29 Nov 2017

HK lawmaker complains over UK consulate pride flag

District councillor Dominic Lee Tsz-king has complained of "foreign intervention” over the rainbow, sparking reaction from LGBT advocates.

A Hong Kong lawmaker has sparked a backlash from LGBT activists after taking to Facebook to complain of the British Consulate displaying a rainbow flag in support of the city’s LGBT pride parade.

"It's obviously instigating Hong Kong to forcibly [enact] the Sexual Orientation Discrimination Ordinance! Why is there nobody speaking out against such interference in Hong Kong's internal affairs?" Liberal Party district councillor Dominic Lee Tsz-king wrote.

"China values relationship with the UK, and we are ready to continue developing our relationship with the UK following the principles of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit, and non-interference in each other’s internal affairs."

Parade committee spokesperson Jimmy Sham Tsz-kit slammed Lee’s comments and welcomed the the British consulate-general’s support.

"The LGBT rights level determines whether foreign minorities can get protection in Hong Kong, which is an international city," Sham told Hong Kong’s The Standard.

"I don't see that as interference, it's a friendly reminder for one government to suggest to another to work better in one field."

Consulate Generals of the United States and Germany, among others, participated in the event.

Raymond Chan, Hong Kong’s first openly gay legislator, was quick to condemn Lee’s “ignorant comments” to Gay Star News.

“Dominic Lee is interfering with how the British mission in Hong Kong is run and, by extension, how the United Kingdom is governed. Anyone with a little common sense know that foreign missions are extraterritorial,” Chan told Gay Star News.

“As diplomats are supposed to represent their national interest, they are free to conduct diplomacy in order to protect and promote the human rights and welfare of their LGBT citizens.”


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