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Sandeep Marwah Honored With Global Management Guru Award

asiannewsagency - 16 hours ago

Noida: Not many people in the World have been able to achieve what Sandeep Marwah of Republic of India has proved in such a short period of time. Managing 100 organizations of film, television, media, fashion, Educational, art and culture and also bodies with social issues is an interesting case to study.

Sandeep Marwah was honored with Global Management Guru Award jointly presented by the delegates of 27 countries of the World in a Global Management Summit organized by Ministry of Skill Development And Entrepreneur, Government of India in association with ICMEI- International Chamber of Media And Entertainment Industry at Noida Film City.

The Global Management Summit invited delegates from 27 countries including from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Russia, Egypt, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo, Namibia, Zambia, Ethiopia, Ghana, Mali, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, Nigeria, Botswana, Tajikistan, Tunisia, Myanmar, South Sudan, Philippines, Syria, Bhutan, Malawi, Peru, Iran and India.

Association with NGOs, State and Central Government, a news paper, Radio Station, Television Station, A news Agency, Media Schools, Management Schools, Law School, international festivals & summits and large public appearances has made Sandeep Marwah an exceptional and international personality.

Teacher to 12000 professionals, President of biggest Chamber- International Chamber of Media And Entertainment Industry with 162 international committees and 80 national committees is a job worth mentioning, turned Marwah an incomparable officer.

Chairing National Federation of Tourism And Transport Cooperatives of India Limited, as Managing Director, the 16th National Federation controlling 676 State Federations, 625000 Cooperative Societies with 250 Million Members is also a tough task. Marwah brought 2 million footfalls to Noida Film City.

Chairman of the advisory committee of India Skills Development Council with 43 segments of different industries is a new additional job of Sandeep Marwah.

A group of 100 people representing 27 countries gave Sandeep Marwah a standing ovation for being the most outstanding management expert and been declared as living legend.


Global Management Summit Inaugurated at Noida Film City

asiannewsagency - 20 hours ago

Noida: Hundred delegates from 27 countries of the World participated in a well planned Global Management Summit 2017 at Noida Film City organized by Ministry of Skill Development And Entrepreneur in association with ICMEI- International Chamber of Media And Entertainment Industry.

The Global Management Summit invited delegates from 27 countries including from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Russia, Egypt, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo, Namibia, Zambia, Ethiopia, Ghana, Mali, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, Nigeria, Botswana, Tajikistan, Tunisia, Myanmar, South Sudan, Philippines, Syria, Bhutan, Malawi, Peru, Iran and India.

The summit emphasized on the better management of governmental and private organizations to save the resources of the organization. How to induct love, peace and unity through art and culture in the organizations by the management was the second motive of the summit. The case study of Sandeep Marwah was the main course of the show.

“Never ever met a person of that caliber chairing a summit of that standard,” said Charles Korukuve delegate from Namibia. “We can never forget the love and respect extended towards us in this summit,” said Bahati Hakimu delegate from Tanzania. “I have gathered life time memories from India,” said Chatti Saloua delegate from Tunisia.

‘We are thankful to Government of India for providing such a wonderful opportunity to be together with global family,” said Haitham Rifky Kamal Hassan from Egypt. ‘Indo Tanzania has seen a new wave of friendship with this summit,” added Twaha Bahran from Tanzania while inaugurating the session.

“It is an opportunity to learn from Sandeep Marwah every time we meet him. He is a super computer in himself and a one-man army,” said Dr. Rishi Raj Singh Director in Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneur, Government of India.

The delegates honored Sandeep Marwah with Global Management Guru Award and Sandeep Marwah presented the delegates with the summit memento and life membership of World Peace Development And Research Foundation.


看 四週都漆黑如死寂 窗中透光

joeron - 1 day ago

一絲奢望 但願你開窗發現時能明瞭我心


start Instagram

Joy_zou - 1 day ago

start Instagram now.



Damy_Khoo - 1 day ago









samsamsam - 1 day ago

What was it like to lose the one you love?

It was like hearing every good-bye ever said to me---said all at once.

Lang Leav (extract)


Sandeep Marwah Honored With Global Peace Ambassador

asiannewsagency - 1 day ago

New Delhi:“It is amazing that every organization headed by Sandeep Marwah has a by line of promoting love, peace and unity be it an educational institutions or Chamber of Commerce. Uniting the world through art and culture is his motive of life,” said Bijendra Agarwal of Education Council of India at a grand function at Constitutional Club at New Delhi.

Sandeep Marwah honored with the most prestigious award by the Education Council of India as Global Peace Ambassador in the presence of former Union Minister and spokes person of BJP Syed Shah Nawaz Hussain.

Former Governor of Sikkim B.P.Singh, Mahendra Kumar Pandey Central Office Secretary BJP and Birendra Juyal BJP Leader also spoke on the occasion. 30 educational institutions from all over India were awarded with 18th  Global Excellence Awards. Ramesh Tripathi of Global Leaders Foundation organized the event in association with Education Council of India.


Update for a date :D

JOEGWM - 2 days ago

I travel to Asia often, usually twice a year -currently in between jobs but if I am not in Asia where I like to visit and stay for a few months of a time, I will be back near Bristol

Prefer Chinese/Asian but that's not essential

Educated guy here, well-travelled and culturally aware.



greyish - 2 days ago

来了。又 来了。 







greyish - 2 days ago

机会就像玻璃。 破了, 就碎了。 补不了, 粘不会。 



greyish - 2 days ago

还好, 今晚来得及收, 没被搞砸了。 棒!!



Workshop on Film Direction by Darmesh Darshan at AAFT

asiannewsagency - 2 days ago

New Delhi: Asian Academy of Film And Television is a part of Indian Film Industry. Some of the most prominent filmmakers feel pride in sharing experience to the students of cinema at AAFT.

Darmesh Darshan the director of famous films like Lootare, Raja Hindustani, Dharkhan, Mela, Han Maine Bhi Pyar Kiya, Befawa, Pyar Ki Khatir etc. was recently had a powerful workshop with the young film makers and answered their queries related to film writing, production and direction.

“Sharing knowledge is like meditation for me. The new comers must understand the power of experience. There is no alternate to hard work for sure but experience saves your time and money,” said Darmesh Darshan talking about his 30 years in the Industry.

Darmesh ji is part of our academic council, his experience will add a lot to the style of education and training the direction syllabus,” added Marwah who later honored Darshan with life membership of World Peace Development And Research Foundation.


Limitless life.

snahc - 3 days ago

My perception on the development of life must lead to forms of reality that will be feasible without nourishment and which will not be hindered by rational limitations. 


The aftermath of a breakup

Kinnen - 3 days ago

Recently, I interacted with a couple of gay women that I got to know on dating apps and both of them are either coping with depression or loneliness. They find that they don't have friends whom they can confide in, but mostly they are still dealing with the aftermath of the most recent failed relationship. 

A breakup often leaves one with many deep wounds. One may find her life completely fall apart and become helpless in picking herself up again. Life seems to have lost all its meanings upon the departure of their loved ones. 

Such sufferings happen to all of us. While some fortunate ones are able to find another partner quickly and divert the pain of their loss to the pleasure of a new relationship, for those unfortunate ones, life could become hell. It's as if all her worth as an individual has gone down the drain overnight.

I had suffered such pains many times, and being single for the past one-plus years has given me the opportunity to explore different means to not anchor my happiness on the idea of finding a life partner. 

There are many ways to live a happy and meaningful life as a single person, but it also requires a whole lot of courage, faith, commitment and determination to decide on walking this path. 

I'm very empathetic to people who are struggling with their heartbreaks, yet it's also very challenging to help them, especially when they don't want it. 

This reminds me of a line in the movie A River Runs Through It:

"Why is it the people who need the most help... won't take it?"

Oh well, such is life. 



Keep flowing

CY_L - 3 days ago

剛開始是師妹的一個msg,問及中環的咖啡店有沒有好介紹。她跟朋友到訪後還順道走訪一間樓上舊書店,由於書店的感覺充滿禪意,她把書店的故事寫在fb,post飲品時剛好tag了我。今早到中環office開會,午飯後心血來潮,就到那神秘書店一探。跟店長樹單(梵文譯名)聊了幾句,很欣賞他為好書找讀者的一顆心,以及把書本以至哲思妙想流動化,好好飄流出去的魄力。如果沒有回覆咖啡短訊,如果師妹沒有逛書店,如果逛完沒有出post分享,如果沒有tag我,如果我沒有問及書店的名字,如果今天沒到中環開會,如果碰不上店長,如果店長沒攀談沒介紹我手裡的書⋯那我現在手握的,便不會是這本書,The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success - Deepak Chopra。一本輕輕的,卻附帶一點力量的書。




讓我也傳出去, keep flowing: 

Flowbooks, 中環擺花街 (google map可尋)




Raipur Is Emerging As Modern City of India- Marwah

asiannewsagency - 3 days ago


Raipur: It is the capital city of the state of Chhattisgarh and is the administrative headquarters of Raipur district. It is also the largest city in Chhattisgarh. It was formerly a part of Madhya Pradesh before the state of Chhattisgarh was formed on 1 November 2000. Naya Raipur is the upcoming business hub in Chhattisgarh promoted by the state government.

“Raipur has become the educational hub of Central India due to presence of many institutes of National importance in Engineering, Management, Medical and Law. It is the only city in India, which is home to IIM, NIT, AIIMS, Hidayatullah National Law University, and IIIT,” informed Sandeep Marwah Managing Director of National Federation of Tourism And Transport Cooperatives of India Limited.

“We will soon be opening a branch office of NFTC to promote tourism in this part of the country,” added Marwah while talking to the members of NFTC and tourism industry.



Global Fashion Week Announced by Asian Education Group

asiannewsagency - 3 days ago

Noida: After the successful completion of three major festivals namely Global Film Festival, Global Festival of Journalism and Global Literary Festival by the Asian education Group a new property has been introduced and announced by the President Sandeep Marwah under the name and banner of Global Fashion Week.

“We have very well covered Cinema and television through Global Film Festival and we are preparing for the 10th edition of the same. It has been rated as the second biggest festival after IFFI. Our journalism festival, now heading for 6th edition, is the most exclusive and one of its kind in the World,” said Sandeep Marwah in a general body meeting of Asian Education Group at Noida Film City.

“The Global Literary Festival has already been declared as second best after one in Jaipur with its second edition, time has come to announce new property and that is going to be Global Fashion Week,” added Marwah.

All the departments including Cinema, Mass Communication and Journalism, PR Events & Advertising, Fashion & Design, Graphics & Animation, Performing Arts, Hospitality & Tourism etc. attended the meeting.


What if I'm Wrong

Kinnen - 4 days ago

Being a self-professed bibliophile, it's kinda strange that I had heard so much about BooksActually, yet had not visited it until recently. 

I was taken there for the first time by a friend early this month. It was a Saturday and we were driving around and hanging out. Out came her suggestion to check out BooksActually, and that's from someone who doesn't read much. 

Like many book lovers, it was love at first sight. I can literally live in that shop, with the three legendary cats and all those lovely books. At the end of my first visit, I was one book richer -- that's happiness for me. My first purchase was wrapped in an ordinary-looking brown paper bag, but it came with a few pleasant surprises. On top of a few pretty postcards, there's also a discount voucher tugged inside the book.

For my second visit there, it was a relief to step inside the air-conditioned shop -- a much-needed escape from the scorching heat outside. I was there to pick up Alison Bechnel's Fun Home, which I had placed an order for during my last visit there. Part graphic novel and part memoir, Bechnel's work blurs the line between genres. It's a delight to finally get the chance to read it.  

What I couldn't miss noticing this time was the pipe-in song that was being played at that moment -- it was the same one that I heard on my first visit there. It's the kind of song that's so beautiful, it is best listened to deep in the night, and preferably by the sea. It's the kind of song that can make one feel like dying (yeah, that's right).

The song is "What if I'm Wrong" by The Temper Trap. 

So now I'm two books and one song richer -- that's joy for me :)


kayxl - 4 days ago

"No love is easy." 




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