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Sandeep Marwah Honored by Noida Association of unprivileged Children

asiannewsagency - 一小時前

Noida: An event to present certificates to all those students who have done well in the slums of Noida was organized by ‘Apna School’ at the Slums of sector 16 now named as Shiv Nagari.

More than 100 students and 12 teachers were awarded out of 12 different schools run by Radio Noida a community radio station of Noida city for their extra ordinary performance in delivering education.

“Sandeep Marwah is an‘Awatar’, he is a ‘Masiah’, he is the only one who has come forward to support all of us, otherwise we all would have been cleaning floors of other houses. The education for children has totally changed the concept of 1000 families in Noida. We have started looking for better jobs and now sure about a bright future for our children,” said Ritu Lal leader from the slums.

“Sandeep Marwah deserve the highest award from Government and society for his continuous and untiring efforts to help, support and taking the responsibility of thousands of people of slums,” added Local leader while handing over the memento to Marwah.

“I am thankful to almighty for giving me this opportunity to serve the community through radio and education,” said Sandeep Marwah of Marwah Studios.


Sandeep Marwah Inaugurated Group Show Vande Mataram

asiannewsagency - 一小時前

New Delhi: “Every painting, which has been displayed here expressing the patriotic feelings of the artists. The vibrations in this exhibition hall are now different. A new energy can be felt. This is called love, peace and unity through art and culture for which I have been working for years,” said Sandeep Marwah President Marwah Studios at the inauguration of Group show of painting exhibition at Pyarelal Bhawan.

The exhibition under the title Vande Mataram consists of Paintings, Digital Art, Installation, Photography, Sculptures, Calligraphy and Ceramics etc. curated by Erum Khan.

Eminent Artists like Laxman Kumar,Harpal Singh, Hari Singh, Jasraj Tambia,  Sandeep Kumar, Mahua Sinha along with Afshan Raza Khan, Pankaj Verma, Pankaj Bharti, Mahua Sinha, Nafisa Sayed, Archana Anand,Smrita Swarup,Sargam Bansal,Jyoti Singh also participated in the exhibition.

A special space was created for artists like Huma Iqbal, Sushank Kumar,Razi Khan, Hari Singh, Harjit Dhillon, Jasraj Tambiya, Harpal Singh,Mohd Asif, Jyoti Singh, Raj Balram, Mayur Singhal, Humera Farooqui, Vandana Singh, Pankaj Verma, Madhulika Gupta,Chhaya Srivastava, Sandeep Kumar, Sarbani Sen, Romendra Sagar, Nitin Khilare, Shyamalima Kakati, Arka Ghosh in the show.


and then she said, hello..

delphic11 - 17個小時前

moon river, wider than a mile,

i'm crossing you in style some day,

you dream maker, you heart breaker

wherever you're going, i'm going your way.

two drifters off to see the world,

there's such a lot of world to see 

we're after the same rainbow's end

waiting round the bend

my huckleberry friend

moon river and me.



scammers, imposters, hackers, stalkers and liars

WorldPeace2018 - 17個小時前

beware of scammers, imposters, hackers, stalkers and liars.

they talked like your friend but not your friend.

they steal your privacy.

they copied and pasted creative long winded blogs.

they gossipped and spread rumours.

they keep stalking you online and offline.

they played with your love emotions.

they disturb your inner peace and insult your modesty.

they joked about other people life.

they bait and twist other people words.

they are done when they have played other people out.

they lied to themselves as well as to other people.





ICMEI Greets Embassy of Italy on National Day

asiannewsagency - 一日前

New Delhi: The President of International Chamber of Media And Entertainment Industry Sandeep Marwah extended its heartiest congratulations to the Ambassador of Italy to India H.E. Lorenzo Angeloni on the occasion of National Day on 17th March.

“Diplomatic relations between the Republic of India and the Italian Republic were established in 1947. Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru visited Italy in 1953. President Oscar Luigi Scalfaro was the first Italian head of state to visit India in February 1995. President Carlo Azeglio Ciampi visited India in February 2005,” informed H.E. Lorenzo Angeloni while talking to the large number of guest invited for the celebration of National Day at Embassy compound.

Ajay Tamta Union Minister for state for Textile, Government of India was the chief guest on the occasion. The event started with National Anthem of both the countries and followed by Italian classical music by a Musical group from Italy.


5th Edition of NGY Conclave Was Well Attended Event

asiannewsagency - 一日前

Noida: The NGY Infra Conclave is a platform for the citizens of the tri city area of Noida . Greater Noida and Yamuna Expressway to converge under one roof and discuss over the betterment of the city.

“The eminent speakers at the conclave not only share their vision for the future of the nation but also interact with the audience and address the issues faced by common man on day to day basis,” said Trilok Sharma President of the Conclave.

“Heads of state, business tycoons, Nobel laureates, spirited citizens and other invited guests at the conclave are not just the audience but a partner, a critical component of the machine that churns out the ideas for our collective future,” added Dr. Yogendra Narayan Chairman and former Secretary General of Rajya Sabha.

NGY INFRA CONCLAVE was held at Hotel Radisson Noida. Brain storming sessions were conducted on various aspects of the city of Gautambudh Nagar. Dr. Mahesh Sharma Union Minister of State for Culture and Minister of State Of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Government of India inaugurated the session.

Present on the occasion were MLA Pankaj Singh, Mukul Singhal, Principal Secretary Housing and Town Planning UP Government, Alok Sinha, Principal Secretary Industries, Luv Kumar, DIG Gautambudh Nagar, B N Singh, District Magistrate Gautambudh Nagar and other senior officials of the district and state. Rajeev Bansal, Divisonal Chairman IIA addressed the gathering and spoke about the problems of the city and how to overcome them.

Sandeep Marwah President Marwah Studios also suggested from point of view of arts and culture. International Chamber of Media And Entertainment Industry, Radio Noida and MSTV supported the event.


Third time

Mahayana - 一日前

This is the third time I've dreamt of making out with my colleague. And unlike the previous 2 dreams which only involved kissing, this involved much more. 

And this dream happened right before our major presentation. It was awkward for me. I couldn't take my eyes off her the whole day, especially with her sitting so close to me as we shared a laptop. She's so near I could smell the subtle tone of her perfume - not the type I like but nonetheless intoxicating. 

When we had our happy hour celebration and I wanted to try her bottle of beer, she cheekily asked me if I've STD. I rolled my eyes, telling her that's not how STD spread.

I should have looked at her straight in her face and tell her, "it's not like we are going to have sex now." 

Damn. I'm glad the project is ending so I can end all these terrible thoughts. It's not like she's my favorite colleague in the office. In fact, we'd had so much conflict that sometimes I just wanted to claw her face out (ok that's an exaggeration, but you know what I mean.)

Sometimes I wonder if she's a tsundere, snappy on the outside but super soft on the inside. I know I'm moving ahead of myself again. No no no. 

Perhaps I should write a fic about this. It will be so wrong but maybe it's a good way to let out all these frustration. 

I seriously wonder if she's gay. 



element82 - 一日前

I'm again awakened by the birds outside my windows, but I do not blame them cos they are being themselves & just trying to live. It's still misty outside & the skies have just lightened up to a pale blue, lined with a tinge of pink from the edging sun. The air is crisp & the smell of morning dew combined with grass, makes me want to go for a run, but I know my body condition is in no shape to receive an effective workout; it is more likely to be stressed out. 

Regrettably, these morning elements that I observe & love every now & then, failed to mask off my lingering unhappiness from yesterday. I could not yet identify why, so as I usually do, I blame it on the hormones aka PMS lol. 

To break it down, I guess it's about conflict, ego, & clinging. Just like Joeron's frequent dilemmas (wink wink lol), there are people whom I was fond of but no longer enjoy talking to, because of vastly differing views (but unfortunately still have to work with in the same team.) I cling in hope of building some kind of common understanding, but there is too much youth, arrogance, & ignorance.

The other matter that chronically kept me uneasy is my naivety. I was being lied to but I couldnt pin point the liar's motive. Perhaps money? Sex? Or what, the pleasure of gaining trust? Pity? I believe that everyone has the potential to be good, to the extent that I personally dressed down my elitist colleague to teach him about compassion, & I did so yesterday, which maybe added to my fluster. 

Lastly, I attribute a little of this disturbance to the multiple messaging to various people through the day, so much so that I muted all my apps, & only left Fridae on. I largely want to be kind & helpful but something's gotta give...

This too shall pass eh? Festina lente haha. 



greyish - 一日前




曾经 共寝一枕的时光,





剩下 曾经还 可以记得的 回忆,

时而 浮现 在似曾相识的 习惯里。





错过了,再如何 也无法可以 从前。








Emotional Connection With Someone I Never Met

wyc - 一日前

For once in my entire life I’m going to chase something besides my career.


AAFT Announces Fashion Week from 12th April

asiannewsagency - 2日內

Noida: A powerful meeting of the working committee of International Film And Television Club took place at Marwah Studios to start preparing for the second edition of Global Fashion & Design Week announced for 12th to 14th of April 2018.

“We are all set and prepared for the second edition of the most beautiful and happening fashion & Design week in this part of the city. Indian and foreign designers will be joining us on these days. For sure we will be much larger and bigger than the last year,” said Sandeep Marwah President of the GFWN.

The Fashion and Design Week will have work shops, seminars, interaction programs, screenings, exhibition, Design show, fashion shows and other entertainment programs. Ritu Lal Director Asian School of Fashion And Design has been nominated as the Director of the festival.


Sandeep Marwah Appreciated Hungarian Music Recital

asiannewsagency - 2日內

New Delhi: A Hungarian musical recital was organized at Hungarian Embassy on the visit of visiting Minister from Hungary to develop and promote Indo Hungarian Relations.

“What a pleasure to be part this beautiful evening when the who’s who of art lovers from New Delhi have gathered together to appreciate the Hungarian Music,” said Sandeep Marwah President of Marwah Studios and Chair   Indo Hungarian Film Association.

“We have shifted our cultural setup to the Embassy from Janpath Cultural Centre till we make new building within the embassy. Ancient Hungarian music is the pleasing exercise,” said H.E. Gyula Petho Ambassador of Hungary to India.

“It is an important program one because a senior musician from Hungary is here to perform and second I am meeting all the popular and creative people of India under one roof,” said H.E. Istvan Ligyarto Minister for State for Culture And Science Diplomacy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of Hungary.

Dr. Zoltan Wilheim Director of Hungarian Information and Cultural Centre introduced the senior artists and later paid vote of thanks for being part of the same.

Haydn Barytontrio Budapest concert plays the music from the court of Hungarian Prince Esterházy. The Haydn Barytontrio Budapest was founded by Balázs KAKUK in 1980 with the intention to revive Joseph Haydn’s almost 200 compositions for baryton – a stringed musical instrument similar to a bass viol – with additional sympathetic strings – used mainly in 18th century Germany, Austria.and Hungary.


change is the only constant

joeron - 2日內
"当某天 雨点轻敲你窗



AAFT and Teesside University Will Work Together

asiannewsagency - 3日內

Noida: AAFT invited delegates from Teesside University United Kingdom to see for them selves how AAFT has been organized and is pioneer in film, television and media education.

The Dean International Warren Harrison and Regional Head South Asia Padmini Parameswaran were amazed to see the facilities of Asian Academy of Film And Television at its three campuses in Noida related to Mass Communication, Fashion, Hospitality and Tourism, Animation and Management.

Teesside University and AAFT will sign a MOU to work together for the promotion of two known educational institution. It will include students exchange Program, faculty exchange program, exchange of radio and TV programs, a festival of films from school and many others.

“We are joining hands with Teesside University so that our students should get an exposure of foreign education and international market,” said Sandeep Marwah President of AAFT.

“We are happy as our students will get an opportunity to be associated with biggest film industry of the World. AAFT is not only a window but a door to Bollywood,” said Warren Harrison Associate Dean – International.


Sridevi Remembered at Marwah Studios With Great Honor

asiannewsagency - 3日內

Noida: On 9th March, a prayer ceremony was held at Marwah Studios, Film City, Noida, in remembrance of the legendary actress Sridevi. She has served as the Board of Directors of Marwah Studio  and was a kin to Marwah family as well.

Sadly, on 24th Feb. 2018, due to accidental drowning in the bath tub after loosing her consciousness at a hotel in Dubai, she left us towards her heavenly abode. All the members of the Marwah Studio including the Faculty, Staff and the Students gathered to pay homage to the departed soul. A two minute silence was observed followed by a short video showcasing some clips of Sridevi’s terrific performances and views for her given by her co-stars like Anil Kapoor, Jitender and Rishi Kapoor.

“Sridevi was an outstanding actress who has made a terrific mark in the history by serving the film industry for  50 long years. Not only I have lost a family member, but film industry has lost one of it’s most beautiful and talented gem, I pray that all good things that were in her mind, get accomplished and may the paragonic beauty rest in peace.”, said Sandeep Marwah President of Asian Education Group.

He also announced a scholarship by Sridevi’s name to be launched and a retrospective of her movies at Marwah Studio in the coming days as a gesture of respect towards her. The lady superstar, the very versatile and talented actress, Padmashree Awardee, who entertained the entire globe for 50 long years, will always be alive in our hearts. Her work has made her eternal.


Life Challenges

greyish - 3日內

gonna hv a trouble challenge soon, and sure dislike it, and was thinking ways to settle it. 

Let’s see wats d consequences would be?

challenge come, challenge faced and be settled too.

anyhow, life live once! 

Like hiking a mountain, no easy path and just stey by step! Keep on continue and shall able to see a different view from thr top, as always did!

Life already live with so much of experiences, just think twice, pick from past for relevance and visualise.

Stay cool and calm!

time to breakfast still and chill with lovely kids, SUN always stand by there for every one! Give a big smile and get things started and keep on moving forward, as life is full of adventures or nothing , choice of self, but always in good deep’s track for a better leaving ways in old day.

#deep breath!


Tomb Raider-inspired lol

element82 - 3日內

That bod is so toned! Alright time to train again.
Workout routine blocked on calendar starting Apr 3 (T-T)

Tues: Legs Day
Quads, glutes, squats, single leg bridging... T-T
Let's kill some legs 

Thur: Core
Variations of Plank, sit ups, push ups 
Weight training, Yoga 

Let's see if I survive the month, then I'll push for another ;)


Happy Birthday.

Copsters - 3日內

It's been awhile. 

Days seem to fly faster now, as we aged. Routine lifestyle is settling in and should say all is well, still.

Its her birthday again..so fast..almost 4 years ago since she left. The bits and pieces come lesser now. Perhaps some songs that might strung a chord, but have to admit..its less painful now.

Enough to just brought myself a wallet. Something that really bothered many as it was pretty used and broken. I couldn't bring myself to change it ..as it bears so much momento and am the last thing I still have on me that bears her mark.

The wallet didn't come easy then..but I didn't cherish.

Its removing the things from the wallet that reminds me that I have never let her go completely. There were 3 photos, I always thought I carried one( a personal fav taken in TW)..but no, there is 3. One that was always with me, another that I removed from the old car, and the last was removed from my old office. Subconciously, I shoved it in without another thought as it is where it belonged..unlike others which went to the bin.

The suprised was the P envelope which still had that 1st one dollar coin newly minted in 2013. She said to keep it as a momento. And it just stayed there all these years. Just like her.

Never seen nor spoken again..but just there. WIth me..all along.


could be's

delphic11 - 3日內

could be possible that i didn't mean that much. could be possible that i didn't want to believe it. could be possible that i don't want to be waken from it. could be possible that i had taken things for granted. could be possible that this was just temporary. could be possible that this was just a ... regret... who has the answers?


just a mere goodbye, letting go. 

is that really good enough to move on?


I carried on life just as it is. pushing myself out of comfort zones. getting myself to where i am now. 

Is this even good enough?




everyone, say hi to larry...

element82 - 3日內

hi larry. welcome. except fyi this is fridae, not facebook.... wake up na.


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