4 Jan 2018

Singaporean Church Council Maintains Stance Against Homosexuality

The statement follows an article published earlier in December on the growing acceptance of homosexuality among Christians.

Leaders of the National Council of Churches of Singapore (NCCS) has released a letter to its members—seen by Straits Times—reminding them that it “does not condone homosexual practice” and that it still views the gay lifestyle as “sinful and unacceptable.” 

An earlier December article in Straits Times’ Sunday edition suggested that an increasing number of Christians do not view homosexuality itself as a sin, even if they remain uncomfortable with homosexual acts. 

The NCCS—which includes more than 250 churches of different denominations—also said that gay people “should be regarded and treated no less as persons of worth and dignity.”  

Straits Times added that Christian organizations have made steps in 2017 to “build bridges” with the LGBT community, engage with them, and provide them pastoral support.