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19 Jun 2015

Malaysian anti-LGBT writer releases book both condemning and defending gays

A Malaysian muslim author has released a book in which same-sex relationships are condemned but so too is discrimination against LGBT

The Malaysian lawyer Mohd Khairul Anwar Ismail has released a book titled “Suami Gay Isteri Mak Nyah: Nafsu Songsang Terlaknat” (Gay Husband, Transgender Wife: Unnatural Desires Damned by God). The book was published yesterday and features a number of arguments about how and why homosexuality is unnatural and immoral.

The lawyer and legal exco of the Muslim Youth Movement of Malaysia claimed that the LGBT movement in the country was trying to lobby for the repeal of Section 377, the Penal Code that criminalizes unnatural sex.

Referring to same sex relations Mohd Khairul told Malay Mail Online that “religion says it’s wrong, but even if you don’t look at religion, it’s also against morality."

Mohd Khairula also criticized Western countries including New Zealand, the UK, and Canada for allowing gay marriage and said “Gay marriage is against natural laws. The purpose of marriage is not just to obtain happiness, but also to procreate."

Yet he went on to say: “Muslims are said to be homophobic, but no, Islam just prohibits the practice of LGBT. Islam does not allow us to kill or to beat up the LGBTs… even though they’re not normal, it’s not a licence for society to discriminate against them or to hit them."

Mohd Khairul told Malay Mail Online that LGBTs have the same rights as “normal” people to work, education, and safety.


1. 2015-06-25 03:10  
Hmm no comment. Adios Malaysia !
2. 2015-07-09 15:39  
Given that the dictionary defines 'normal' as being 'usual, standard' … then it would be both fair and reasonable to say that Muslims are NOT 'normal' …
simply because they are 'not usual' & certainly 'not standard'.

I make no effort to judge Muslims so it is difficult, if not impossible to understand what gives them the right to judge me … for WHO I AM !!!




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