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30 Jan 2017

Thailand Segregates LGBT Prisoners

Prisons in Thailand providing separate cells for LGBT inmates, while there are plans for an LGBT jail in Bangkok.

Thailand is enacting a little known policy begun in 1993 of separating ‘sexual minorities’ within the prison system.

Now, it is understood that the government is considering an exclusively LGBT facility in the capital Bangkok.

In Pattaya Remand, for example, LGBT people spend the majority of the day doing activities and with the entire prison, but are sleep in their own

"If we didn't separate them, people could start fighting over partners to sleep with," said Pattaya Remand Warden Watcharavit Vachiralerphum. "It could lead to rape, sexual assault, and the spread of disease."

"There are people that discriminate against gays," Chawalit Chankiew, sentenced to nine years for document forgery, told the Associated Press. "If I happen to sleep next to someone who hates gay people, I wouldn't know it unless they show it. What if they hurt me one day?"

Theerayut says the prison's segregation makes her 1 ½-year sentence more bearable. "If we behave like others, if we aren't stubborn and don't break rules, this place actually isn't so vicious," she said, sitting in a prison yard fenced with barbed wire, her long hair bobbing up and down as she spoke.

Plans for a separate facility for LGBT inmates on the outskirts of Bangkok has had a mixed response and some activists believe it could lead to further discrimination.

"Building and reallocating an entire prison facility for LGBT prisoners is as a matter of fact a measure of segregation," Jean-Sebastian Blanc, an expert on prisons at the Switzerland-based Association for the Prevention of Torture, told the Associated Press. "There is a significant difference between a public health policy aiming at preventing transmissible diseases and segregating a segment of the population on the basis of their sexual orientation or gender identity.”

"It'd be easier to control, easier to take care of, easier to develop and improve their habits and behavior," said Watcharawit. "But they have to mix with other inmates because once they're released, they'll have to rejoin a diverse society."

Reader's Comments

1. 2017-01-30 21:41  
Wow! That would be the world first of its kind. Well done you Thailand!
2. 2017-01-31 02:06  
I think either way you look at it, it is a bad discrimination measure. First, sexual coercion in prison is addressed to any vulnerable prisoner, whatever his sexual orientation (if we talk of men here). If you isolate gays, you prevent them to be the preys, but not the straight prisoners. Then it puts the gay prisoners in the spotlight, can create jealousy and... do you imagine that sexual coercion is limited to cells? How about a shower or a dark corridor?

The following excerpt also shows the prejudice, narrow thinking and naivete behind this measure:

"If we didn't separate them, people could start fighting over partners to sleep with," said Pattaya Remand Warden Watcharavit Vachiralerphum. "It could lead to rape, sexual assault, and the spread of disease."
3. 2017-01-31 15:36  
But gays are perfect and never do anything wrong :).

I'm sure a straight man would never lie that he is gay.

And, how is this relevant: "her long hair bobbing up and down as she spoke."?
4. 2017-02-02 21:28  
People become Gay because of Religions . Gay interested in norm and ethics.
If you don't like Gay, First you have to delete All Religions in all countries.

If you do not want new gay born, then you should delete/burn all hollybooks and Religions in all countries.

all Religions and hollybooks should become harmfull

5. 2017-02-02 21:39  
all religions buildings should be destroyered , Ritual. Preaching and pray should be prohibited
6. 2017-02-03 05:24  
do you recoqnize terrorism?
who did terrorism?
they know on how making terrorism.
although you think that no terror around you, but they do in different ways.

Because Terrorism is basic character of them

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