What are the risks of infection if there was contact of his semen with my penile opening?

Hi, I engaged a male sex worker overseas recently. No oral or anal sex, just light kissing before masturbation on our own but his ejaculation dripped directly onto my penile opening and the foreskin once it was out. There was pre-cum there then (my own) and I ejaculated right after. Assuming he is infected, what are my risks of infection since there was contact of his semen with my penile opening and possibly the inside of my foreskin?

Expert advice: 

In this scenario, assuming that the seminal fluid did not enter your urethra, you will not be at risk for STIs such as Gonorrhoea, Chlamydia and HIV. However, if his seminal fluid entered your urethra, you may be at risk for these infections mentioned.


-- Source: DSC Clinic

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