15 Jun 2019

Singaporean Paralympic medallist calls out minister over gay sex law

‘Do more’ said Theresa Goh, urging the home affairs minister to repeal the city’s anti-gay law Section 377A.

Paralympic medallist Theresa Goh Rui Si has called out Singapore’s Minister for Home Affairs and Law, K Shanmugam, and urged him to decriminalise gay sex in the city-state. Shanmugam this week shared on his Facebook news of a lesbian couple who were brutally beaten on a bus in London earlier this month. ‘Everyone, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, must feel safe in society’ he wrote. ‘And in Singapore, I have said that Government has a duty to ensure that.’  Sharing Shanmugam’s post, Goh said ‘saying this is nice but it is not good enough. Do more.’ She used the hashtag #repeal377A. Section 377A of Singapore’s colonial-era Penal Code criminalises gay sex, with the possibility of up to two years in prison.

Goh came out in 2017, with the poignant observation that ‘when I looked in the papers, television or movies, I never saw anyone on a wheelchair, let alone someone on a wheelchair who is gay’.

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