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23 Jul 2014

Singapore orders LGBT children’s library books transferred to adult section


Libraries in Singapore will not destroy copies of two LGBT themed books for children but instead have them transferred to the adult section.

National Library Board (NLB) recently banned from libraries three children’s books featuring same-sex couples which led to nearly 5,000 people signing an open letter and a petition calling for the books to be put back.

“I understand these reactions, which reflect a deep-seated respect in our culture for the written word,” said Minister of Communications and Information Yaacob Ibrahim in a statement  adding that he has now instructed libraries to place two of the three books but in the adult sections.

Ibrahim however said he supported the decision to ban the books which the state-run library board’s chief executive Elaine Ng said was done to keep these titles off its shelves as they were unsuitable for children.

One of children’s books And Tango Makes Three depicts the story of a couple of male penguins in a New York zoo who adopt a young penguin chick while the other The White Swan Express looks at adoption including those of a lesbian couple.

One other such book which every public library in Singapore has pulped is Who’s In My Family that discusses different types of families, including references to gay couples.

“I have instructed NLB not to pulp the two other titles, but instead to place them in the adult section of the public libraries. I have also asked NLB to review the process by which they deal with such books,” Ibrahim said.

“The decision on what books children can or cannot read remains with their parents. Parents who wish to borrow these books to read with their children will have the option to do so,” the minister added.

Gay rights are a contentious issue in Singapore, with many either wanting a retaining or abrogation of a British colonial-era “Section 377A” law that criminalizes sex between men with imprisonment for a term which may extend to two years.

The government claims it does not actively enforce that ban but many Christian and Muslim religious groups want no debate on discarding the law and have become vociferous in opposing gay rights ever since Singapore last month witnessed its largest gay-rights rally with 26,000 people attending.

Reader's Comments

1. 2014-07-23 15:33  
when will ban christian and moslem books that harmful for adult and children?
because such religions spread hate, lie. libel., terrorism and become distribution agent of them?
2. 2014-07-23 21:25  
What does it mean ? Transferring the bad books to the adults section ??? The underlying problem remains .....that this is wrong .I think kids are more open than adults in accepting others.Its like putting Peppa Pig books in the adults section how ridiculous lol
3. 2014-07-24 01:54  
It's little consolation that the Minister of Communications and Information is attempting to do a PR correction here. The rest of the world would wonder how capable is this nation's ministries when their Ministry of Communications and Information don't seem to know how to act as 1st World standard of communicating and promoting democracy nor understanding what it means to ensure the state run libraries provide unbiased knowledge and information.

Best to do more campaigns in educating the tiny red dotters how to view LGBT and minorities. Such a stab on human rights and failure to be educated on the highest office to do proper governance for progress and maturing their citizens.
4. 2014-07-24 03:02  
At least counter-pressure has worked!
5. 2014-07-24 11:21  
- will you gay give excuse to Minister of Comunication that colaborate with Libary? Then you are so weak, indeed.

- Religions books should not be put in children library, and also they should not be put in adult. just send to pulping because Religion books very harmful. They contain Dirty concept idea, Hate, Lie, Libel (that they claim as True) because Satan always claim itself as True.
If Satan look horrible, there will be no follower. Innocent Followers.

- Hate, Lie, Libel distributed by communication
So, what is actualy Ministry of Communication? will you gay always get deception?

- I understand some people become Religion Followers because they are Innocent, they attracted by kindness cosmetic..this is Satan Trick!

- You gay also must understand the Term " God, Allah, The greatest, pilgrim, and many kind religion activities to identify their de ception
6. 2014-07-29 07:38  
"Well done!" to the 5,000 enlightened people who signed the petition and open letter. Unfortunately Yaacob Ibrahim's "solution" is still a regrettable form of censorship. While it is commendable that two of the three titles were saved from pulping, their location in the adult section will ensure that they exist in a limbo of invisibility, just like LGBT communities in Singapore ...
7. 2014-07-31 13:42  
No excuse solution should be acceptable.
It is not about 2-3 gay books that put save in adult.

It is about Global Hate /Libel and Lie agency at everywhere in The world. you can see that their activities behind library still active.

You must know that such crew are stubborn, the solution from communication ministry because Position of such ministry and Library crew still weak.
Once they have bigger power, they will don't care you.
Because they have Evil traits.

You gay in Canada probably save, but you must know it is about time. You should know on purpose of such people.

You have to arrest Library board crew and ministry for life imprisonment.
Or you send then to beautiful Heaven quickly without sorry.

Do you weak? do you afraid? do you have no bravery? do you sick?
Then ask International Army and court to punish them forever.
you should stop all their religion activities and pulping all their books.

Because they not only going to attack gay but also many other straight /LGBT at everywhere in the world sooner or later.
There had been so many gay become victim for years, ten years, hundreds tears, thousand year. They will never stop to attack because that they are.

you should know the purpose of such evil and should not accept their flattery that postpone attack.

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