21 Feb 2020

Indonesia plans to make homosexuality a crime and force offenders to undergo ‘rehabilitation’

Politicians in Indonesia are planning a revamp of the country’s criminal code, with forced incarceration for LGBT people in rehabilitation camps as part of a new ‘Family Resilience’ law.  A leaked version of the law also says it will outlaw surrogacy and S&M sex. 

The bill links homosexuality and sadomasochism to incest as ‘sexual deviations’. Anyone involved will have to report themselves to government-sanctioned rehabilitation centres for ‘treatment’.

If you do not turn yourself in, the authorities would have the right to take your children away, either temporarily or permanently.

Reuters, an international news organisation, has seen the draft and says that the bill defines the family as the smallest unit of society – made up of married couples, married couples with children, and single parents.

Furthermore, the draft states that wives must ‘take care of household-related matters’ and ‘treat the husband and the child well’.

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