1 Mar 2009

實習學生的Reflection(1):Two Observations



我很喜歡閱 讀學生給我的功 課,即使是一篇短短的工作日誌或反思週記,因為當中為我帶來不少啟發。


There was an opportunity to participate in the talk given by Ken and Jimmy at City University of Hong Kong in the morning.

The talk was not only shown how the Rainbow of Hong Kong educated the public, especially to the youth population because they were our future hope; but also to understand more about the needs and desires, and differences between homosexual and bisexual.

I believed it had raised the eyebrows of students in some way. However, there were two observations.

For the first one, I found that many students (nearly 40%) had used the laptops while the speaker presenting. It would be inconceivable when I was once a CityU student four years ago. The implication was that the computer screen had in some extent side-tracked some of the students, and what they perceived may have slightly different. Also, it shown the fast-developing information technology had eroded the learning attitude and their concentration.

I realized that the student was not only ignored the speaker but also isolated himself or herself from the surrounding. Nowadays people fascinated in their own worlds. Was not it a funny feature? How can one build up their own knowledge as well as interpersonal relationship? Although the society becomes wealthier and advanced, the development of human relationship has surprisingly set back.

And for the second one, I appreciated Ken’s attitude in serving others. His perseverance was exactly what I should learn from and that really encouraged me to be a good social worker. If we could be true to ourselves, we are more willing to give, and possibly live better. Again, the Rainbow of Hong Kong was a big family.