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2 Jan 2016

Gay Hong Kong civil servant sues for equal employee benefits

The man, Leung Chun-kwong, has gone to the High Court to fight against the government's refusal to offer same-sex married couples the same benefits as heterosexual couples

A senior immigration officer in Hong Kong has claimed that decisions by the heads of the Civil Service Bureau and Inland Revenue discriminated against his sexual orientation and were unconstitutional.

The case centres on the government's failure to offer equal rights to same-sex married couples as heterosexual couples.

Leung Chun-kwong was married to Scott Paul Adams in 2014 in New Zealand. After reporting this to the Civil Service Bureau he was informed that "the voluntary union for life of one man and one woman" and it "falls outside the meaning of marriage."

Leung again contacted the bureau and also the tax department to change his legal marital status to married in order to seek a join assessment with his spouse. The tax department refused to recognise his marriage.

Leung therefore applied to the High Court claiming that the government's insistence that marriage could only be between one man and one woman discriminated against his sexual orientation. He also found it was against Hong Kong's Bill of Rights, which says all residents are equal.

His application document states: "At its heart, this matter concerns protection for the dignity of a historically oppressed class in our society – homosexual persons, a substantial portion of our society. Allowing discriminatory treatment against such a minority undermines the law."

Reader's Comments

1. 2016-01-03 12:30  
It is boldness by such people that slowly but surely advances the cause for EQUAL recognition for EVERY citizen anywhere on this earth.
Be very strong … and know that there are many many people who support what you are doing.
Feel the Love !!!
2. 2016-01-03 13:54  
Lol. So he wants New Zealand law to apply in hk?

Many Muslims (not just fanatics) would like sharia law to apply in the west!!

Respect the local law. Campaign for democratic change by all means however.

3. 2016-01-04 14:43  
Not such a helpful comment GTiLad. Equating human rights and equality to the warped ideas of a religious cult is silly and insulting. Respecting local (mainland Chinese) law got Hong Kong citizens a long way in 2015 didn't it. Good luck to this man and his partner, but I fear they have a snow flake in hell's chance with Beijing pulling the strings.
4. 2016-01-05 01:09  
Bring all the gay people in the world to live in Canada where they will have equal rights in all respects.
5. 2016-01-06 04:50  
Perfectly helpful PoloBkK. If you want long lasting change you have to sow the seeds early and wait.

If you can't see the analogy between left wing lgbt "activists" and silly religions you need to look again.
6. 2016-01-06 04:52  
Ronmac, I can see PoloBKK's snowflake doing well in Canada.

I'll stick to warmer climates thanks.

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