28 Jan 2019

Tourism Authority of Thailand launches video to promote Thailand as safe for LGBT Tourists

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has revealed its new progressive LGBT travelers campaign, in an effort to display Thailand as a diverse and welcoming destination for LGBT explorers.

TAT launched a website for LGBT Tourists called GoThaiBeFree and posted a Facebook video, the first in a series of five, showing real LGBT couples exploring the beauty that Thailand has to offer.

Thailand is becoming increasingly LGBT friendly and shows recognition of the significant value LGBT Tourism can bring. Over New Year, TAT sponsored the White Party New Year event and Thailand’s Cabinet recently approved a Civil Partnership for LGBTs.

It is really great to see such forward-thinking developments but it also should not be that surprising - LGBT Capital recently estimated the Global LGBT Population at 496 million, with Global LGBT Purchasing Power (nominal) estimated at US$3.6 trillion, and Spending on International LGBT Tourism in Thailand at US$5.3 billion, equating to over 1% of Thailand’s total GDP.