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15 Jul 2014

Christian group claims three in four parents in Hong Kong are against gay rights

A poll by a conservative Christian group claims that three in four parents in Hong Kong are against gay rights and that any effort to change that would lead to social conflicts.

The Society for Truth and Light conducted the poll which according to it shows that Hong Kong is a stronghold for traditional marriage and family values, with up to 75 percent of parents holding negative views on gay-rights issues, according to scmp.com.

Hence, any trend among younger parents could eventually lead to conflict with traditional values, it added.

However a gay-advocacy group finds the survey questionable because The Society for Truth and Light used biased questions to get the result it wanted.

The society’s Centre for Life and Ethics Studies interviewed by questionnaire 2,096 parents from 12 kindergartens, primary and secondary schools between August and February.

It found 60 to 75 percent respondents did not want Hong Kong to allow same-sex marriage or adoption, make use of surrogacy procedures or partners to enjoy benefits “as if they were married.”

The report quoted the centre’s research officer Michael Chan Wing-ho as saying that many parents still see “traditional marriage as very important” but a trend of younger parents tending to be more open to the gay rights movement can lead to “inevitable conflicts between them and traditional values.”

About 60 percent of respondents were atheists and 22 per cent Christians; 70 percent were secondary-school graduates and 23 percent had higher education.

About 75 percent disagreed that children should read books describing same-sex relationships as “normal and beautiful,” a similar percentage felt teachers had the right not to teach that “homosexual relationships are normal and beautiful”.

Chan maintains that the education systems of Western countries gave homosexual values an equal status to heterosexual values and that it was the onus of the Hing Kong government not to be influenced by such trends and base its education policies on “healthy family ethics.”

Brian Leung Siu-fai, chief campaigner for gay-rights group Big Love Alliance, found such premises objectionable and the questioned how scientific the society and its research were in its methodology for the survey.

He suspected that it used suggestive questions in the survey and pointed out that the society still used conversion therapy to “treat” people with same-sex orientations and become heterosexuals.

Leung said older people held discriminating views towards the LGBT community because their parents were often lacking knowledge about it as there were no books available on the topic and public figures rarely came out as gay or supported the community.

Legally, prejudices against the LGBT community and discrimination on the basis of sexuality are not banned in Hong Kong although same-sex relations were de-criminalized in 1991.

Reader's Comments

1. 2014-07-15 18:17  
1. when religions came to your country? and why you permit them?
did you get deception?

sometime you welcome somebody that look like brought sugar but you did not know that they brough blade behind
Comment #2 was deleted by its author on 2014-07-18 08:28
3. 2014-07-17 23:52  
Even if the poll accurately reflected the views of parents as reported it does not make persecution right. The majority of Germans in the 1930's thought it was okay to persecute Jews. Was it? I think we can all agree that it was not. Tyranny of the majority is still tyranny. The roll of government is not to legislate morality, it is to protect its citizens.

It's funny that christians, who often whine about how persecuted they are ( they're not persecuted ) cannot wait to persecute others. Sometimes I think the Romans had the right idea. They just didn't have enough lions.
4. 2014-07-20 00:29  
I find such "polls" to be dubious at best. These people are ignorant and backward thinking, to think that sexuality is taught. They never thought about when they first had their attraction to the opposite sex, that it was not taught to them? This brings a funny situation to mind. Mr. Wong was afraid that I'll turn his son gay because he idolized me and went to bars with me. Sometimes, we even went to a gay bar, but he was OK with it. Mr. Wong was so worried that he had a talk with my dad, that his son should stop hanging out with me, or I will turn him gay. My dad said to Mr. Wong, "it's not that easy. think about it, why don't you have a go at it if it is so easy to turn someone gay?"
5. 2014-07-28 21:07  
And so says the The Society for Truth and Light. What an insane and lunatic name. Tell them to perform a basic miracle like turning water into wine. Can they also walk on the sea? Do they stone women , or are they against Leviticus, their anti-gay prophet?
I, the Society for Law and Divine Justice, claim that 3 in every 4 of that group are insane, and I have proof. Dare to go to psychiatrist, and it shall be certified. If I am wrong, you shall be taken by the light of God almighty into heaven the following day. What say you?

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