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5 Mar 2020

Popular Malaysian punk-rock band Bunkface is reported to be calling for the death of LGBT people

Their new song, Akhir Zaman or ‘End of Times’ includes anti-LGBT lyric.

In the lyrics of the award-winning band’s new song, the band is reported to say ‘LGBT pergi mampus’, which may translate as ‘go die, LGBT’. 

Malaysia’s LGBT Community have mobilised to convince YouTube that this song is inspiring hatred.  YouTube has so far permitted the song to continue playing. 

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Reader's Comments

1. 2020-03-05 07:40  
This is very unexpected! I thought homophobia is usually associated with the older generation.
2. 2020-03-07 14:15  
yeh sad to see guys this age with these silly beliefs.. I expect much more.
3. 2020-03-13 00:01  
As is often the fact, a group of young guys who cannot accept their own sexuality. So they bully or attack their peers to take away focus on their sexuality problems and make themselves seem more cool.

The photo on this article SCREAMS closet cases. On the left, "I can't accept who I am". In the middle, "I am so in love with my friend but how do I tell him??" and on the right..."Did McDonald's just release a new Big Mac??" :P
4. 2020-03-13 14:04  
i'm not surprised, this is why i hate being asian in the first place, must be RICE i guess, i dunno

i also honestly hate looking like a chink, it's really bad, honey!
5. 2020-03-13 21:08  
Bunkface more like F-Face!
6. 2020-04-21 12:12  
Horrible band produce horrible songs, nothing good in it.
Comment #7 was deleted by its author on 2020-04-26 16:10
8. 2020-04-26 16:11  
Surely they are being ironic; they are clearly gays themselves.
9. 2020-07-26 11:39  
Foxes in the hen house. There always has been and always will be IDIOTS in the world.
10. 2020-08-30 10:26
many gay muslims in malaysia in countrys where they try to suppress homosexuality it only increases live and let live this is the 2oth century
Comment edited on 2020-08-30 10:29:25

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