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11 Jan 2011

Uganda opposition leader against prosecuting gays

Uganda's top opposition leader on Monday said the country's police have more pressing tasks than investigating homosexuality and suggested he would decriminalise the practice if elected.

Speaking ahead of the presidential election slated for February 18, challenger Kizza Besigye, who faces President Yoweri Museveni for the third time, says the homosexuality issue has "generated far too much excitement" among current government leaders.

"We are talking about the law," said Kizza Besigye, leader of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), adding that his personal moral views about sexuality were not relevant.

"This is something that is done in the privacy of people's rooms, between consenting adults," Dr Besigye was quoted as saying in an AFP report via africasia.com.

Stressing that he was speaking individually and not on behalf of the four-party opposition grouping he leads, he argued his personal moral views about sexuality were not relevant.

"We are talking about the law," said Dr Besigye, leader of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC).

Although Uganda's penal code bans sexual acts, a ruling party lawmaker David Bahati in 2009 introduced legislation that, if enacted, would massively expand the list of prosecutable crimes related to homosexuality.

Following widespread international outrage, the bill has now stalled and has yet to be debated in parliament.



1. 2011-01-11 19:56  
Good news....at least it sounds there is hope
2. 2011-01-12 08:00  
Hope Kizza lobbies with Canada, USA, EU government officials to make him a better candidate if he is elected to be Uganda president and promise to protect Uganda gays from removing those discriminative penal codes against gay. I wish him Good luck and hope he will be the next Uganda President.
3. 2011-01-12 19:03  
Quoting Mr. Besigye: "This is something that is done in the privacy of people's room".
Well, that's not actually the case. The intercourse is indeed private but people should be free to come out without risking being actively persecuted.
4. 2011-01-12 22:11  
well heres some thing a little more positive... in a good way...of course it is also imperitive that Homosexuals in freer countries than places like Uganda actually begin to modify their behaviour and behave in ways that will promote a more benign attitude towards us globally and not give the right wing more of the same negative visual propaganda material, of course that idea will be shot to shreds this March when Sydneys annual once a year 'shambolic queer fest' parades it's tawdry self once again and all these suburban queens thinking they are clever and some how revolutionary faggot their pansy soggy arses up the main drag in Darlinghurst...yawnzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
修改於2011-01-12 22:13:14
5. 2011-02-06 04:28  
@ aztlan_oz: LOL..sad bt true :/

As for Mr Besigne, he seems like the Siew Kum Hong of Uganda...bravely expressing his thoughts in a not-very friendly political climate. Hopefully he keeps his word after winning the election, unlike the many 'liberal' politicians who only promise and not protect/ preach and not practice.





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