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7 Apr 2014

Celebrities show support for gay couple's wedding in Taiwan

Many Taiwanese stars in a show of support for marriage between same-sex couples graced the wedding of a gay couple in Taiwanese showbiz industry.

Mandopop divas Jolin Tsai, Tanya Chua and Gigi Leung were among the guests of honor and renowned director Qiu Likuan was the official witness to their marriage, the entertainment.xin.msn.com reported.

The names of the gay couple who got married in all but name on April 2 were not reported.

However, the report did say that many Taiwanese stars who are supporters of marriages between same-sex couples were at the wedding.

“I don’t know how to express my blessings; I hope he can be by your side for the rest of your life journey,” said Likuan who emphasized that love transcends all nationalities and gender, and expressed the hope that everyone would bless the newlyweds.

Taiwanese diva Jolin, who is a good friend of the couple, said that the pair had met when they were very young, and that this was the second time for her to attend a gay wedding.

She pointed out that many of her gay friends are very talented people, and that if two people are truly in love, they deserve happiness.

For local singer songwriter Tanya, it was her first time attending a gay wedding, reported entertainment.xin.msn.com

“All who come together because of love deserve happiness,” she said, and called for the newlyweds to cherish each other.

Taiwanese star A-Mei, a supporter of marriage equality had to give the wedding a miss as she was very seasick during a filming session the night before. Nevertheless, she sent her blessings to the couple, reported entertainment.xin.msn.com.

Taiwan, is one of Asia’s more liberal societies where same-sex relations is legal, although legislation to legalize marriage among same-sex couples that was proposed in 2003 received opposition and was not voted on.

Gay rights activists have been urging the government for years to make same-sex unions legal.

This article was originally published on gayasianews.wordpress.com, read the original article here

Reader's Comments

Comment #1 was deleted by its author on 2014-04-07 22:59
2. 2014-04-07 22:56  
I give u my support ;)

There is no such thing as part-freedom!!
Comment edited on 2014-04-08 03:57:47
Comment #3 was deleted by its author on 2014-04-07 23:00
4. 2014-04-08 03:57  
a free country does it with respect and tolerance.
The fight continues my friends!
5. 2014-04-08 03:57  
a free country does it with respect and tolerance.
The fight continues my friends!
6. 2014-04-09 15:53  
1. Many people insist of receiving
2. Riots, Libel, Lie, Hate, Killing, Terrorism, Stealing, Greedy, Violence, etc were actions that insist of receiving and Justification.
They said that their actions were Peace or Beautiful.

you may see around the Globe Mean that insisting something by asking Love sometimes did not work.

3. Homophobia is insisting of Greedy, killing and Hate of Their Heart
They want that Their Sins to be acceptable or legalized.

4. Why court reject same sex marriage?
- have you seen grass that you just step on it ?
how if the grass price become as high as Diamond?
Have you seen waterworld movie?

- It mean that the court have darkness on same-sex marriage value.
5. As I wrote before, there is no wisdom school, Mean that The Court just copy paste existing Law because Wisdom is original from some people blessed, not from people blessed by Academic Teachers.

6. Making Law would through Harmonization process, this is one key which Wisdom of Law Maker should be shown.

If only copy paste from existing Law, then many people, from elementary school, high school are also able to do that.

7. Let see, How Myth of prophet that went to Heaven can be acceptable? there is not law correspond to this myth before.
Even this Myth is not real that you can not see for true.

Here, People reveal term : Faith

How this Faith can be always acceptable?
They used many vehicle : War, Riots, etc

8. Here you can Learn, Even Lie/ something Not true can be acceptable but you are LGBT are True and exist Now

9. consideration of acceptance regarding manythings: Power, etc ( you think by yourselves)

Now, Do LGBT having these "manythings'?

10. If you LGBT asking for Their Love, then no love because they are straight people having wife/husband/children that they love, the rest people can not be given love except they will receive money

Then when you will have no money anymore, then this fake "love" will be dissapear.

But it is depend, what kind of country you are in.

11. Is this possible making Law that contradictive or no relation with existing Laws?

Answer : Yes
How ?
You /LGBT your selves must have Reason because Law Maker are in darkness.

Have you heard, How aeroplane made first?
Many people laught at and could not accept it.
But now many people use aeroplane.

And you Must also know that Law Maker have no ability to make Aeroplane, it mean that Law Maker having Darkness on making aeroplane. The Law Maker had no wisdom on How to create vehicle on sky.

The Law maker just registrated Aeroplane Law after Aeroplane already made.

7. 2014-04-25 06:59  
All of us are equal in the eyes of God. Why can't we all be treated equally under the law?

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