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9 Jan 2008

playing gay isn't bravery, says british actor stephen fry

While expressing his frustration at being pigeonholed as a gay actor, the British comedian-actor-novelist also criticised those who heap praise on straight actors for their "bravery" in playing gay roles.

"People say: 'Ooh, how brave of you.'" But why should heterosexual male stars be hailed as "brave" when they take on gay roles? Comedian-actor-novelist Stephen Fry posed the question in an interview published in the current edition of the Radio Times.

Stephen Fry was named the second most influential gay person in Britain in May 2007 - behind Queer as Folk producer and writer Russell T Davies - by the Independent on Sunday Pink List.
He was speaking about the single status of his TV character solicitor-sleuth Peter Kingdom in the ITV1 Sunday night drama series, Kingdom.

"I think the fact that I'm so well known to be gay makes it very difficult to have a convincing relationship with a woman on screen. Straight actors can play gay people and they're rather congratulated on it. People say 'Ooh, how brave of you.'"

His comments follow a string of Hollywood actors such as Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger (Brokeback Mountain) as well as Philip Seymour Hoffman (Truman Capote) and Tom Hanks (Philadelphia) who have been showered with accolades for playing gay characters.

The 50-year-old, who is probably best known for being one half of comedy act and TV series A Bit of Fry & Laurie and portraying Oscar Wilde in the 1997 film Wilde, pointed out that nobody tells a gay actor: "How brave of you to kiss that woman, that must have been very difficult for you."

He added: "It wouldn't be at all difficult for me to kiss a woman - I'll kiss a frog if you like. And why should it be difficult for a man to kiss another man? It's difficult to ride bareback backwards while unicycling, but to kiss someone isn't difficult. It's just part of the insanely irrational way that the human mind works."

He also said in the same interview that that it would have been selfish of him to hide the fact that he was gay as his experiences could help other gay men to be open about their sexuality.

"If you... have had the experiences I have had, not to share them where they can be useful is just mean. The obvious case is coming out as a gay man, which I did when it was quite a rare thing to do."

"You think of the average person in the playground who's terrified of being beaten up, or the people who are not in a job like mine, where it doesn't really matter.

"These people need to be reassured that they're not alone and they're not freaks."

United Kingdom


2. 2008-01-09 20:10  
Isn't it normal for a gay man (unless he lied) finding it difficult to kiss a woman? I have met male friends who are straight and finding it impossible to kiss me (or other men).

Even for a gay man, it may not be easy for him to kiss all men, unless there is chemistry between him and the guy. I suppose this same rule applies between straight men and women.

I would like to hear from those on Fridae who are gay and yet able to kiss women, how can you do it? For those gay men who are married to women, how can you find it easy to put your 'USB port' into her 'USB hole'?? My goodness, what techniques do you use to ease your fear? Yoga?
3. 2008-01-09 22:15  
Stephen Fry is a treasure. I have admired him and his work for years. I would highly recommend my fridae friends read Fry's novels. Beautiful language, wicked humour, and thoroughly good reads!
4. 2008-01-10 02:32  
It's a little bit rich for Mr Fry to criticise being type-cast when he plays on his own carefully tended image of being, as he would most likely himself say, "an educated poof" at most opportunities. (As anyone who has seen his British ads for a certain Tea range would agree with!)

However, I think that he's entirely right to feel annoyed with being patronised over being 'so brave' to play a straight character, who - Shock! - is attracted to women, and - Shock Again! - is perfectly happy to kiss and Do The Deed with one.

Does the little thing called 'acting' not mean anything, any more?

Whether you're sitting in the audience at a cinema, theatre, or in your own home, you're supposed to just watch Character A and Character B in a story. The second you start thinking about the Actor, rather than the Character... well, you're lost. You may as well start trying to work out how many dozen people are also in the room for an intimate love scene, or wonder where the wireless editing suite is parked during a period drama.

It's ACTING, pure and simple, and bravery doesn't come into it. Playing pretend for a living is hardly especially brave for a gay or straight man or woman.

Show them the pay cheque! Or talk about the critical acclaim and respect they'll get! You'll soon find that most actors would happily have sex with an empty Pringles tube on screen if it furthered their critical/commercial career!

So, just as I'm perfectly happy to accept a straight guy/gal playing gay (as long as it's not patronising), I don't care if a gay plays straight, as long as they're believable in the role itself. Again, see the Character, not the Actor.

Now, playing an unrepentant paedophile or a gleeful wife-beating murderer - THAT'S a brave role for an actor. Playing someone who may have to kiss someone of the opposite - or same - sex is just the latest job...
7. 2008-01-10 13:17  
u in GOD game ,i think

not me

10. 2008-01-10 15:25  
Mr Fry is absolutely right- it really is laughable to call performers 'brave' just bcos he/ she plays a character of an entirely different sexual orientation to his or her own. How about policemen who are required to open fire during duress even though they have a personal distaste of killing??? What do we call them - Hercules?
We can't run away from the more undesirable elements of our job unfortunately; this applies to all occupations.

And to Mr Fry- Bravo!!! for the decisions you've made, & of course yr delightful work =)
11. 2008-01-11 00:33  
I wish Fridae would sometimes be ahead of the game instead of behind the curve! This story, like so many on here, was "yesterday's news", by at least several days if guys on here bother to read the international news online or in the press. BUT... i guess that "if" is a big one! LOL! Happy NY anyway to the site w/members who love to collect hearts! (Cynical bitch? Perhaps! Drunk in BKK... and the "devil drink" talking? More likely!). Hope I will not be banned or ostracized too much 4 this irreverent comments! BUT... Can we have some fresh, cutting edge, rather than stale news posted here please!? ... From... a supportive member who likes to believe in progress!
12. 2008-01-11 19:21  
agree with miamilucha.

now v v v v boring.
13. 2008-01-18 13:59  
Sigh...u poor guys...all that partying's too damaging for yr head, no? Just walk away if u see or read something u don't like honey, it ain't difficult I'm sure- my 10 yr old niece can manage that.





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