10 Jul 2019

LGBT people 'were not expected' argues Japanese government

Plaintiffs in a landmark equal marriage lawsuit accuse Japanese government of ‘denying their existence’ by arguing they were not expected when Japan’s Constitution was written.

The Japanese government on Monday (8 July) argued that LGBT people ‘were not expected’ and are therefore not covered by the Constitution’s marriage clause. Thirteen couples are suing the Japanese government in landmark court cases to gain recognition of their unions. Government lawyers maintain that Article 24 of the Constitution refer to a man and a woman only, saying LGBT people were ’not expected’ when the Constitution was written - and that marriage laws therefore do not apply to Japan’s LGBT Community. Meanwhile, lawyers acting on behalf of the plaintiffs argue that separate articles in the Constitution (specifically, Articles 14 and 13) should guarantee LGBT people equal treatment and the pursuit of happiness. The cases continue.

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