18 Jul 2019

53% of Singaporeans would react negatively if a family member came out

However, more than half of respondents said they would react positively to a colleague coming out as LGBT.

More than half of Singaporeans would react negatively if they found out a close family member was LGBT, according to a recent poll. In an online survey, Yahoo Singapore asked 887 Singaporeans in June how they reacted to a number of LGBT-related situations. When asked about an LGBT family member, 53% of the respondents reacted negatively. What’s more, 14% expressed a ‘strongly negative’ response, while 39% reported ‘somewhat negative’ reactions. The poll also quizzed Singaporeans’ reaction to a colleague coming out, where 46% reported a negative reaction and 53% reported a positive reaction. Yahoo Singapore revealed this week the same poll found 80% of Singaporeans agreed that LGBT people face discrimination.

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