a short documentary, just over four minutes. 

Taipei’s parade, Xiaohun said, was what he expected: “a lively scene with lots of gay people. Marchers show their true selves.”

“I feel gay people should come out onto the streets and show who we are to the public,” he explained. 

Watch the story here: