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AAFT Celebrated Success of Feature Film Fukrey Returns

asiannewsagency - 19分鐘前

New Delhi: “I extend my heartiest congratulations to the team of feature film Fukrey especially to Mrigdeep Singh Lamba for doing so well at the box office,” said Sandeep Marwah President of Asian Academy of Film And Television while addressing the young aspirants of AAFT at Noida Film City.

Fukrey Returns is an Indian comedy film, directed by AAFT Alumnus Mrighdeep Singh Lamba, produced by Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani. The film is the sequel to 2013 film Fukrey. The film was released on 8 December 2017

Pulkit Samrat as Hunny, Varun Sharma as Choocha, Ali Fazal as Zafar, Manjot Singh as Lali, Priya Anand as Priya Sharma, Vishakha Singh as Neetu Raina, Pankaj Tripath as Pandit, Richa Chadda as Bholi Punjaban, Rajiv Gupta as Mantriji, Natasa StankoviSpecial appearance in the song Mehbooba have performed in the film.

The music of the film is composed by Sharib-Toshi, Sumeet Bellary, Prem-Hardeep, Jasleen Royal, Gulraj Singh, Shree D and Ishq Bector while the lyrics have been penned by Kumaa, Satya Khare, Aditya Sharma, Shree D, Mrighdeep Singh Lamba, Vipul Vig and Raftaar. Zee Music Company released the sound track.

“I am proud of my institution AAFT. Blessings of my Gurus are with me. I can never my learnings at AAFT,” said Mrigdeep Singh Lamba the director of the film.


ASMS Boxing Club Inaugurated at Marwah Studios

asiannewsagency - 27分鐘前

Noida: An ASMS Boxing Club has been launched at Asian Education Group for all those who want to be part of international boxing champion ships and competitions.

“We are keen in promoting sports as much as the education. Not only that it inculcates sportsman ship in students but it keeps you fit and create sense of competitiveness also,” said Sandeep Marwah President of Asian Education Group inaugurating the ASMS Boxing Club at Marwah Studios.

“We will leave no stone unturned to built a strong international team from ASMS. Students are keen and ready to learn this art in sports,” said Amjad Khan of Amjad Khan Boxing Foundation.

“We will support ASMS to our best. Our job is to popularize this game, find and promote the best out of the college to compete internationally,” added Shahe Ali President of Indian Professional Boxing Association- the federation of Boxing in India.

Massive friendly boxing matches were displayed for the large group of students who were keen in joining the club. Later Sandeep Marwah honored all the guests with memento of ASMS Boxing Club.



Defcult3 - 10個小時前


Take only memories, leave only footprints

joeron - 10個小時前

Since you would save none of me, 

I bury some of you.


John Donne


Never - 21個小時前

Happy but at the same time bz as year end comes. Have completed quite a few stuff for the year. Did alot of travels this year, covered the new places in Japan. 

....need to plan my schedules better for next year...thinking of France..haven't been there yet. ..to do more read up...find that I am a frog in the well. ha. ..

So far, life has been comfortable...but work has been hectic. ..but I still want my holidays..ha.

OK! may 2018 be better!



Mahayana - 一日前

I've been writing fictions lately. I used to write when I was young, sending short articles to newspapers. Those were usually in mandarin. Some of these were published and I'll get token of appreciation from SPH. 

I started blogging when I was in college. And then here on Fridae. It's always just random thoughts, nothing fancy, written in first person, of course, since it's a blog entry. 

Lately, I've started to write stories to post online. My first fic got pretty good feedback, but my most recent multi chapter story was a little slow in getting reviews. Was feeling rather disheartened. However, a friend here had been my greatest supporter. She read everything I wrote and always have kind words for me. 

Yesterday, she even thank me for writing the story, since she knew I'd been busy at work, but was still able to churn out stories (yes, even I'm amazed at myself). I never expected her to actually thank me for a story I wrote for my own amusement. It's really encouraging. So thank you, my friend, for being my most supportive reader.  



MazeSecret - 一日前

Just stumble on someone post on how much she hate "missing" that special someone. I felt heart break in every word written, i never have a relationship before, my loved was always one-sided (and it was meant to die off).

And so i wonder if you had loved someone so much, and continue misses her after she left, could you still fall for someone else? 

Even if you did, but no one was ever a replacement of someone else, could you really forget your previous lover? 


There is something abt Her.

AshleyJo - 2日內


There is something alluring abt her. I think I saw it in her eyes....

There is something endearing abt her. I think I felt it in the way she talks to me....

There is something familiar abt her. I think I heard it in the way she laughs....

There is something comforting abt her. I think it's the way she looks at me....

And there is something abt me that is happy but scared. Because how she makes me feel is new to me....


nauk888 - 2日內

一半樂事 一半令人流淚
夢如人生 快樂永記取
韶華去 四季暗中追隨

想到舊事 歡笑面常流淚
夢如人生 試問誰能料
如情侶 你我有心追隨



Mahayana - 2日內

Everyone approach situations differently. Not everyone can understand why someone will do things in a certain manner. It's ok. We live in a world of 7 billion people. Perspectives and approaches are bound to be different. 

It's okay to ask why others approach situations differently from yourself. But even enquring can have different approach, all yielding different results. You can ask in a curious manner and people maybe happy to explain to you. You can ask in an aggressive manner and people can just shut you off. You can ask in a passive aggressive manner and people will just ignore you. 

Thus, it's so important to learn to understand and respect everyone's perspective.  


Indo Mongolian Film And Cultural Forum Formed

asiannewsagency - 2日內

New Delhi: International Chamber of Media And Entertainment Industry in association with Embassy of Mongolia, New Delhi launched a new committee under the name and banner of Indo Mongolia Film And Cultural Forum at a grand function at Asian Academy of Film And Television Noida.

“It is a wonderful occasion to launch Indo Mongolian Film And Cultural Forum when both the countries are looking to promote their relations through art and culture,” said H.E. Gonchig Ganbold Ambassador of Mongolia to India while lighting the ceremonial lamp.

“India and Mongolia have interacted through the medium of Buddhism over aperiod of 2600 years. Following the emergence of Mongolia as a modern nation state in the 20th century, the two countries have continued to build relations based on shared historical and cultural legacy,” added the Mongolian Ambassador.

“It is a historical moment, I am lucky that I am present here. Diplomatic relations between India and Mongolia were established on 24 December 1955. India was the first country outside the Socialist bloc to establish diplomatic relations with Mongolia,” said H.E. Vinod Kumar Indian Ambassador to Uzbekistan.

“The India-Mongolian Cultural Agreement signed in 1961, has governed the Cultural Exchange Programme (CEP) between the two countries. The Agreement envisages co-operation in the fields of education by way of scholarships, exchange of experts, participation in conferences etc.,” informed Sandeep Marwah President of ICMEI.

The Mongolian Ambassador nominated Sandeep Marwah as the Chair and Marwah honored H.E. Ganbold with the first Patron Ship of the forum.



pandaaa - 2日內

hi, guys! christmas is coming,


and 2017 is ending.


hope this year brought you abundance.




here're videos for christmas.


use them as message to your friends, family, etc.






well, i know it's summer in southern half globe...


anyway, hope 2018 will be better for every each of you.


merry christmas and happy new year!


(even for non-christians)



jpboi4daddy - 2日內

hi, guys! christmas is coming,

and 2017 is ending.

hope this year brought you abundance.


here're videos for christmas.

use them as message to your friends, family, etc.




well, i know it's summer in southern half globe...

anyway, hope 2018 will be better for every each of you.

merry christmas and happy new year!

(even for non-christians)



Sandeep Marwah Nominated Chair for Indo Mongolian Chapter

asiannewsagency - 3日內

New Delhi: The President of Marwah Studios and well known international film personality Sandeep Marwah nominated as the Chair for Indo Mongolian Film And Cultural Forum constituted by Mongolian Embassy in India and ICMEI.

“Sandeep Marwah is a man with a vision, his vast experience in cultural diplomacy will bring better results to this association between International Chamber of Media And Entertainment Industry and Government of Mongolia,” said H.E. Gonchig Ganbold Ambassador of Mongolia to India.

Sandeep Marwah for his various activities in art and culture, media and entertainment and education has been titled as Global Cultural Minister, Icon of The Decade, Global Peace Ambassador, Man of Asia. He has been the recipient of hundred of awards from all over the World for his six World Records.

“I am thankful to H.E. Gonchig Ganbold Ambassador of Mongolia for trusting me for this forum, I will prove my self to the Government of Mongolia that we can grow better through arts and culture,” said Marwah thanking Government of Mongolia. H.E. Vinod Kumar Indian Ambassador to Uzbekistan was also present on the occasion.



hc_tennis - 3日內






A blue Jay?

Defcult3 - 3日內


The difference of 5 mins.

AshleyJo - 3日內


It is really abt timing. Literally. 

I wasn't supposed to be at the place at that time.

I wasn't supposed to be there doing what I did. 

I wasn't even thinking of anything remotely close to that as my head was totally preoccupied with achieving my "KPIs".

Had traffic been the usual bad on the way there, I would have reached there 5 mins later. And I wouldn't have experienced the skipping of my heartbeat when I saw her. 

It was First Love for me all over again......




chicken_little - 3日內

人的个性往往是生活环境和经历造就的 我觉得我的个性太好强了 其实我更应该了解自己的极限在哪里 遇到困难应该放下架子选择帮助 而不是以单方面的经验自信地 妄自尊大 即使是好心 也会有很多不服的 要以这种方式来得到认可 这样很辛苦 不是做了多少事有多忙 而是心累

其实我的心理压力已经很久了 每次无论跟母亲还是至亲的友人争吵 一件小事都能成为导火线 

应该要成为一个好的聆听者 首先要给人予一个safe的谈话空间 对方的观点 要放在自己的自尊之上 虽然出发点是对人好 但总有观点不一的 

从今天起我得救救我自己 对自己好一点 别有个人英雄主义😂觉得自己什么都能承担 搞不好就前功尽弃了 好事办成了坏事 要爱自己 才能好好的爱护他人💪💪


Mongolian Ambassador First Patron to IMFCF

asiannewsagency - 3日內

Noida: The Ambassador of Mongolia accepted the first patron ship of newly created organization IMFCF- Indo Mongolia Film And Cultural Forum at the function organized by International Chamber of Media And Entertainment Industry at Noida Film City.
“We have grown big in just one day with the launching of the organization. I am feeling elevated to be the first patron of the forum. I wish we India and Mongolia will grow together in our relationship for all time to come,” said Ambassador accepting the memento by Sandeep Marwah.
H.E. Gonchig Ganbold has studied in Ulaanbaatar, New Delhi, Moscow, Oxford, Geneva, Hawaii and Munich. He speaks Hindi, English and Russian. He has also worked at Mongolia Embassies in New Delhi, Washington D.C. and London.
Mr Ganbold has also served as the Director of Multilateral Cooperation Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as in Ministry of Finance and National Security Council of Mongolia. He has contributed articles to print and electronic media and translated over dozen books.


LSLF - 4日內

Walk on through the wind
Walk on through the rain
Though your dreams be tossed and blown
Walk on walk on
With hope in your heart...
And you’ll never walk alone


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