11 Jan 2018

HK Equality Commission Urges Govt to Recognize Transgender Without Surgery

People should be able to live as their chosen gender regardless of whether they have had sex change surgery, says watchdog.

Transgender people should be recognised as their chosen gender as long as they have made a declaration to live permanently as a particular gender, Hong Kong’s Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) has advised.

The EOC also urged legislation against discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation “as soon as possible” in a paper on gender recognition submitted to the government this week.

Hong Kong currently only issues new identity documents if a person has undergone surgery to reconstruct sexual organs. The EOC said this practice should be replaced by a system in which “there should be no requirement for medical diagnosis.”

EOC chairperson Professor Alfred Chan Cheung-ming said that the government’s working group “should not be [consulting] on whether a gender recognition scheme should be introduced in Hong Kong but rather what kind of gender recognition scheme should be adopted,” according to the South China Morning Post.