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16 Feb 2012

Serial gang-attacks on transgender women in Malaysia

At least 13 transsexuals have been attacked over the last six months in Kuantan, Pahang, according to a local media report.

At least 13 transgender women have been assaulted in Kuantan, the state capital of Pahang, in the last six months – stirring fears that the same gang is responsible for the attacks, The Star newspaper reported on Thursday quoting a friend of several of the victims.

One of the victims, identified in the press as Mona, received 18 stitches after being assaulted and slashed in the neck at Jalan Haji Abdul Aziz on Sep 1 last year.Photo: The Star 

The attacks occurred in Jalan Bukit Ubi, Jalan Pasar and Jalan Dato Wong Ah Jang, besides Jalan Haji Abdul Aziz. One of the victims, identified in the press as Mona, received 18 stitches after being assaulted and slashed in the neck at Jalan Haji Abdul Aziz on Sep 1 last year.

The two victims of the latest attack, which occurred on Wednesday, are a make-up artist and her friend who were set upon by six men on motorcycles and beaten with chains, steel bars and crash helmets. They both suffered cuts and bruises.

“They hit me non-stop till I fell, and then hit me some more. They sounded very angry,” one of the victims was quoted as saying in the paper. She received five stitches to close a deep gash on the back of her head.

She said her friend who tried to intervene was beaten up and added that they were not robbed.

The report quoted another friend of the victims as saying transsexuals believe the assaults were carried out by the same group of assailants, noting that given the targets have not been robbed, the motive for the attacks is unclear.

Six police reports have been made. It is not known if the police has made a statement about the attacks.



1. 2012-02-17 23:19  
these are heinous acts by cowards... :-(
2. 2012-02-18 02:11  
Please respect all the human. They are part of this world. They have the right to stay within us.
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8. 2012-02-19 01:56  
The chief obstacle to the progress of the human race is the human race. - Don Marquis
9. 2012-02-20 00:20  
carry pepper spray (and USE it)....or arm yourselves and strike back, if struck.

it's easier to identify your assailant if he has been peppered in the eyes, or injured.
10. 2012-02-20 05:40  
It doesn't take rocket science to know that this is the work of a group of overzealous individuals who feel that it is their God given right to take the law into their own hands as part of their continuous tirade against those 3rd gender who in their opinion are marginalized by their interpretation of the holy scriptures.
11. 2012-02-21 23:22  
Yes I totally agree with No.10.

In Malaysia, we are plagued with much racism, bigotry, hypocrisy and corrupt behaviours.

Straight Moslem men who run this place (to the ground) are often marginalising those who do not conform to their religious norms. They happen to also be the richest and most corrupt individuals left to bastardise our judicial and policing systems.

The ladies were probably further humiliated by the "Royale" Police Force of M'sia. Don't expect much justice done here. We only have ONE law - it's called Law of the Jungle!
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14. 2012-02-26 08:33  
Damm to those who cowards and inhuman.I feel sorry for them and hope one realise this could happen in their future generations.GOD is fair and what will they do?Kill their own kins?
Be strong!




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