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Fridae is a diversified media and services company implementing an integrated strategy that covers the Internet, Publishing and Events. Founded with a mission to "Empower Gay Asia," Fridae provides a platform that bridges cultures, transcends borders, and unites the diverse groups to form Asia's largest gay and lesbian community. As the gay media leader in Asia, Fridae provides unparalleled reach to the valuable, yet diverse and hard to reach gay and lesbian communities in the region.

Fridae's innovative and industry-leading online portal leverages the distribution power and reach of the Internet to provide a potent mix of Content, Community and Commerce to over 500,000 visitors each month. Prior to 2007, Fridae Events included parties such as NATION (named one of the Top 10 Gay Events in the World by DNA Magazine) and SNOWBALL, offering companies invaluable offline exposure and marketing opportunities.

Fridae uses its expertise to offer forward-looking companies online advertising and branding as well as offline strategies and direct marketing programs.


Through our innovative media channels and world-class events, Fridae is building Asia's largest gay & lesbian community - united in diversity, and transcending geographical borders. Fridae empowers gay Asia to: come together, stay connected, be informed, overcome discrimination, nurture personal growth, and foster healthy relationships.


Fridae seeks to be gay Asia's leading media & social networking website; the business community's primary conduit to the Asian gay community; and a respected voice in our advocacy for equality and freedom of choice.

"Fridae" is inspired by "Friday" from Daniel Defoe's novel Robinson Crusoe.


Fridae's editorial mission is to provide accurate, fair and quality reporting and analysis of news and current affairs concerning LGBT Asia and beyond. It is also our aim to inspire and challenge readers to see things differently, individually and collectively as part of the various communities they belong to; and to drive a dialogue about important LGBT-related issues of the day which would in turn lead to action and social change. 

While we cover wide geographical area, we are determinedly local as we keep our noses to the ground, and are in constant dialogue with the communities we serve. Where voices of LGBT communities in Asia are suppressed by society and mainstream media outlets, Fridae serves as a platform for discourse; and allows LGBT voices to be heard and for inspirational stories and positive examples of community action, activism and milestones to be shared.

We welcome news tips and feedback from readers, and if you are a journalist or writer who wants to contribute, please write to us using this contact form (select Department = Editorial).


Editor: Rik Glauert (

Bangkok (Thailand) Correspondent: Prof Douglas Sanders

Beijing (China) Correspondent: Dinah Gardner

Hong Kong SAR (China) Correspondents: Nigel Collett, Raymond Ko

Seoul (South Korea) Correspondent: Matt Kelly

Singapore Correspondents: Alex Au, Ng Yi-Sheng

Sydney (Australia) Correspondent: Justin Ellis 

Contributors: Alvin Tan, Arvind Narrain, David Cheong, Elaine Chan, Jan Wijngaarden, Jonathan Zhang, Jun Zubillaga-Pow, Martin Lum, Michael Carter, Nicholas Deroose, Otto Fong, Reggie Ho, Sharon Saw, Shinen Wong, SL Yang, Dr Tan Chong Kee, Victor Chau, Yuki Choe, Sylvia Tan


Editor: Rik Glauert (

Contributors: 歐陽文風 (Ouyang Wenfeng), 藍蝴蝶 (Blue Butterfly), 唐辛子 (Tang Xinzi), 宋歌 (Song Ge), 邁克 (Michael Lam), 邵褀邁 (Rex Shau), 橙子 (Chengzi), 王祚森 (Ong Johsen), 大潘 (Da Pan), 小信豬 (Xiaoxinzhu), 香港彩虹Ken仔 (Kenneth Cheung Kam Hung), Marat, 允喜 (Yunxi), 花蝴蝶 (Hua Hudie), 蘇昀暉 (Soh Yun-Huei), 陳克華 (Mark Chen Ko Hua), 藍祖蔚 (Tonyblue), 宋竑廣 (Hon), 羅毓嘉 (Rob Lo Yu-chia), Silentmonster (S.M.), Orange, 政小四 (Zheng Xiaosi), 阿強 (A Qiang), 吳幼堅 (Wu Youjian), 畢恒達 (Herng-Dar Bih), 范坡坡 (Fan Popo), 洪文龍 (Hong Wenlong), 維維 (Weiwei), 郭強生 (Chiang-Sheng Kuo))

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