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20 Jun 2008

MSMs account for 30% of new HIV infection cases in Hong Kong

Of the 89 new HIV cases reported from January to March this year, 28 acquired the infection via homosexual or bisexual contact.

Homosexual or bisexual transmission has been cited as the major route of new HIV infection cases from January to March this year, a diseases prevention official told a press conference on Tuesday.

Four Hong Kong celebrities including actor Daniel Wu (above) and politician Alan Leong appeared in a HIV/AIDS anti-discrimination campaign in November last year. They personalities were individually featured in posters that appeared in the media and on buses and trains.
Dr Wong Ka-hing, Consultant (Special Preventive Program) of Center for Health Protection reported that of the 89 new cases, among whom 70 were men, have raised the cumulative reported HIV infections to 3,701 in Hong Kong since 1984.

Of the 89, 27 acquired the infection via heterosexual contact, 25 via homosexual, 3 via bisexual contact and 10 via intravenous drug use. The routes of transmission of the remaining 24 cases were undetermined due to insufficient data.

Dr Wong further highlighted that the number of new HIV cases infected through homosexual or bisexual transmission was on the up trend in the territory and most of them were infected locally.

Meanwhile, 17 new AIDS cases were reported in the first quarter, raising the confirmed AIDS cases to 951 since 1985.

Dr Wong called on the public who had a history of unprotected sex to go for an HIV test while stressing the importance of using condoms and practicing safe sex in reducing the risk of HIV infection.

Anyone wishing to have a free, anonymous and confidential HIV test can call (852) 2117 1069 (Monday to Friday 9 AM to 6 PM, except public holidays). It is a designated hotline for men who have sex with men. The service provides a one to one, face-to-face interview with pre-test risk behavioural assessment, counselling and blood collection for laboratory test. Referral resources will be provided when required. Telephone conversation is treated in strict confidence.

The AIDS Hotline (852) 2780 2211 offers pre-recorded messages on HIV/AIDS in Cantonese, Putonghua and English; (852) 2359 9112 offers pre-recorded messages on HIV/AIDS in Tagalog, Vietnamese and Thai; (852) 2112 9980 offering pre-recorded messages on HIV/AIDS in Hindi, Indonesian, Nepali and Urdu.

Hong Kong

Reader's Comments

Comment #1 was deleted by its author
2. 2008-06-20 20:13  
30%?! my goodness...it is catching up another nearby asian country..

the lines of defence against STI can be as easy as ABC:

A - Abstinence
B - Betrothal (or Boyfriend)
C - Contraceptive (or Condom)

A also includes DIY masturbation which is safest form of sex act. B refers to regular sex partner or your married spouse of same gender. C is the last line of defence against STI (although not 100% safe)...

lets work hard to be sober-minded...
3. 2008-06-21 05:17  
89 out of 3701... that's about a 2% increase
4. 2008-06-21 07:05  
morning ... safe sex already! ... ... ... serious issue aside ... daniel wu ... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmm dreammmmmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyy ... can i have one for take away please ? ... kenny
5. 2008-06-21 09:07  
Hey News Editor,

What's bisexual contact?

Why is MSM made plural as it already is?!

6. 2008-06-21 10:27  
much safer to have sex with the condom,for u and the people you love
7. 2008-06-21 18:34  
Stick with ur love since 'Loyalty' is the only key..

Don't let the natural obsession, that is the three letters word, take you to your final resting place..
8. 2008-06-21 22:22  
A monogamous relationship with someone you trust and love would be the ideal solution --- your partner needs to "behave" as well.

For someone who has to play around, use condom is a lot better, but we all should be aware of that there still slim chances to get infected even with condom.

This report also reminds me that both AIDS is not only a homosexual issue. It can impact anyone who don't practice safe sex and any drug users.

Together, we can fight AIDS!
9. 2008-06-22 00:49  
What to do...everyone now needs to do chem sex or EV sex.....poor thing...rest more la....nowadays ...unless u got V...there dun seem to be any TOP left hahahaha

Do we really need EV/chem sex? Do we really need to fuck for hours?

What happen to the usual ONS, one to one and wearing condom and having sex without V or E.

And group sex parties....yeah...everyone here pretend to damn innocent and high class but at the end of the day...all down on all fours and get fucked!

10. 2008-06-22 00:54  
Nothing to do with LOVE and Loyalty la.

Every gay wanna be accepted into the "in" crowd and the so call "popular group" within our circle.

And the "in" crowd nowadays are doing all the EV/Chem sex parties and if u wanna be one...u hope to get invited and if u hangout with such gangs...u will follow too...

of course....some of us...really like it....as able to do drugs and sex give us some pestige as not everyone can afford good drugs lifestyle....

I believe those BOTOX producers are behind this trend of chem sex as a lot of those who always do all these chem sex and durg parties....end up to get older faster and soon...need botox injection even before reaching 40!
Comment #11 was deleted by its author
12. 2008-06-22 01:55  
Yup, agree with mushu completely. He left out :
I(ce) , G(HB) and P(ops)...zzz
It's like no chem no chat. One is now not a dude but a substance to be used and discarded. Pathetic.

So the above report is really no wonder. Just a tip of the Ice (pun intended) berg...lol.

When it comes to acting innocent/high class but cannot wait to go on all fours (top/versatile my ass..:P),- who takes the Golden Horse?
HK? Singapore? Taiwan? M'sian?
Drum roll please......

Answer: All four(s) la...:P~
13. 2008-06-22 13:21  
Hmm.. IN MY OPINION there is something distinguish humans and animals, those which are having the three letters word based on their instinct..

FOR ME, we are supposed to have it with feelings, rather than just an instinct.. That's what make humans three letters word more meaningful..

Well, what we can do now is actually to prevent future infections.. since we know right away that the cost of cure it will be so much high..

However, "loyalty" is juz an option anyway.. =)

I do respect other people who tends to have ONS or any kind of relationship which tends to have the three letters word out of a special engagement..

Because it's you.. you're the one who knows what are the consequences.. Whether you will have it on your on way.. OR nothing at all..
14. 2008-06-23 12:02  
Well, apart from the education on sexual behaviour, making a same sex marriage to be legalised is another aid.
Data is proving that the number of homosexual and bisexual have been in the upward trend over the world, making it a mainstream nowsadays, just tat people are not brave enough to acknowledge this fact.
15. 2008-06-26 01:09  
Watson's Pharmacy counter - get HIV test Kitsd for HK$110 - buy two one for you, and one for your partner. Buy more if you have many partners.
16. 2008-06-26 02:42  
Such sad news.

The number of gay and straight cases is about the same. But, we know the proportion of gay people is far less than straight people. So, the proportion of gay people with HIV is far higher than straight.

A better headline would have been

17. 2008-06-26 03:14  
What idiot came up with the STOP AIDS campaign which features green, blue, red cubes bouncing along? How does any PERSON relate to that? Especially, how do people that become infected relate to that?

The anti-HIV campaigns need to become more human, more detailed, more real life.

It needs to be graphic: bare cock in arse = big risk; injected drugs with shared needle = big risk; cock in mouth risk etc.

This is about people (hearts, minds, cocks, and arses) not statistics, not cubes, not ticks and pluses and question marks.
18. 2008-06-26 07:06  
i have to say that of any country i visit often i have been more often asked for bareback sex in HK than anywhere else ... so this latest news doesn't surprise me, although it does sadden me
19. 2008-08-04 00:58  
There is no cause for complacency where HIV is concerned, but your headline could easily have read "70% of new cases not related to MSM - but 30% is still too high"

We, PLU's have never hidden or been in denial abou the couse and of this we should justly be proud.

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