18 Jul 2019

Very few leading lawmakers in Japan support same-sex marriage

Only 9% of the notoriously anti-LGBT Liberal Democratic Party candidates standing in upcoming elections said they backed equal marriage.

A survey by a newspaper in Japan has revealed just how few ruling-party lawmakers in Japan support equal marriage. Only 9% of Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) candidates in upcoming Upper House elections said they would support same-sex marriage.

Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun asked Upper House candidates from all parties to choose one of five options on same-sex marriages: ‘support,’ ‘support if I have to choose,’ ‘oppose,’ ‘oppose if I have to choose’ and ‘I cannot decide.’ 36% of the LDP candidates said they opposed same-sex marriages or opposed them if they had to choose and only 9% supported same-sex marriages or supported them if they had to choose. However, 55% answered that they could not decide.

Japan does not currently allow same-sex marriage and its laws do not protect LGBT people from discrimination.

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