3 Mar 2010

More than 100 people protest against government memo in Taipei

The following is an extract of a report "Gays protest against government memo" in Taiwan's China Post:

More than 100 people protested outside the Taipei City Government building yesterday [Tuesday, Mar 2] against the memo issued to high schools about banning homosexual student activities in schools by the Ministry of Education (MOE) basing on a suggestion of the Taipei City Council Civil Affairs Committee (CAC). They accused the government of discrimination against homosexuals and demanded for explanation and apology.

There was a suggestion by the CAC that the Taipei City government should gather relevant departments to discuss how to “avoid high school student groups from leading students into homosexual activities,” so that students can develop “naturally.” The suggestion did not pass in the committee, however, basing on the suggestion, MOE sent memos to high schools advising to ban homosexual activities in schools.

Homosexual communities blasted the action and said it is against the spirit and regulation of the Gender Equity Education Act. More than 110 organizations and 1,500 people signed the petition, saying that the government is encouraging the discrimination and misunderstandings of homosexuality in schools.

Gay & Lesbian Awakening Days (GLAD) committee said homosexuality is not to be “led” into and the government's ban of homosexual groups in schools is restricting the students' “natural” development.

Tsang Tsan-chin (曾燦金), secretary general of the MOE, apologized for the inappropriate memo and said the ministry will continue to respect the equality of different sexual orientation.

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