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2 Jun 2015

Openly gay law-maker verbally abused on Hong Kong MTR

Raymond Chan, Hong Kong's only openly gay legislator, harassed by middle-aged women.

In a youtube video uploaded by himself that has now gone viral, Raymond Chan is subjected to a two-minute tirade of abuse by two middle-aged women.

According to an english translation (see below) the two women subject him to a range of insults including "a man with no penis," a man "with a woman's face," and a "mad dog barking all the time."

Although other passengers try to subdue the women and ask them to mind their language, they continue and proclaim that they have a right to express their attitude as tax payers.

Raymond Chan is the only member of the legislative council to be openly gay or lesbian. Last week he said that he had proposed a motion to the council to discuss the legalization of same-sex civil partnerships earlier this year and that he hoped it would be debated in 2015.

If Chan's wishes come to fruition it would make Hong Kong the second place in East Asia to debate same-sex unions at a parliamentary level (after Taiwan).

The original YouTube video of the incident has received over 260,000 views and there has been numerous comments and discussions online.

Reader's Comments

1. 2015-06-02 19:16  
The woman should be punished severely for the insults she lashed out
2. 2015-06-02 20:38  
I am embarrassed to be a Cantonese because of these 2 'street women'!
3. 2015-06-02 21:00  
I'm sorry he had to endure that. But he dealt with it with grace and dignity. In the UK, to harangue someone like that is a hate crime. I hope he gets his legislation through. We will be protected and she will be the criminal.
4. 2015-06-02 23:22  
This woman should be charged and jailed for inciting hatred in the public...

She was scolding the law-maker '贱' or 'cheap' in its English translation. I thought normally the 'word' would normally be used for a woman willingly to be kept as a third party...

The law-maker is not a woman and therefore how to be 'cheap'?
5. 2015-06-03 00:06  
Sometimes Hongkongese can be very uncivilised.
Yesterday I was at a bank in Montreal queueing up for counter service, the two terribly dressed Hongkong women in front of me were extremely loud talking in Cantonese. When it was their turn at the counter, the woman started to speak to the Chinese staff in her very embarassing English. I mean... we were at a special Chinese branch in Chinatown aimed at helping Mandarin and Cantonese-speaking clients, there was only one Quebec woman working at this branch, all the other staff were Chinese ethnity, even over 90% of the clients there were Chinese. Normally if you get served by the Quebec lady, you should speak French, cuz she obviously doesn't speak Mandarin and Cantonese, she probably doesn't speak English either. If you are served by Mandarin and Cantonese staff and if you speak the same language yourself, while your English is incredibly embarrasing or even makes your transactions troublesome, why the hell do you have to squeeze out your limited English vocabulary at a bank? To show off or prove anything?? Previously she was very noisily bitching with her friend in fluent Cantonese, now when she sees Chinese staff, she starts to speak English?? To pretend that Hongkongese are superior to Mainland Chinese?? It's so pretentious!!

I even went to a lecture given in Mandarin two weeks ago, and a Hongkong woman asked questions a lot of times in Cantonese, she was the only Hongkongese in that lecture, and nobody could understand her, we were so annoyed and asked her if she could ask questions in Mandarin. She said:"I am from Hongkong!" OMG!! If you are Hongkongese and don't understand Mandarin, why do you have to attend a lecture in Mandarin?? You sit there for hours and know what kind of questions to ask, that means you have understood everything. You just wanted to proof that you are different and superior, but who cares?? It is extremely disturbing. And it somewhat reminded me of my HK trip in 2012, I paid a lot in a seafood restaurant on Lama Island and got extremely bad service by the HK guy, he gave me very bad looks, and didn't even say a word to me, the HK waitor was so snobbish and was always smiling to my German friend, like a slave. Even though eventually I paid, and paid with a generous tip, he still gave me very contemptuous looks and it seemed like I owed him and he didn't even say "Thank you!" and took my tip for granted.

I did absolutely nothing except reading a Mandarin newspaper on a chair outside Central shopping mall, and got cursed on by a caucasian guy who shouted "Fucking Mainland-Chinese! Go back to Mainland China!", the HK guy sitting besides talking to him quietly, smiling to him and gazing at me sneakily. LOL, HK is miserable, seriously, what an eye-opener! They are not as civilized as you might have imagined, they have so many prejudices there, and some of them still piss outside, very smelly. It's insane! probably on the same level with some badly educated peasants in Mainland China and anywhere else in the world. I didn't meet a lot of nice people during my one-week trip in HK, a lot of racists. My best friend told me he went there during Occupy-Central, and was cheated in a clothing store, they deliberately sold him the smallest-size trousers, he was 180cm tall, so he wasted his money and couldn't wear them himself nor give them to someone else as a gift.

My biggest compassions for Hongkongese!
Comment edited on 2015-06-03 01:38:18
6. 2015-06-03 03:41  
I think that women are just stupid in that part of Hong Kong.. she should be put to trial and pay the penalty to insult a civil servant and let her face the criminal justice..stupid.. thick headed lady with NO brain... go to hell you silly women OK.. God will be happy to see you in HELL that in Hong Kong.. LoL
Nar in Kingdom of BHUTAN in South Asia
7. 2015-06-03 03:45  
I think those women are just stupid enough to be in that part of Hong Kong. She should be put on trial and pay the penalty to insult a civil servant like that. Lt her face the criminal justice..stupid, haggard lady LoL.... thick headed women with NO brains at all.. PLEASE .. go to hell you silly women OK!!! God will be happy to see you in HELL that in civilised Hong Kong.. hey!!

Nar in Kingdom of BHUTAN in South Asia - See more at: http://www.fridae.asia/gay-news/2015/06/02/13077.openly-gay-law-maker-verbally-abused-on-hong-kong-mtr#sthash.aS5yvLOw.dpuf
8. 2015-06-03 03:51  
This makes me really upset and sad. I think a lot of my relatives may harbour similar violent thoughts. There is such a long way to go for Gay rights and acceptance in Hong Kong.
9. 2015-06-03 05:29  
Sticks and stones.....

Where is the full translation into English? I'm ignorant of the language.
10. 2015-06-03 11:03  
Drag such women to the hell!.
11. 2015-06-09 00:09  
12. 2015-06-09 12:35  
Can't be easy being an ugly noisy middle-aged chinese woman in HK. All the chinese men are chasing the cute pinoy and thai guys....so sad.

They don't have chinese girlfriends because they eventually grow up to become like their mothers.

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