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17 Jun 2007

ah-men! tie me up, pin me down

Fridae blogger Jonathan Zhang lives to tell of his recent experience of going to a stranger's home on the pretext of getting a no strings attached two-hour full body massage session which soonafter turned into a full blown bondage and submission experience.

When it comes to life, there's a very good reason why we seldom stray from our regular favorites. There's this unstated confidence that we have in our preferred choices, that the end result will almost always be pleasurable, if not at least pleasant. To stray from the usual would mean having to step out of one's comfort zone and go through the whole 'acquired taste' process all over again. It can be quite a satisfying challenge for some and a hassle for others.

Of course, the same philosophy of life can be applied to sex. We all have our preferences when it comes to the type of men or women we fancy, positions, locations, durations, background sounds, fabrics, types of whipped cream, types of whips, etc; whatever the sexually-curious mind can conjure.
Thus it was with this sentiment that I found myself naked, trussed up, blindfolded with scenes of felons being violently arrested in COPS running through my head the entire time.

It all started with an offer from a random stranger from the Internet - a two-hour session of full body massage with no price tags or strings attached. Of course it sounded too good to be true because who on earth would offer to knead your muscles for a two whole hours and not expect something like sexual or monetary favours in return? Thus it was with this apprehensive feeling that I went to the masseur's place, wondering if I would survive the whole encounter with one less appendage or in the worst case scenario, not even survive at all. The only reassurance was that I have insurance, so at least my loss will not be in vain.

The masseur's place was pretty decent actually. It was well furnished with antique furniture and for a gay touch, a huge Winnie the Pooh plush sitting in a corner underneath a vase filled with plastic daffodils. If it could talk, it would actually have said things like 'You don't know what you're getting yourself into, dude!' There were also several dogs at home and judging from the high-pitched and incessant yapping, I guessed that they were Chihuahuas or really effeminate Rottweilers. There was absolutely nothing indicative of an owner who's into tying people up and doing pleasurably painful things to them.

It was with this assumption of safety that I stripped and lay myself on the masseur's bed. And the moment he did his thing, I was totally relaxed. Believe me, he was an excellent masseur. I know this is going to sound trite, but he discovered places in me that I never knew about - one of them being a street devoted solely to seedy massage parlors. His hands knew the geographical aspects of a man's body like a professor of anatomy. He found hidden ligaments and kneaded them to perfection. He even did this leg-twisting thing that was as pleasurable as a watered-down and sissified wrestler trying to pin me down. It was unbelievably good.

As expected, all went fine until I was asked to flip over so that he could massage the front. That was when he suggested the tying of a blindfold. I never asked him why because I assumed it was one of those 'arouse the senses' concepts and all that new-age zen crap. I was already being massaged by another man and having a hard on. If there were any more senses to be aroused, I would be more than willing to try. And so went a black cloth around my eyes.

It wasn't long however, before he popped the next question: 'Have you ever tried bondage and submission?'

'Ehrm once' I replied warily.

That was several years ago and it wasn't exactly pleasurable. I ended up with several bruises and protruding nipples from extensive use of clamps.

'Would you like to try it again? No pressure though,' he said as he twisted my arm into a weird locking position. It was out of context that I assumed he was twisting my arm rather than massaging it.

At that point of time, thoughts of the familiar scenes from COPS had evolved into thrill-kill-seeking people from Eli Roth's Hostel. But then again, I had already relented to the tying of a blindfold around my eyes. Plus the noisy little Chihuahuas/effeminate Rottweilers were seemingly barking bits of reinforcement that their master was just a harmless guy who has a fetish for non-violent BDSM. So I thought to myself, 'Ah what the hell. I'm already here, might as well give it a shot.'

Of course, the 'what the hell' ideology soon turned to 'WHAT THE HELL' when the masseur started applying the nipple clamps and tight ropes. The cold of the metal was chilling and the sudden pressure on the nipples, shocking. If I tilted my head a bit, I could see him taking out his equipment from a really crinkly NTUC (a local chain of supermarkets) plastic bag. It was extremely bizarre, not forgetting to mention painful. Then again, when you're naked and lying on a bed with objects of pain applied to your nipples, the body tends to interpret pain as otherwise.

For that entire afternoon, I was spanked, shaved, bitten, dripped with candle wax, clamped and bounded. There was even this bit with ice-cubes being put up a certain orifice which I'm not very keen on recalling (I had a bad bout of watery stools that night). It wasn't until I had the first orgasm that the fun in bondage started to diminish. Soon enough, everything that the masseur did was too painful, too burning, too hot and too ticklish. I could have told the masseur to stop, but I guess I didn't want to be thought of as chickening out. On retrospect, it's a very silly thought to have when it comes to sex. Sex should not be uncomfortable and awkward, but rather a discovery to find out what pleases one's body. Obviously not an easy thought to cross one's mind when one is feeling battered all over.

It was after that orgasm that I made up my mind that I would be returning back to my usual habits of sex in the spas with random men who can have fun without the use of kinky equipment. It's generally less tedious and definitely less painful. After all, pain is fun, but not when overdone - it makes a really good rhyme, doesn't it? I can't fault the masseur though. He gave a really swell massage plus he was really friendly - for a person who indulges in bondage, and respectful for constantly asking if everything was okay and if I wanted to stop.

We ended the session with small talk about the area he lived in, as if the bondage bit never happened. And out of curiosity, I asked him if I could see his dogs.

Bloody noisy yapping Chihuahuas they were.

Jonathan Zhang has been gay for eight years, a nurse for four, tried bondage twice and tries to write on a daily basis. You can read the combined average of the above in his blog at www.spankthemalenurse.blogspot.com. Ah Men! will be updated every other Sunday.


2. 2007-06-17 00:58  
Another story by Mr.Zhang....(-.-)!
3. 2007-06-17 01:07  
Its rather disappointing that Jon and Fridae editors have chosen to ignore the numerous reminders Fridae paying members have made about the error repeatedly made at the end of each of Jon's articles...
4. 2007-06-17 01:32  
I thought this one was not too bad.
An explicit story told in clean fun way.

Pretty sporting of him to let the master continue his domitation after cumming.
5. 2007-06-17 01:41  
I think this's cool.
6. 2007-06-17 01:50  
It is educational to people to learn to make wise choices of doing something one really want . To me I prefer pleasure to pain !!!....and I thank Zhang for using his body to do the "experiment" for me/us....lucky you
7. 2007-06-17 06:07  
u were rape u silly boy!
9. 2007-06-17 08:40  
Thrilling experience.
But how would you know was it a safe game ? Being blindfolded and tied, seems to be in a vulnerable and submissive position. I would think twice to try it out with a stranger.
10. 2007-06-17 08:45  
Then stay at home and watch S-League lar.
So typical Singaporean mummy's boy.
14. 2007-06-17 08:56  
A seemingly brave act to subject one's body to a stranger. But this time Jon is absolutely reckless - how could you engage in such risky adventure to allow a stranger (with ?HIV or ?STI) to manage your body!

I find this a bad testimony! Unless Jon does not regret the consequences!
15. 2007-06-17 09:09  
Thanks for sharing!
Most people when they have bad experiences tend not to share 'em to others for a lot of people might judge, criticize, complaints, or just being cynical.

So after it all happened, have you met the masseur again? (This time solemnly for massaging purpose only).
Take care now!
16. 2007-06-17 10:25  
Once again I have enjoyed Jonathan's adventures. Has he broken up with the Malay air steward? How long has he been doing the saunas? Why did he not describe the face or body of the masseur? Did he see either or both? He got ice cubes up his gunga but did he get a koteh down his throat too? We are all immersed in cultures and religions that relegate us to smallness and insignificance and humiliation so perhaps we get orgasms when that humiliation is visited upon us in the one area where we are supposed to be free large and fulfilled...the bed. Ah men.
17. 2007-06-17 10:34  
oooo ... this is so exciting !

so where can we find this naughty massuer .. ?

18. 2007-06-17 12:22  
Interesting. I wouldn't dare to try it with a stranger though.
19. 2007-06-17 13:06  
oh my god this is reali gross! so SICK!
20. 2007-06-17 14:10  
Dear Mr. Jona Zhang,
Am sure you'll be back for it! Takes two to tango and all you have to do is say stop to the dance number! The mere fact you didn't was you kinda liked being handled helplessly... pain and pleasure...difficult to define dud, all depends on the couple playing/dancing. But your article was entertaining.
21. 2007-06-17 14:18  
Can I have the contact of this Masseur? Call me at 81389750, Bryan.
22. 2007-06-17 14:36  

He would have understood your desire to stop. After all, it's the responsibility of the Dominant to anticipate the desires of the Submissive - sometimes that can be stretched if the relationship is developed enough.

But sounds like you weren't voicing your desires clearly, as you acknowledged.
23. 2007-06-17 15:09  
It is "slave" that dominates everything.
24. 2007-06-17 15:12  
i love this article and thought it's very insightful.

clamps and ice cubes? Jon, just make sure that u get urself checked and try to recall at any point in time if you were bleeding through the use of his tools. Some clamps can cause bleeding... haha... not that i know much about it of course except the ones used to hang clothes to play card games as punishments.

ice cubes... hmmm... the recent case in Holland.... ice cubes up the orifice?

it's completely fine for you to play but if you feel a little uncomfortable about any part of the play, tell him to stop and there are always other things to play with. Besides, he always ask if u r okay before he goes a step further.
25. 2007-06-17 15:51  
hmmm....reading Jonathan's story I can only pity him ( but giggled through the story ) but I can imagine the unfortunate ChiHuaHuas that this guy owned....1001 come to my mind as to what this guy can do to his dogs ( clamps, wax , ice cubes ...wow ..) Always dont agree that human being keeps animal as pet ...try putting yourself in a cage or a fish tank for a change you so called animal lovers blah blah blah ...if only the animal can talk , its not difficult to guess which 4 letters word they will use for caging, kidnapping, or holding them against their will ....

26. 2007-06-17 16:49  
What a crap writing. Jojo is getting worse by each writing. Is there a moral in this story???
As Blake Lewis would say: You give gay a bad name. Shame on you, dear. Try a decent story next time.
27. 2007-06-17 20:13  
Sex Offenders near you? Find your state's sex offender registry now and search for free!

...sounds to me like Jonathan found one...more than he bargained for.
28. 2007-06-17 23:58  
what a load of crap
29. 2007-06-18 00:27  
To be or not to be, that's a question.
30. 2007-06-18 00:39  
After reading the article,
found out Jonathan is abit pathatic in term of; he should know what is the real meaning of SM, bondage and etc (somemore he been doing it once) before beginnig instead of pretending for that session for couple hours.
In other words; from the article above, he been trying to descride himself that how uncomfartable
he was during that session and being how regret after the whole session. no doubt he been in the gay scence for about 8 years,
but he seem like uncertian what sort of things he wants when it comes sex.

At this point of view, as i am talking about in general , if Jonathan is mature enough to think! he should had said stop instead
of pretending all along of the way for couples of hours.
Just an example given here (it could be as simple as that), when you are having fun with you partner/lover for a normal session
(NORMAL SESSION, do allow me to emphasize that 2 words..err..ummh!). if the other parties reach to the certain extend until he is doing it
to you too hard. i believe that most of us would probably request him to stop or reduce that impact.
I am refering is lover not stranger.
as the senario/story was given by JON above, i would like to suggest Jon to learn how to express his feeling
(as this need both hand to make the clap). and i believe JON should know better than any person as he did mentioned
early on in his article under 2nd paragraph.

31. 2007-06-18 02:24  
I personally find this article written in bad taste, and rather insensitive to the general readership of this website. Not all of us gays subscribe to an alternative lifestyle of S&M or visiting saunas. Perhaps this should be classified as X-rated with all its elaborative details.

Also, this article reflects a bad light on the alternative lifestyle. There was no mention of protective health measures and tread feebly on issues of morality in the queer circles. Especially within a conservative Asian society, such alternative sexual practice should be kept to one's pleasure domain and not be flaunt as an alternative hedonistic lifestyle.
32. 2007-06-18 02:41  
Hahahaha..~~ thats not a pleasure man! thatsmore to abusing. they give u free massage but the return its they abuse u for personality fun. his fetish its slave and master, bondage and kinky stuff. ASKED JONATHAN ZHANG, did he really enjoy the fun of being slave?
i guess i dnt think so..
NEXT TIME BE SMART, no bodys give u free massage without any kind of intention or purpose.
cos he give u free massage and the intention its, i tie u up and blindfolt u and then shaved u,spanked u,bitten u and then ur skinn get dripped of hot candle wax,clamped & bounded.
is that pleasure that u called? sometimes we need to think before we done it, 'think before u done or said anything'
33. 2007-06-18 07:18  
Sounds Like fun to me, but I'd be wary doing it with a total stranger. BDSM is all about trust and respecting limits. If the top knew that you were new to the scene he should have taken his time and not done anything beyond your limits (limits and "comfort zone" are somewhat different of course). I wish I could find a sexy master like that ;-)
34. 2007-06-18 09:32  
Ha! I don't know if i'd do it with a stranger O_o but i guess that's part of the fun.
35. 2007-06-18 10:18  
Haha, great erotic story.
36. 2007-06-18 12:21  
this read was the biggest waste of time ever. GAL (get a life)
37. 2007-06-18 14:16  
this story is digusting and supid, typical of the low quality crap that Fridae is dishing out these days, I can understand why he is only a male nurse instead of a real doctor, if I ever need surgery at a good hospital you can be damn sure I never go where Jonathan works . . . would somebody please get this guy a real date and take him out for some romance, a good dinner and a really romantic fuck? chivarly is not dead . . . there is still hope Jonathan for you . .. are you that desperate? I know you are trying to be the Carrie Bradshaw of journalism there in Singapore, but not even Samantha would have such a low class, tacky sexual experience . . . you need a real man who can fuck you the way you deserve to be fucked.... but to be frank your article is such trash it doesn't even belong in gay.com? is Fridae continuing to stoop this low? yuck! things are so confused and empty-- is this what gay advocates are suppose to promote and feature? if so, I need new roles models! anyway, JZ there is still hope for you, but don't settle for second class shit again, you are too smart and too talented of a guy . .. . get your self esteem and groove back please, otherwise your fans will have to do an intervention soon (you are beginning to sound like Britney Spears right before the head shave and rehab) . . .is the dating scene in Singapore so pathetic? if so, then please come up here to Shanghai and I will kindle your manners and show you have to have great sex like a stud and gentleman should have instead of some seedy sauna? all in all Fridae, needs to improve its mission in life if this is the level of crap we are suppose to read and think if reflective of the gay hedonistic lifestyle! Where have all the good role models and doctors gone!
38. 2007-06-18 14:39  
i can't help but feel that there are so many trolls around here. Jon has a great style, and he writes in such a straight forward and brazen manner, who could fault him. And for those who thinks its erotica, seriously you need reading glasses; how old are you again? If you can't take it, simple, DO NOT read it and go on and read your fairy tales.

perhaps the real world is just too real for sissies like you. shoo, go to far far away land where cinderella lives.

cheers to you jon!
39. 2007-06-18 15:35  
its not about right or wrong, or trolling . . . it is simply about class, good taste, great sexual experiences and manners! he has not yet met a stud who knows how to make love vs. fucking him

I am sorry but I am very much an elitist and have no time for this!

there is cleary a better way to live one's life and have great sex and JZ needs to get find out the difference!

remember it is good for me to show others the way to the light to happiness, good health, great sex, and prosperity!
40. 2007-06-18 17:18  
Is it real ? Anyway, rating is high~that counts !!!
41. 2007-06-18 19:40  
I personally find some of the comments here to be very self-righteous.

I am not necessarily agreeable to every statement made in Jon's writing. But, I have to admit that our community includes a whole spectrum of values that some are such a bunch of radical right and gives zero degree of tolerance of public display of deviations.

What I believe is: a writer should have no boundary in exploring human kinds.

It is then your choice whether to read or not.

42. 2007-06-18 21:20  
Jon's writing speaks to a large segment of the fridae.com domain...mostly the youthful and inexperienced gay bois like himself. This is not a criticism, but merely reflects my interpretation of reality. I can't judge his writing to be sleazy, unsophisticated or trashy....others below have already made their points crystal clear. I can still remember when I was 24 years old (I'm not senile yet), learning about and expressing my sexuality. I wasn't "stupid" when I was 24...just youthful, feeling indestructable, ready to take on the world and BE GAY...(whatever that meant in the 1980's). Not everyone is "in to" Bondage. S&M is yet another subculture within a greater subculture on BOTH sides of the sexual spectrum, homo and hetero. I do however wish to point out an infamous serial killer criminal case which occurred in the USA approximately 25 years ago. I was living, working and playing in a beautiful mid-western city called Milwaukee, Wisconsin...the home of beer, baseball and FridaY night fish-fries at one of the local gay restaurants. There was a young, blond, charming guy named Jeffrey Dahmer who partied and danced at the same clubs I hung out at....please take the time to "google" his name, and learn a little about this case. Of course, the world is not full of Jeffrey Dahmers, but I sense that Jonathon is fortunate to be alive, in one piece and able to relate his S&M experiences with the rest of us. Now, Jon....listen to lagunabro (below) and stop dancing with death...get a real bf who will love, adore and protect you, ok?
43. 2007-06-18 22:52  
Which way are you going, which side will you be on
Will you stand and watch while, all the seeds of hate are sown
Will you stand with those who say, let his will be done
One hand on the bible
One hand on the gun

Which way are you looking, is it hard to see
Do you say whats wrong for him, is not wrong for me
You walk the streets, righteousness but you refuse to understand
You say you love the baby
Then you crucify the man

Everyday, things are changing, words once honored turned to lies
People wondering, can you blame them
Its to far to run, and to late to hide

Now you turn your back on, all the things that you used to preach
Now its let him live in freedom, if he lives like me
Well you light has changed, confusion rains, what have you become
All your olive branches turned to spears
When your flowers turned to guns
44. 2007-06-18 23:33  
I really dont believe your story, perhaps you are highly uneducated.

Whom would agree to bondage without asking what it entails.. oh sure do anything you want to me..

sure pull whatever out of some bag and use it on me..
most people have boundaries..

and of course the question is to ..was he good looking? Im not shallow but im saying only because when the guys not bad looking we are willing to give more up of ourselves.. as well too the social awkwardness of saying no is a challenge.. you are already there so you feel obliged to be a good guest.

Stick to your rights, communicate before hand.. if it was so painful you just let him continue?

i find it hard to believe...
45. 2007-06-19 00:09  
Hello ? Jon is a writer. Quite a good one too. Not every bit of his story needs to be true, some of it may be dramatised for purposes of entertaining the readers of this website. Clearly, he does do that -- all you have to do is compare the number of comments he gets, versus the comments for the more boring articles. So lighten up on the lad. He's doing great. Go Jon.
46. 2007-06-19 14:11  
we are all writers, or at least "aspiring" writers to an extent.
This domain, e-mail and the web in general give all of us equal voices via our keyboards. Most of us are terrible writers (and should stick to our day jobs), some are good, few are great. Where Jonathon currently ranks on the great-to-terrible scale is in the minds of his readers. Where I "judge" him is my business, (and also yours)...and 1 million comments below couldn't change my opinion of his current writing skills or the importance/relavance of his column to the fridae.com community. Will he ever become a great writer? Time, his income, Pulitzer prizes, and international best-seller lists will tell. A critical point of his story, whether intentional or not, is DON'T TRUST STRANGERS (good looking or not) to stick things in your various orifices, or cause Xtreme pain unless you really want and authorize it and you are really prepared for the consequences.
Ice cubes can contain drugs, viruses, bacteria, cacinogens. The sharp edges of an ice cube can cut the delicate linings of one's rectum...and whoosh..INTO the bloodstream goes the nasty little devils. Mouths, eys, ears, noses and urethras are all just as susceptible to infections. Devices which pierce the skin can (and usually do) contain nasty bacteria and viruses, unless professionally sterilized prior to use/abuse. Jon should be tested for HIV and STD's in 30 days....his master-bondo-massager might have infected him with something not-so-nice.
47. 2007-06-19 14:13  
err... guyz to avoid misunderstanding, term i used "pathetic" means JON should has requested to stop for that session instead of suffering for couple of hours.

no offensive.

Bytheyway, the main reason i posting this message again is to mention;
somehow i found out the "POST a COMMENT HERE!" some of users is really getting out of the topic or may be abusive.

Like what Ryuuji said is totally out of the topic.
Ryuuji...sorry if i did offence you but i hope you understand after reading my words and try to widen out your view point.

i know when i wrtie this is totally out of the topic at the BEGINGING but i guess i should raise up my point of view as i totally disagree with you and found out is abit offencesive to those who like to adopt and taking care of animals but at the same time are into (SM activities like me) and especually i kinda pity of the MASSSUER who is being critized. (Now i am back to the topic :D) cheers!

Ryuuji, as you just mentioned, we won't know how our pets feel when we are taking care/adopt them.
so how are you gonna to jutify whether our pet will be living happily or sadly?
Is kinda CONFUSE when you try to express you comments here.

And also, pet and human are different kind of species.
Meaning that human has the ability to judge and Differentiate what should be done and what should not be done as well as what is right or wrong. in term of Morality and Ethic a human should ALWAYS HAS.

That's mean sex mean sex, adpoting/taking care means adpoting/taking care animal
perhaps i found out this is very easy to be differentiated by human.
Unless the massuer is not a human.

48. 2007-06-19 15:54  
reading Jonathon's articles is about as interesting as watching my male secretary pick his nose and hide the boogers under the table

or smelling someone fart in a nice restaurant!

its not about right or wrong, but it really is a question of the value of good taste and manners and self worth!

next he will be writing about his adventures as a male nurse and getting groped by his patients-- oops that was last week's column!

what ever happened to just good old romantic love and a nice crush on someone?

sex is too easy and too cheap these days!

as Mae West once said, "it is really hard to sell what others give away so freely"

hey JZ if you want to go on a real date with a real man that will treat you right and most of all respect you, give me a call! Most gay men forget what it is like to be treated with a real and magic touch! drop me a heart or a short message and I will fly the corporate jet down to pick you up dear lost one!

49. 2007-06-19 21:03  
I am beginning to be fascinated by Jon - his writings are controversial to attract so many comments.

It seems that he is able to bewitch readers!
50. 2007-06-19 23:33  
xiaoxingxing you are not as fascinated by Jon as lagunabro. Despite his alleged distate for the spankee nurse's tales, he's still offering to send the corporate jet to pick him up.
52. 2007-06-19 23:53  
thank you maxmike for reminding all us commentators below (and those not yet above) to stay on the subject. By the way, what IS the subject?? Whether "we" (fridae.com people) agree with, like or approve of Jon's writing isn't the point, is it? He's getting us to dialogue here and maybe even think about and consider topics we normally don't think about...and I'll just bet people are talking about him and his column in the bars, on the streets, in their apartments, on the phone, in Starbucks, and expensive restaurants or lagunabro's office or corporate jet as they pick their noses and hide the boogers under the tables (or eat them). Personally I find those esoteric university studies that fridae.com impose on us now and then to be boring, irrevalant, reeking of propaganda and intellectually insulting...but Jon's writing, whilst not techically sophisticated (yet), makes me feel young and brings back memories of my fleeting youth gone by. Even though I often don't agree with, or approve of Jon's column, and even though I "get" the Carrie Bradshaw connection....the boy has guts, tenacity and raw talent...let's support him and watch him grow, ok?
54. 2007-06-22 15:52  
so i take it your boyfriend is finally out of the picture?
56. 2007-06-22 21:27  

you should go to Singapore to find out the dating scene for your own experience, trust me.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to find a real bf who will "love, adore and protect you". If you think what JZ did is of "low class, bad taste, lousy sexual experiences and manners", i can tell you what I have done recently is of the least class!


S&M will give pleasure to the "active" player when the "passive" player makes lots of noices under great pain. Sex should give pleasure and not pain. If not, then being celibate is much better!
58. 2007-06-25 01:04  
And you are an expert on what sex should give to EVERYBODY, crazy4manz? Or a spokesperson?

Who appointed you as such?

When will you grow up and comprehend that your own opinion is just that: your OWN and NOBODY ELSE'S?


As for lagunasis, Zhang may be boring at times, but that does not give you the right to tell him his lifestyle is wrong.

Don't read his staff or comment on his text negatively and it's all fine, but taking the liberty to give people advice how to lead their PERSONAL life is really pathetic. Maybe Zhang is a Masochist who enjoys being treated in a way you consider "cheap".

Not that we all have to know of his diarrhoea as a result of frozen dildos...

59. 2007-07-12 05:41  
Im not into bondage, Im more into romantic bed scenes. As a nurse i have a few knowledge on why people find pleasure in pain and inflicting pain.

But yes, that was a good read. ;-)
60. 2007-08-16 22:36  
Jon, I really like your articles! I feel bad about so much criticism in the comments below. I often think that if the guys in the world had more sex, there would be so much less wars and violence in the world! Just compare how many wars our special ultra-religious friend in the US has started during his presidency so far and how many his more liberal predecessor in the oral office has!

I found your story quite up-beat... I always found it fascinating how some guys can channel whatever they feel in their soul into some form of SM sex - it's definitely a more productive and socially acceptable form of processing any pressing need to dominate another person than becoming an office nerd (or obnoxious head nurse, for that matter ;-) ) and terrorizing innocent and helpless co-workers!

And isn't it testimony to a quite noble character if rather than just running away or declining the advances of the guy, you actually accepted his request and let him finish his business?

Sex may be a rather basic human need (which raises the question why anyhow people make so much fuzz about it - nobody ever made any fuzz about randomly picking up food from street vendors, thereby unabashedly cheating on one's wife - but eating is the same category of basic needs as sex and sleep!), but it also is an amazing way to get to know other folks in a most intimate way. Therefore writing about it makes most interesting cultural journalism... So when is your next article coming? :-)

P.S.: The massage certainly has piqued my interest as well... So when you send out the contact details of your masseur, cc me! :-)




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