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5 Mar 2001

big night out

Nothing beats a gay celebration, as was proven at the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras 2001 party!

The Sydney 2001 Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras was said to have had "a maturity" about it. It was rather scarce, though, at the medical tend where overindulgent stiffs constantly needed medical attention. And what about the struggle for tickets until the twelfth hour? The women taking over the men's only space whilst still claiming their own space? Poor guys! Forced to sporting activities in a set of demountable dummies, until shirley security put a lock on the hot spot.

Maturity you say, what gabble! It was a party plain and simple! But my god, what a party it was. There were bars, discos, cafes, massage parlours, help me tents, parade costume pageant, cabaret shows, dance plazas, laser wars, entertainment glaciers, (we'll get back to this one), and all the trimmings. All swarming with fabulous partygoers decked out in their most outrageous outfits. Or not, as there was certainly a LOT of lovely flesh showing and much admired.

The bold, brazen and beautiful came from all over the world, filling up the chill out spaces, lazing on the lawns, bar gardens, cosy cushioned marquees and quiet walk space. There was only one attitude prevalent - not the usual "I'm bigger, better n more beautiful than you" thing. More like "Lets have serious fun!" So the boys made their own behind the curtains in the dome. Some on the stage, and others well, wherever they could. As for the girls they wouldn't give away any secrets. Though a French flavour was savoured. But you know boys and girls, pick a chick and a dick from any nationality that wasn't there. Hardly! A smorgasbord I tell you. Bums and tits and cracks and whips, it was all that and more!

The fashion pageant, modelling flairs of the parade were made specially for 2001 - possibly because it took that many years to stitch em up. Truly awe-inpiring. The entertainment glaciers, well! Seven divas strutted their hot, hot stuff. Among them, Tracey Bourke running on air as the room blackened and lasers bounced off her many mirrored costume. Just stunning! Not topped but credited was Christine Anu with "Sunshine on a rainy day" on her glam sun swing suspended five meters above the crowd. And the unforgettable final show with SHEENA EASTON. So much larger than life, if theres such a thing for a live performance. WOW! Sheena was joined by three men and two women each side. The dancers; splits and kicks and flips, bodies way beyond utopia, the voice, Sheena gave it to us. More than one partygoer was heard to say "Her best party gig ever." Well done Sydney......and so a huge bunch (26, 000) mature minded hims, hers and others made it unforgettable. With only 120 security and 100 volunteer security, too! Mardi Gras 2001. Seriously, it was great "mature" fun!


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