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Arts & Culture

Visual and performance arts, musicians, artists, performers, critique
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Arts & Culture
Warm welcome to all those of you interested in knowing more about Korean culture and civilisation. Ever wondered about the distinctive features of Korean customs and etiquette? Want to find out about the development of Hangul , why most Koreans share only five family names, why gimchi has such an omnipresent place in Korean diet, what instruments are used in traditional Korean music, how to wear the hanbok, or what has contributed to the Korean Wave, the rise and spread of contemporary Korean culture, music and cinema throughout Asia Pacific and the world? Want to know where to download Korean pop music or films? Want to learn and practice Korean language? Come and share your knowledge! Welcome to your tribe!
Arts & Culture
Welcome to all of you who are interested in chinese civilisation and culture! Chinese civilisation dates from several thousand years. Do we know enough about chinese customs, traditions, culture and etiquette? It would appear that even ethnic chinese are not totally familiar with them. So, who is going to start and enlighten us?
Arts & Culture
Hi everyone, I am a student artist from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts doing a photographic projects on cultural stereotypes and social ambiguities in Singapore. I am looking for people and couples of all demographics to partake in this series. Every participant would receive a copy of the work. I would really appreciate your help and spreading the word to your friends. For more information please contact me at vincent-keong@hotmail.com Or you can check out my facebook group page @ http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=111616532188971 Thank you very much!
Arts & Culture
:) like everything sexy
Arts & Culture
我朋友今天出差。独自在家抽烟,当烟烧到尾处时,我竟然听到从烟里发出巴拉吧啦的响声。 我的同志生活就在这无意间发现了响声。 我是理科生,对后现代,对整个文学词汇,对哲学的概念都是模糊。可生活确实无法逃避的现实。 这个家族我想让他成为一个文字图片版的空间。在这里讲述天涯海角的同志生活,讲述内心的秘密和行径。 (家族内所有内容均发布者个人观点,不代表本家族言论。如本家族内容或敏感词汇让阅览着感觉不舒服请自行关闭浏览页面。我们讲述的只是生活,虽然避免不了接触政治,宗教,但请屏蔽于此相关内容的发布。如有触及任何一国国家法律,请于本家族创始人联络,确认后立刻删除)
Arts & Culture
Arts & Culture
To discuss mutual interests in classical music, talk about upcoming concerts of classical music, about musicians and performing artists, give views concerts etc.
Arts & Culture
GLOBAL BEAR COLLECTIVE: We are global bears of all races who believe in community through art, pop culture and celebration. We are OSO ORO, and so are you. Enjoy!
Arts & Culture
Lovers and creators of bear and gachi muchi manga unite. Join us and share, talk, and explore the masculine, sexy and fun manga that is BARA!
Arts & Culture
For art lovers
Arts & Culture
looking for film makers, festival organizers, camera women, script writers, producers to build a transnational network. we are running a festival in berlin, germany and already cooperate with friends in asia, us and europe. www.asianwomensfilm.de
Arts & Culture
everyone who love and enjoy photography
Arts & Culture
Inviting all Japanese speakers or Japanese learning individuals to come explore the language and culture.日本人の方や日本語の学習者が交流するサイトです。ここで、日本語や日本の文化について、意見交換したり、質問したりいろいろができます。みんなさんに楽しんでもらえば、幸いです。では、Let's talk!
Arts & Culture
For dancers / dance enthusiast! All types of dancers are encouraged to join: contemporary (hip hop, oriental, fusion, tribal), traditional (folkloric, etc). Share the news and information of dance classes, workshops, and scenes in Southeast Asia, Asia, or better yet, around the globe!
Arts & Culture
A friendly space for those with an interest in music alternative to the mainstream

Ride- Indie Enthusiast's with a retro flavour

Arts & Culture

Created: 2009-11-26

Members: 0

A friendly space for those with an interest in music alternative to the mainstream

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