9 Sep 2015

Thailand university introduces mandatory class on trans issues

A trans lecturer at Thammasat has been appointed to teach freshman about gender identity and sexuality.

A new course at Thammasat, one of the country’s most prestigious and progressive universities, aims to ensure students have the skills to lead a successful life and covers a wide range of subjects.

The mandatory course features a three hour session on sex, where part of the focus is on gender identity.

Kritipat Chotidhanitsakul (Jimmy), a transgender man and the President of the Transmen Alliance of Thailand, has been invited to teach students about transgender issues.

On the first day of the course, earlier this month, Jimmy told 300 students about his struggle with his own gender identity and explained the difference between gender identity and sexual orientation.

Jimmy told of his childhood in Bangkok in which his parents constantly tried to make him conform to the traditional ideal of a girl.

“I am very happy to be teaching so many students. I hope they will mature into adults who understand transgender issues and set a new trend for society,” he told Asia Correspondent.

The move comes after a Bangkok university altered its uniform dress code to accomodate trans students earlier this year.