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9 Mar 2007

bachelors bonanza 2007

Fridae's man-huntress, Alvin Tan, previews the Singaporean hunks for CLEO Magazine's Most Eligible Bachelors 2007 and picks his favourite manpanions!

The March issue of CLEO Magazine (Singapore edition) has been flying off the shelves faster than a book shelf haunted by a hyper-active poltergeist - all because it's the time of the year when the magazine unveils its annual list of Eligible Bachelors.

Top of the page (from left to right): Alvin Leong, Matthew Chew, Daniel Zhang, Jamus Yuen and Daryl Pan. Images are from www.yahoo.com.sg/cleobachelors
With an oh-so-naughty tagline of "50 Eligible Bachelors: Hot, Hard and Waiting For You In Bed," the much-awaited man-list this year is sure to cause nose-bleeds and hot-flushes amongst hetero-hussies and homos-in-heat.

In anticipation of the Bachelors Finals Party (a must-attend mentertainment event) held on Mar 16 at PowerHouse @ St James Power Station, yours truly would like to play out my Bachelorette fantasy and hand out stalks of roses to my favourite bachelors!

Let the Rose Ceremony begin!

Alvin Leong, 22, NSMan
Touted as the "baking bachelor," this delectable dish is not only blessed with mouth-watering clean cut good looks but is apparently good with his hands too - he bakes cakes for goodness sake!

And while his Oreo cheesecakes are sure to tantalise taste buds, it is the sight of his smooth bare chest and the trail of pubic hair snaking up to his navel that will cause gay men to lose control of their salivary glands.

Gets Fridae's Vote for "Best Manservant."

Matthew Chew, 20, Undergraduate
Lying on a bed all tangled up in sheets, the cocoa-hued hunk with the Angelina Jolie like lips is like a wet-dream come true - especially for gay men with a weakness for waterpolo players or those "Sunshine Boys" type.

Matthew is fantasy-turned-flesh for Speedos seekers not only because he wears his trunks well and also because of the size of his swimwear collection: "I'll never throw away my trunks. I've been a waterpolo player since primary school and I keep all my trunks, even if they're tattered and torn."

Gets Fridae's Vote for "Most Seductive In Swimwear (Especially If They Are Tattered and Torn)."

Daniel Zhang, 22, Undergraduate
Appearing in the magazine with nothing but a white towel wrapped around his washboard abs, this muscle man is one of my favourite eligible bachelors because of he looked devastating posing in trunks during Muscle War 2007.

According to his interview, one could surmise that this beefcake of a bachelor would be perfect for bossy bottoms due to the fact that his preferred sex position is "the girl-on-top" because "I'd like to think she'd appreciate being in control." Kneel boy kneel!

Gets Fridae's Vote for "Most Submissive Bachelor."

Jamus Yuen, 27, Restaurant Owner
Unlike the most of the bachelors who looked as if they had just fallen out of the cradle, this rugged model-turned-chicken-rice-seller appeals to gay men who adore bad boys - after all, he confessed to threatening to "beat up a guy who was pestering a girl."

As if looking like those rough-and-tough actors in Japanese porn isn't enough, Jamus ups the kink factor by admitting to wearing only his "birthday suit" to bed (give me your home address and I'll be there with my binoculars!).

Gets Fridae's Vote for "Hottest Hawker In Singapore."

Daryl Pan, 21, NSman
One look at this sexy swimmer and most gay men would be wetter than someone who had accidentally stepped into a swimming pool - and that's why this medal-winning swimmer is my favourite bachelor of all!

More importantly, dashing Daryl has expressed his fondness for women who are into sports - thereby confirming my suspicion that we are a match made in homo-heaven because I happen to be the current Olympic Gold Medalist for sex marathons!

Gets Fridae's Vote for "Bachelor Most Likely To Induce Wet Spots."

Note: All bachelors featured in this article are entitled to ONE FREE ORGASM courtesy of Alvin Tan who happens to be well-versed in manhood massage. To claim your prize, please contact Alvin at (information deleted by scandalised Editor).


Reader's Comments

1. 2007-03-09 19:26  
wow nice guys cool men ... i wonder how many of them r gay ...
2. 2007-03-09 19:30  
pleAse chain alvin tan to his table at fridae and make him write weekly features!~ LOL
3. 2007-03-09 19:59  
Wow. Change my mind.

Cutest guys in Aisa ranking:

1) Korea
2) Japan
4. 2007-03-09 22:24  
so frustrating to see all these hotties in S'pore. when will global warming push asia closer to manhattan?
5. 2007-03-10 00:22  
Very nice profiles. Are most of them gay? I kind of wondering that's the fact. Haha.... Or at least, they don't mind sleeping with a man.

Am I bad? I guess so...
6. 2007-03-10 06:07  
Daniel Zhang at Muscle War 2007:

7. 2007-03-10 06:15  
Alvin Leong on TV:

8. 2007-03-10 08:03  
Well, I am flabbergasted! Never has my gasted been so flabbered. I mean to say Singapore men are absolutely fabulous as indicated in the line up. Everyone gets my vote. Good stuff!
9. 2007-03-10 08:21  
Alvin - I'd like your Oreo BOMB cake...and Daniel, I'd like some of that cappuccino BEEFcake delivered to my room please?

Wanton Woman - continue serving up your videos!

10. 2007-03-10 12:19  
11. 2007-03-10 15:43  
From the last time i heard, almost 75% of the contestants here are gay and it is no wonder! But good for them, at least they are well represented in our community. But i hate the fact they have to be asked questions about their ideal dream girl and what they would do for a girl in bed... it does bring out the 'liars' in them though! LOL!
12. 2007-03-10 19:13  
Though many of them in the contestants are gay, Jamus Yuen isn't one of them, I just met his girlfriend today... He is indeed yummy...
no wonder his gf has to keep up to his standards...
13. 2007-03-10 22:09  
Ok there is something really wrong about Singapore. Why are there no guys over 30? I am 1/2 of them are younger than I am. Does this mean there are no older guys that are still eligible on that island? Wait until you are 30 to see if you still look good and if you are successful and to see how much you evolved or devolved as a person. I mean, this magazine looks amateurist at best. Reminds me of my college "who's hot on campus" contest. Well why not, one of them is still in college. Very pathetic for Singapore.
14. 2007-03-10 22:22  
I also want to say, it seems that the contestants picked by Alvin Tan are all of Chinese descent. Singapore is a mutltiracial society so are there not any available non-Chinese bachelors. Perhaps because I am in TWN that I would love to meet non-Chinese guys (ahah) but I will must question Alvin Tan's choices. All young and Chinese hardly to me seems to be exquisite taste.

One day I would love to see a picture of this Alvin Tan.
15. 2007-03-10 23:23  
Wow...These are very nice pictures of good looking Singaporean guys. My only wish is that they are gay!
16. 2007-03-11 01:17  

17. 2007-03-11 01:47  
As usual..so many gays..chiayo...
18. 2007-03-11 06:46  
not bad and not good also...
too much make up...dont like it.
19. 2007-03-11 08:02  
carl lim is definitely gay. he's always hanging around tg pagar clubs.
20. 2007-03-11 08:03  
oh, i will never vote for that shirtless zhang watisname. he's so insecure. only insecure men pump their bodies until like that. and his smile. yuck.
21. 2007-03-11 14:15  
Mr achille, well you are right. Guys who train their bodies until its the object of desire, probably are insecure about something and over compensating for it.

From your tone, you are probably some really sorted out secure person with a body that will NOT attract any attention whatsoever, especiallly the sexual sort.

Well, you know what, good for you. Lucky for you that most people don't mind fucking normal bodies, but why is it that you are putting down people who actually makes an effort in doing something they feel uncomfortable about and change? What is bugging you? Their insecurities or what it reminds you of? What do they remind you of? It cannot be, you care for them so much, that you worry about their steroid use and the consequences on them. Could it be, you would like some of it, but have nothing to spur you on, something like insecurities to nudge you into a body beautiful, thus the resentment. Or is it because you can't deal with the discipline and determination required? Until you can come up with an honest no bullshit answer to that, i suggest you get some steroids, hit the gym and try pumping until YOUR body look half like theirs and IF and only IF your body gets half like theirs, then comment on "bodies like that".

Do you also have a problem with obese people?
Comment #22 was deleted by its author
23. 2007-03-11 14:27  
And oh, Mr subaltern, Singapore is a mutliracial society indeed. But that's no guarantee that at this moment in time and space and at this particular contest, the other racial contestants are worth a mention.

You know what, we have come a long way, and I would like to believe Mr Alvin Tan with all his crazy ideas and mad manners, have the finess and confidences to tell it for what it is. This is not a political statement nor serious social commentary piece, it is HUMOUR. Only a certain Balajil can mistake Alvin Tan for real, and the Balajisl of the world don't belong on Fridae. In case if you don't get the balajil bit, do ask and i'll be happy to explain.

Jesus! Where did all the bright ones go?
24. 2007-03-11 14:30  
gosh!! most of them are still kids... students, NZ men. Well! and of course they have the time and metabolism to stay lean toned at that age.

do we not have any good looking eligible men above 30s or from late 20s onwards in S'pore?

could be great if we can feature some good looking men say from late 20s onwards, in the work force, etc.
25. 2007-03-11 15:13  
This Princess would like to "stimulate" discussion on the following related topics:

a) Should gay men or women participate in "heterosexual" contests such as this?

b) What do other gay men or women think of gay men or women who participate in such contests?

May Athena's wisdom guide our discussion!
26. 2007-03-11 16:06  
To respond to Mass-E, please refrain from ad-hominem attacks to me and others; it really serves no purpose. While this little piece of journalistic trash is suppose to be humor, that does not exclude it from the political/social and even economic realm. This article was not written in a vacuum and if Fridae is committed to empowering the gay community, then we should be looking further into this article. Most humor responds to something occurring in society, ie African-American humor responds to socio-economic inequality as well as cultural differences between them and whites.

In the end though you are right Mass-E, this is just humor. This is just a pathetic college male beauty pageant so why should fridae even include it?

I dont care to know S'pore slang either Mass-E but i would encourage you to look up the word Subaltern for its definition since it certainly pertains to S'pore society.
27. 2007-03-11 17:23  
I don't mind getting lost in Daryl Pan's labyrinth!
Comment #28 was deleted by its author
Comment #29 was deleted by its author
30. 2007-03-11 17:54  
subaltern, you really need a sense of humor - you're pathetic and please give your white superiority crap a rest.
31. 2007-03-11 18:42  
32. 2007-03-11 18:58  
1. Subaltern - why don't you share with us your picks?

2. Darryl Pan's personal blog is here http://blog.360.yahoo.com/blog-EmYd98k1erQ6_.67iNbC

3. Enjoy!
33. 2007-03-11 19:12  
I've once written to Cleo suggesting they ought to feature an out gay man as one of their 50 contestants, rationalising that it would increase their circulation even more. They considered it, and followed up with a lesbian feature story...but looks like we have to contend with gay contestants who are NOT out in the competition, though we all know who they are! :P More power to them, especially if they win. That would be deeeelicious.
34. 2007-03-11 23:47  
4 out of 5 of them are not generating any income.
Lack of financial independence must be one of Alvin's fetish....

Eligible Bachelors or Eligible Mummy's boys?
Get a real man.
35. 2007-03-12 09:35  
when I will not the bachelor..
36. 2007-03-12 10:14  
Hahaha I can see at leat 40% of these guys as being Gay and are almost usually out of the closet... CLEO is so pathetic both in Singapore and Malaysia as they always feather Gay men in their lists! Get Real!!!!
37. 2007-03-12 21:33  
The women are bimbo as usual.

How do you define a bachelor?

A bachelor should be a MAN with a good career, in his 30s and is still single. It is not just look alone.

Look at the contestants. They are just cashing on their look. Some are students, NSF and some are working in jobs that dont carry much status.

Do you really call them bachelors? They should call the contest '50 goodlooking guys' will be better.
38. 2007-03-13 16:18  
hello, am in sydney and i want to buy a copy of cleo march issue, he said its not available, may run out of copies, any place you know in singapore he can get it from me, thanks,lee
39. 2007-03-15 05:23  
Loving it!!! It is always nice to see the beauty of asian male portrayed in the media. I wish they do the same in the US. The bachelors are young, sexy and good looking. What's up with all the drama and neg comments? Stop the hate and jealousy already....Get over it!!!
40. 2007-03-21 07:04  
daryl pan is definitely G-A-Y! my friend met him at the finals party and she said so heartbreaking that he's gay! hah!

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