I had oral sex with someone who later told he has gonorrhea, what should I do?

I meet a tourist and I gave him oral sex. A few days later I found out he is suffering from gonorrhea. But he didn't tell me until after a week of the diagnosis. I've had sexual encounters with countless of local guys and tourists since then and I am afraid that I may have infected others.

Expert advice: 

You are right to be concerned about contracting gonorrhoea and perhaps even other STIs. 

You mentioned you have multiple concurrent partners; the same may apply to the traveller whom you have recent contact with and who told you he has just been diagnosed with gonorrhoea. As symptoms of gonorrhoea may be absent or fairly non-specific in sites other than the genital area, you may not experience any throat symptoms. 

I would encourage you to seek medical attention preferably with an STI expert who can then perform the necessary investigations and treatment on you. This is likely to include a screen for other STIs.


Answered by:
Dr Gavin Ong
DSC Clinic

Reader's Comments

8 years ago
Before you did it, perhaps you should have thought of the risks involved. You mentioned you have multiple partners and this might increase your chances of getting STDs. Get screened today. Some clinics are able to offer the lab results less than a week. I advise you check them out if you are worried. I do know Q Medical Clinic is 1 of them.