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30 Dec 2003

the snow-belle prizes

The party may be over but Fridae's party brigade, Alvin Tan and Joshua Yap, are proud to present their Annual Snow-belle Prizes to the things which made Snowball such a memorable party!

The staff of Fridae would like to thank Suntec Singapore, the sponsors and contractors of the event, the crew who worked day and night, and of course everyone who came to the party and made SnowBall a blast!

From the top: Used condom like shimmering stockings that hang from the ceiling, beautiful bodies on display, the winner of the Best Fallen Angel Award and door hosts, Bernice and Amy (right).
For many, SnowBall was a Mecca with thousands of gorgeous hot sweaty men gyrating to the beat of Houston-based DJ Michael Tank who blew the crowd away with his trademark "diva grind," a blend of tribal beats and high-energy vocals. The party, which attracted some 3,500 people including locals as well as numerous visitors from Hong Kong, Japan and Thailand, earned rave reviews from attendees despite minor technical glitches in the early part of the night and the insufficient air-conditioning probably due to the sheer number of hot bods in the house.

Said lecoq on a local gay website: "[T]he lasers and the endless stretches of platforms were simply awesome! Loads of shirtless muscled men!! Irony is, many local boys did not attend the party and do not know what they are missing!"

Another partygoer had a great time and wished the party went on till 9am instead of 5am. Pumped said on the same web site: "Snowball ended too early. Everyone was beginning to get in the groove and then ended-anti climax!"

Partygoers like Pumped will have their wish come true at Paradise which will also be held at Suntec at all four exhibition halls on Dec 31. The 12-hour party will feature Steve Lawler (Global Underground) who has been voted one of the world's top 10 DJs, and Dave Angel (Trust The DJ), the 'Godfather of UK Techno' as well as famed local gay Sunday nights DJ Leonard T the closing set. Others treats include spectacular laser and pyrotechnics displays, fire twirlers and stilt walkers.

In the meantime, Alvin Tan and Joshua Yap, are proud to present their Annual Snow-belle Prizes!

Snow-Belle Prize for Best Eye Candy Award: All those topless hunks with to-die-for gym bods from Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia and all over the world (you know who you are!).

Snow-Belle Prize for Best Catwalk Award: The two lesbian minxes clad in stylo-mylo mourning garb decorated with fur and sequins who entertained all by executing supermodel worthy turns and half-turns on one of the raised platforms.

Snow-Belle Prize For the Erykah Badu Award: The fashion peacock of indistinguishable sex who dared to challenge all fashion conventions and turned up in an ensemble including the clever use of a white dish cloth for head gear and his/her/its grandmother's white retro-chic crochet shawl.

Snow-Belle Prize for the Solid Gold Dancer Award: The topless hunk in the center podium who failed to realize that body-waves - no matter how expertly executed - are liable to induce motion-sickness in fellow party-goers and should have been relegated to disco hell after the death of Solid Gold.
Snow-Belle Prize for Best "In Bed" Award: The massive party-creature in drag who appeared swathed in miles of white cloth and ended up looking like a cross between eternally typecast Wong Jo Ying with her ghostly white flowy costume and a walking Queen Size Dunlopillo mattress.

From the top: Used condom like shimmering stockings that hang from the ceiling, beautiful bodies on display, the winner of the Best Fallen Angel Award and door hosts, Bernice and Amy (right).
Snow-Belle Prize for Best Door Bitch Award: A tie between the stunning and elegant Bernice in her cabaret inspired white outfit and bald beauty Grego with his over-the-top welcomes and "you-go-girls" partee repartee.

Snow-Belle Prize for Best Forbidden City Award: The revered Empress Dowager would be proud (or rolling in her grave) to learn that her pointy finger accessories were usurped by a foxy homo last seen migrating between podiums in various states of undress.

Snow-Belle Prize for Mixing Business with Pleasure Award: Despite being entrusted with the all-important task of coupons sales, this SnowBall crew member still managed to hook up with a Nakata look-alike. Help the poor guy out Mr. Nakata lookalike, click here and drop the poor soul an email.

Snow-Belle Prize for Best Fallen Angel Award: To the spectacle at the center podium for mix-and-matching inflatable angel wings, turquoise trunks and a leather harness. Like a car crash, we cannot help but stare and wonder: "what the?"

Snow-belle Prize for Best Impression of A Sauna Award: Anywhere on the dancefloor where the potent mix of body heat, strong spotlights and lack of blasting air-condition created a hotspot that had every party goer (except for the modest non-gym going ones) stripping off their tops - much to each other's delight.

Snow-belle Prize for Ugly Singaporean Impression Award: The deplorable state of the Men's Room after midnight - either most male party goers at Snowball were suffering from poor aim, wearing their beer goggles or in too much of a hurry to care where the urinals were actually located.

Snow-Belle Prize for Subliminal Message Award: Kudos to the Fridae Interior Design Team for adorning the ceilings with glistening balls drooping down from shimmering stockings that resemble condoms, thereby stirring our loins and advocating safe sex at the same time.

Snow-Belle Prize for Best Poker Faces Award: A tie between the First Aid and Cleaning Teams for keeping oh-so-straight faces while bearing witness to the gratuitous display of sweaty flesh and R-rated bumping and grinding action.

Snow-Belle Prize for Must-Have Accessory Award: The ubiquitous digital camera. Partygoers can be seen flashing their pearly whites (and other body parts) at cameras everywhere into the wee hours of morning.

Snow-Belle Prize for Most Thoughtful Door Gift Award: The Biotherm Homme post-party gift pack which includes an eye cream for puffy eyes - the perfect balm to circuit boys and girls suffering from sleep deprivation.

Snow-Belle Prize for Party Pooper Award: To those who still managed to find unforgivable flaws in such a fabulous party. Do yourselves a favor, stay at home and listen to Class 95 while you fill up your credit card applications. You'll live longer that way.


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