25 Jun 2023

Podcast recommendation: The SG Boys

The SG Boys is a safe space where all are welcome.

If you're looking for a queer podcast to add to your playlist, check out The SG Boys.

Each 30-minute episode delivers colourful, earnest conversations on life lessons, pop culture and love.

Fronting the podcast are Joshua Simon and Sam Jo.

Joshua is a radio presenter - regularly securing big-name interviews - and also a singer-songwriter.

Outside of co-hosting the podcast, he is a radio presenter in Singapore, known for his interviews with the world’s biggest stars, from Katy Perry to Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds. Joshua’s interviews have crossed millions of views on YouTube.
He is also an independent singer-songwriter whose debut album, titled Filthy, was hailed ‘one of the best albums to come out of Singapore' by music publication Bandwago

Sam Jo is a seasoned media professional and content creator.

The podcast regularly features guests and tackles pop-culture and lifestyle topics relevant to the LGBTQ community in Singapore.

You can find the podcast from The SG Boys on Spotify, Apple, and other platforms.