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Hidden gem

Mahayana - 6 hours ago

was having a meal at Bedok North hawker centre and realized the wet market flower auntie sells a great variety of flowers. From roses to sunflowers to lilies, and even fake flowers. Amazing what you can find in the market. 


ever get crazy

greyish - 8 hours ago

ya..get crazy.

ever get crazy coz of some one...since long long time ago...and for long too.

but no more long after that. 

just ..worth not.



Chalkncheese - 20 hours ago

It is amazing when you start to let go of things. 

Letting go is tough. It's sometimes not just letting go of a person, but a habit, a safety net, or even memories.

The idea that you will be left alone can be scary at first.

Humans are such creatures of habits but also our high level of being adaptive (which likely explains our non extinction) allows us to move on fast, once the mind wins.

I didn't think my healing process will be that short. It had been a long ride, I figured it will take me a while to get down from the high.

Surprising, when you decided to be grounded, the day to day is actually easy.

That is probably why they say, everybody is dispensable. 



Carie1123 - 23 hours ago

We all need to acknowledge our mistakes/problems/issues.

With that “acknowledgment”, we take action to correct it.

Mostly people misunderstand that they do not need to change for anyone/anything and just want to be themselves.

Of course we are meant to be ourselves but it is the bad attitude and bad views that we need to change.

I’ve acknowledged my problems but still trying to fight the feelings. As rationality does not sync with emotion. Still working on it~~ 

We have to acknowledge the motive to find relationships. Some will fall in love easily and eager to get into a relationship. But can we cope it? Are we mature enough to handle a relationship? A relationship can be simple but can be complicated too, in a way.
It is not only about spending time together. It is the guidance for each other, giving freedom for each other, respects each other’s financial, build better things for each other and compromise.

We wonder how some parents do it and find that is because they have a target. They aim for the better life FOR each other. Solid base, solid financial for the kids, for themselves and future. And all of this they do it TOGETHER. All because of maturity and acknowledgement that truth and fact is they have to plan for FUTURE together. There is no time for lies, story making to cover own ass etc, all this immaturity does not exists as their aim is something SOLID that will lasts. And they know lies and story makings will never last, it is always poison in the relationship.

How many of us really notice a true love from parents or someone until they passed away or leave? Parents guidance for their kids, how they scold and yell at us. Have we notice it is due to them wanting us to change our habits/attitude so that we make it better in society, at work, etc so that we have stable base and future. How many of us, still wants and hopes the best for our exes eventhough you know that you will not be in their future, you will not be the one that walk with them. You still push and hope the best for their future gf even if that thought is painful for you. 

I acknowledge that I have high expectations for my relationship. I want my partner to be THE ONE that can guide me and lead us to a solid and stable relationship.

Although my past relationships mostly lasts bout 7-8yrs but that is not enough for me as I guess they could not be the one to guide me and give a solid, stable relationship. With solid and stable base, we can see the future and that is the sweetness of it.

I acknowledge that at the moment I am not capable of handling a relationship (not emotionally ready, not mature enough..etc), so I am only looking for more friends. 

If in future I fall in love, I aim for “marriage” type of relationship that is solid and stable. Meantime, I will prepare myself, my base, my everything so that i am ready and can cope with my ideal partner ^_^


If You Could See Me Now.

AshleyJo - 1 day ago


As i was doing tasks planning in my calendar, i was once again being reminded that God has betta foresights than me. Clearly. But sometimes i forget. There are times when i think i may be smarter than Him and convince myself that something i wanted at the moment is the best for me and when it didn't happen, i felt gutted. Now that the cold day is drawing near, it then occurs to me that the smarter one has planned for things to pan out they way they did, so that i could prepare myself for the day and to focus. Wistfully & Coldly. 

I never like strawberries but the strawberry dessert prepared by Y will always leave me with that familiar taste. Not so much on my tongue but in my heart for the surrogate love she's been giving me. And now i would actually ask for the strawberry dessert each time she cooks for me. Because it takes away that coldness in my heart whenever i eat it.  

The roses came but they took you away. Tattooed on my arm is a charm to disarm all the harm. I'm trying to do you proud, do everything you did. If you could see me now, would you recognise me? Would you pat me on the back or would you criticise me? Would you follow every line on my tear-stained face, put your hand on my heart that was cold on the day you were taken away? 


I know it's been awhile but i can see you clear as day. I still look for your face in the crowd. When i see my face in the mirror, we look so alike it makes me shiver. If you could see me now, i'm just missing you now. I hope you're up there with God saying....that's my kid. So if you get a second to look down on me now, i'm just missing you.......perpetually. 



Onedarer - 1 day ago

Sometimes, we are just too tired to care about anything. 




TM0298 - 1 day ago

In the meeting today, my boss wore black dress, with her right arm covered by a red scarf, leaving the thin left arm barely exposed in the air. Wandering in thoughts opposite of her, I could not help but started to follow my eye-sight which crawled upon her left arm from the bottom upward. Without control, my mind dashed in the air. The untamed me was slightly licking her arm upward..


what if

TM0298 - 1 day ago

What if you fell in love in your boss? Having somebody on your mind is annoying enough lately, and it seems you re not her cup of tea and, what's worse is, there's  no sign showing you fit with each other. But the fact is you need to work with her. 

Attraction is a weird thing. I can't tell why I am attracted by her that much. Have I ever fallen in love in my boss? Yes, there was once, but not that strong in feeling. And she never popped up on my mind so often. 

This is so annoying to find her charm sucking my brain from time to time.



joeron - 1 day ago

Apple pie: think I've gotten stale

Cheesecake: not stale, just bland

Apple pie: should I sprinkle cinnamon powder on myself?

Cheesecake: that's nice! add some cardamom too.



Sporty87 - 1 day ago

20150830 22:00   罪孽



譚維維 的翻唱版本,雖然以國語唱出少了一份靈氣,但在演繹上卻非常出色;同場還唱出了深情動人的〈三十歲的女人〉。

20150816 22:00   

Henry Cavill 吧!對於我來說,可能是之前在另一套電影中看到他的腿比手臂還幼,扣了很多分呢!我反而比較喜歡飾演蘇聯特務的 Armie Hammer196的身高再加上一個古典又冷傲的造型,將你置於安全與不安之間,哈哈!
Elizabeth Debicki


 許茹芸 參加了《蒙面歌王》,她翻唱了一樣是我最愛的林憶蓮《為你我愛冷風吹》,如果厲害的是將一首舊歌改頭換面翻唱後,就像變成了屬於自己的全新歌曲;那麼更厲害的是,不作太大改動,只是用自己獨有的聲音,便輕易將這首舊歌就像變成了屬於自己的歌曲一樣。她所演唱的版本沒有太大的改動,只是用她輕輕的聲音唱著,滲出淡淡的憂傷。20年前林憶蓮 帶來了感動,今天那種感動由她再一次帶來了。


20150802 22:00   


20150726 22:00   



 許茹芸 經典金曲〈如果雲知道〉,如果原版是流水行雲的曼妙飄逸,那麼這個爵士版就是沉郁醇美的曼妙魅惑。
 鄧麗君〈獨上西樓〉,鄧的是清雅沉鬱,而王的是淺醉忘憂,同是在西樓,卻各有一番滋味在心頭。第二首是 蔡琴〈被遺忘的時光〉,我認為她跟蔡的聲音是同類的,如美酒一樣,年份不同而已。
 關淑怡《EX All Times Favourites》的K2HD版,與 王菲《菲靡靡之音》是公認最經典的華語翻唱專輯。這張專輯之前也推出了編號版和沒有編號版,雖然是日本製造但也沒有日本版的側標的,不過最近卻看到竟然推出了有側標的日本版,雖然我很想擁有這張專輯的原版日本版,不過二手價動輒也要2000元以上,所以退而求其次好了。

20150712 22:00   


 萬芳 將到香港開演唱會的報導,對於我這個還會買她唱片的人,而且“肥仔”也很喜歡她,沒可能不去看吧!不過看了票價,以“肥仔”現時的工作狀況,再想想最近我的身體上種種不適所致的燒錢程度,本想給“肥仔”一個驚喜的念頭也打消了。我不禁在想,很多時候驚喜都是奢侈的,所以富有的人不會也不應再怨什麼了。

Fly Away〉,可惜的是她沒唱我很喜愛的〈不換〉和〈那夜〉。


For all exes

Carie1123 - 1 day ago

I believe many people experienced this. Their exes contacting back just to hint that they have new relationship. Some even go further by finding ways to show off their new girl to their ex. 

Please dont do that to your exes. You get nothing doing so. Each relationship is great due to both ppl effort and each that breaks are due to both failures ( in some way).

Each of us take that responsibility of that failure and make a change for the sake of each other to build a better future (if there is still chance). If no longer have chance, continue to proceed to make that change but for ownself and for future partner..DO NOT go back to hurt your ex just to show off. They dun mind staying single to recuperate so dont go bug their life, dont have to proof to your ex you can find someone fast etc. No need for that. (some people are revengeful but they dont realize).

If you guys contact each other because u still love each other, then is fine. And do something about it.  But if you feel is too late and u cannot stay to love anymore, then just go in peace with the new girl that "appears and make ur life better"..go in peaceeeeeeeee...if you have not get the new gurl and still "waiting" for her answer, then you wait in peace. dont contact your ex at your "waiting" process.

If ur excuse of contacting them is because u treat them as fren,think again. U truly care for them as a fren? After your breakup, they might have still help u solve your issue without even knowing whether those are truth or not. But after that, u bothered to know how their life is?u ever ask and care? what help did you offer them after they told you they have face some problem and need your help? Did you ignore their plea and did not help? After all these thoughts you still have same excuse to say you contact your ex because you treat them as friend or u contact ur ex only because you want to tell them bout ur life. 

Please...give time apart (LONG time)..after MANY YEARS, if both have gf of their own but still can stay frens with their exes then fine..otherwise, dun make that excuse..(look around you and be truthful, how many still stay in contact with their exes??) especially if u know ur ex could/might still have feelings for you. 
Some ppl might keep some information away from their ex so that their ex could keep some hope and stick around. 

Cut the string if u already courting someone new and cannot turn back. Cut the string!! 



Chalkncheese - 1 day ago


A friend insisted that I join her for an adult colouring session..

First thought ?

Colouring ? Like kids colouring ?

What kind of pictures ? What kind of colour pencils will they giveme ? Can I bring my own ?

Can I bring back the picture ? What if my work turns out ugly, will they laugh at me ? 

I made myself nervous for no reason...for days...

But a promise is a promise so I went, rather unwillingly..

It's a simple concept, pick a picture, pick a seat, start colouring..

Thinking is good, over thinking kills the buzz..

In this world that we are in, we are constantly advised to plan ahead, have visions, have dreams, work towards our dreams..

But sometimes, our dreams are fairly simple, our overthinking of things made it all seem so difficult. 

Perhaps, once in a while, unburden all the unnecessary thoughts and do what the heart says..

Life should and would be so much more fun.



Nothing can ever be certain

Onedarer - 2 days ago

Having spent more time with her, my heart has started to feel more settled. But I'm not oblivious to the possibility that her relationship is not quite over. We are certainly thriving in murky waters. Will this relationship with her see a breakthrough? Perhaps it's best not to think about it. 

Once I read a book about how all of us are liars to some extent. The ability to lie is innate in human beings. Sometimes we lie to others, or we tell white lies, sometimes we lie to ourselves. Like what a friend of mine says: "the truth hurts", so many of us would rather lie to ourselves and keep ourselves safe in a perpetuate state of denial. 

I don't know about others, but truth works best for me. At this stage, I can only focus on my feelings towards her and the time we share together. Anything can change tomorrow. As nothing is ever certain, the best I can do now is keep the faith and treasure all the now moments. 


Bersih 4: LGBT activists join demonstration

Ling1977 - 2 days ago

I attended the grand finale of the Bersih 4.0 last night, and there were still many people turned up. Places near Masjid Jamek and Dataran Merdeka were extremely congested. Yet the event went well and ended peacefully.

Earlier, I also noticed that a few LGBT activists waved the rainbow flag in front of the Masjid Jamek LRT station, making their presence known at the Bersih 4.0 rally. I truly salute to them for having the courage to come out and to openly support Bersih's demands for free and fair elections!

Here's The Star's coverage on the presence of the LGBT activists at the rally:

Bersih 4: LGBT activists join demonstration (The Star Online)

Source of image: The Star Online

Source of the image: The Star Online (


KUALA LUMPUR:  A few lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) members are making their presence known at the Bersih 4 rally.

"We wave our flag to tell people that the LGBT community supports Bersih 4," said LGBT advocate Chong Yee Shan.

"We also want to let everyone at the rally know that the LGBT community are around and joining the rally just like you, and with you," she said.

"We want to let people know that there's nothing bad about the rainbow flag," she added.

Chong said that the LGBT community doesn’t want to be the "elephants in the room" that people ignore.

For the full text of the news article, see:



Tashi and the Monk (Documentary)

KarmaKofe - 2 days ago

Tashi and the Monk


Talking Cars

thequeen - 2 days ago

Last Tuesday I met my friends R, M and L for shisha. We were talking about the dilemma of modern parenthood and a tourist who was sitting a table away couldn't help but join us. He has two young children and lives in Silicon Valley.

The topic was about whether parents are too protective of their children and if we should just deprive certain things from them to make them stronger. 

"We as parents are your simple everyman Toyotas. But all of us want our kids to grow up to be the best... to be a Ferrari. We want to give them the best, because the question that haunts us everyday is: Have I done my best as a parent? When they come home with a C, we would start asking ourselves if we have done enough; did we get them the best tutor? Did we put them in the right school?"

"As parents we are often stuck between giving our children what they should have in order to survive in the future, and giving them the chance to unleash their potential in their passions. Let's say, your son is not interested in becoming a lawyer or doctor... he wants to be a musician. Twenty years later, he is busking in the subway underpass. Whether he is happy or not, that's not the question. But as a parent, we can't help but feel heartbroken: were we at fault for letting him pursue his dreams in music? Would a Toyota be happy to see that his son ends up becoming not even a Toyota but a BMX bicycle?"

"Today's schools are so competitive that it can be baffling. My ex schoolmate once ended up last in class... DESPITE SCORING A FOR ALL SUBJECTS. Just as we shaped and trained our kids to be a BMW... it turns out the world has evolved into an Mesarati."

We all agreed that the most important thing to teach the next generation was to be humble and be a good human being. To teach them that all the LV bags and Ferraris in the world does not buy them a pure heart.

I concluded the thought-provoking conversation with my own analogy:


Work hard towards your dreams but keep even closer your humility and kindness.





yeoh - 2 days ago







ceciliacheung - 2 days ago





PassionFruits - 3 days ago

I was too blind to see that you were too deaf to hear me. 



AriaJes - 3 days ago

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