25 Oct 2018

Deteriorating rights in some Asian Countries causing increasing concern

With many positive developments on LGBT rights across the Globe, it’s easy to forget that not everywhere is experiencing improved rights - and in some places conditions are actually deteriorating. As Thailand is progressing an LGBT Civil Partnership and Taiwan looks to a referendum on same-sex marriage, countries like Malaysia and Indonesia seem to be heading in the opposite direction.

In Malaysia, LGBTs have complained of deteriorating rights since the new Government came to power earlier this year and there have been some recent examples of this, including a Politician blaming LGBTs for natural disasters. 

In Indonesia, there have been many examples of a clampdown on LGBT activity including a Gay Couple being recently arrested for running an LGBT Facebook page  and a ride sharing app. being penalised for a pro-LGBT facebook post. 

Even in Singapore where there has been significant opposition to plans to repeal the anti-gay law 377A, with a recent petition gaining 109,000 signatures.  

The LGBT Community has much to celebrate but there is still a long way to go in achieving full rights for everyone.