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dollylwk - 10 hours ago

Is a another long now night for me again ... The longing ...,is tough ... My heartaches for you ....these are moments that I want to end all this ...


dollylwk - 12 hours ago

If you look into my eyes you will find me ....but if you look into my heart ... You will find you.... Just you ... Boo ... I love you ... Where are you boo ? 



incense - 17 hours ago

boring week. So I am listing the mundane things that goes on.

1. Saturday. Slight fever. Hope it is nothing serious. Maybe it is from the hashima tonic I took last night. Snow jelly or hashima is frog fallopian. But it is the herbs like ginseng that is causing the heat. Already added less.

2. Added ginseng, tangkui, wolf berry dates. Forgot to collect pandan leaves. So no extra pandan favor. Next week I will cook bird nest. Also made braised chicken but because I was not feeling well, I skipped breakfast. Most likely will throw the dish in the freezer. 

3. Cut down on shopping. This week hardly bought anything. But my credit card got cancelled. Depression is so hard to deal with. 5 more years to quitting this life and getting a new one. 

4. I bought two properties at 1.4 million ringgit. I owe the bank about 1m ringgit. That means I owe about 330k in sgd. I need to work about 5 more years to get money to pay off. So must work at least 5 years to accumulate the sum. Unless I strike big at the lottery. $500k at least. At 60 my insurance payout begins. That means at least $500 a month. Plus if I work at a low stress job I will have about $2k in pay. Enough for myself. No need to buy big Ickes items. 

5. Then I can also apply for many government subsidies. That means a lot of savings. If I move to Malaysia. Even bigger savings. Rent out my local properties. That will give me 3k. Retire by 60 at least. Not going to work a day longer.

6. A president passed away in Singapore. An ex president. So many people expressed sadness. I cannot understand how they feel so much. Anyway some people think that we can save on his helfty pension. More than a 100k a month. Gosh three months and he can own two properties in Malaysia. 

7. Been taking stock of my clothes. Over buy. I packed away old clothes. Will be moving them to my Malaysia apartments when they are ready so I will have clothes to wear there. If thieves break in, that is all they can steal. 

8. The haze is back. Indonesia claims no haze this year. I knew that claim was going to go up in smoke. Pun intended. I have lots of masks ready for the haze. Hopefully it last less than a few days.

9. Pokemon go. I am at level 13. And I catch Pokemon only on public transport and when walking. Not too bad. Not in a hurry to accumulate 141 Pokemon. Some people have more than 80 and some even completed all. Heard that most people in sg will not be able to complete because some poke ons are available in other continents only.

10. I said the week was boring not that I was idling. You can be busy and bored. I had a few people sending me their phone numbers after I posted a picture of my body and dick on  Bbrt. Still attractive at 53. Oh well. Cie la vie.



hugu - 20 hours ago

dollylwk - 1 day ago

I wouldn't let you slip away... No matter how hard the situation is....can you feel me when I thinking about you boo ....l love you .... 


sex 365

GuyAzn - 2 days ago

1 per day, same person or not, for a year? performance? gimmick? strange? human necessity expressed?


dollylwk - 2 days ago

Boo... I saw you in my dream again ... I felt so real ... Can you feel me missing you??? Tears are falling down my cheeks now ... I miss you so much ... My heartaches for you boo ... I love you 



thequeen - 2 days ago



Drunk Bae: "Baby, what is love?"


Me: "What is love? Me lah!"


Never - 2 days ago

Read an article on marriage proposal at a university graduation. Believe it is exciting to have finally graduated and find a job, and be financially independent. Most of the times, during schooling, most people are still dependent on families...but till later part in life, when one becomes more established, he/she will be more daring to be out to his/her family....


dollylwk - 3 days ago

Boo... You are one of the people that I never asked from God ... But still ... He gave you to me ...I asked him why ... And he said... Because she can fill your life like no one else can..... I love you boo ... God is with you .. He will keep you safe and guard you back to me ... I waiting for you 


Audacious Art Group Inaugurated With New Exhibition

asiannewsagency - 3 days ago

New Delhi: “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.
The greatness of art is not to find what is common but what is unique. I don’t want life to imitate art. I want life to be art. A work of art is above all an adventure of the mind. Art is the daughter of freedom,” said Sandeep Marwah President Marwah Studios and Global Cultural Minister while inaugurating the new Audacious Art Group along with an exhibition of paintings at Gandhi Art Gallery.
“It is an another feather in the cap of Delhi when senior artist Iqbal Krishana has taken an initiative to launch an art group to promote Artist and art business, I wish them a grand success”. added Marwah.
Madhusudan Kumar Hon. Secretary Artists Centre & Director Kala Ghora Festival Mumbai and Vinod Jain founder & director of Gandhi Art Gallery were also present there.
A.K.Azad, Ajay Shukla, Ajit Bania, Alpana Kataria, Ashoo Malik, Christina, Dr Jun Moni Bora,Ekta Jain, Iqbal Kishana,Jaleela Niaz, oginder Singh, Kiran Soni Gupta, Manish Pandey, Neelam Mansharamani, Pawan Lohiya, Pabhudda Ghosh, Rashmi Dayal, Sallesh Sanghvi, Sanjouy Maurya, Tusha Rani and Vimi Indra exhibit their pieces of art at the exhibition.


dollylwk - 4 days ago

I only want two things in this world ... I want you and I want us ... Boo ... Do you understand that my love .... I love you 


Sandeep Marwah Nominated as Ambassador for ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’

asiannewsagency - 4 days ago

Noida: The Union Minister for Women And Child Development, Government of India Maneka Gandhi presented an awards to all those who have contributed to the Prime Minister’s powerful campaign of Save The Girl Child-Beti Bachao Beti Padhao here at Noida Film City.
“I am happy to be here and to know that many organizations have joined hands and are voluntary propagating the most needed scheme and social requirement of Save The Girl Child,” said Maneka Gandhi in a grand function organized by Marwah Studios in association with International Chamber of Media And Entertainment Industry and Sukhi Sansar.
The prestigious award was presented to Sandeep Marwah by the Minister for being nominated by all the organizations as the Brand Ambassador for Save The Girl Child- Beto Bachao Beti Padhao- Beti Mahautsav on the occasson of 70th Independence Year of Republic of India.
“I have found the change in the system since different schemes have been launched and rules have been changed. I hope it continuous to bring change in the mind set of people and we will be better society one day” said Sandeep Marwah President Marwah Studios thanking the Minister in showing faith in him.


How would you like to be loved?

samsamsam - 4 days ago

Happy birthday to you.

I wish you had the greatest wealth = health.


How would you like to be loved?


Someone told me, “gf is my first priority in life”.

First Priority = Unconditional Love

Anyone believe there is unconditional love RS in this world?


So I asked:

Do you love your gf the way you like to be loved or

Do you love your gf the way your gf would like to be loved?


Put it this way, when you tell / ask your gf to do or not to do certain things that is asking her to compromise. So as to say, unconditional love do not exist and needless to say first priority.


Like I use to say, couple always tell their partner “我為了你“ i.e. I do this because of you, but is that really what she wanted or is that what you assume she want? So why not we all start to say “因為有你“ i.e. because I have you, I quit smoking so that I can grow old together with you.


What you did that you think touches her heart, she might not think likewise so do not get angry or upset just cos thing did not turn out the way you want it cos is what you want it and not what she wants it.

Put in effort and you will know what she wants, after all, she is what you want.


So do you still believe there is unconditional love RS in this world? There would be, if everyone started to love their gf the way their gf would like to be loved.


I wish there won’t be loner in this world

Love is great

Love heal everything

(ah~~~~ ok... i still single and hope i won't be soon ) 




Never - 5 days ago

It does make a difference on how one dresses...but i guess this is a sad truth in a way..because people ae such visual creatures...actually, i dun think much of people dressing, except if it is not outrageous or out of sync. Because I dress very casually during weekends and in slippers most times. however, attending at work meetings, I opined to be more formal. ..why do i have such views...simply because i noticed that I get more attention in dresses than pants. I dun have much preference over pants than dresses or vice versa..usually it will be up to mood...I still rem a boss once told me that it is more formal to be in dresses at meetings. ..pple will take one more seriously. I was totally puzzled...but it works.....perhaps it's like how 1 tall person makes more of an impression on others....whatever, it the end of the day, i would think being comfortable in one's own skin and one's confidence does mean alot at the end of the day...


dollylwk - 5 days ago

You have me ... Unit Very last star in the galaxy die. You have me have my whole heart ... You always did ... Boo ... I love you 


Sarojini Naidu Awards Presented to Women Achievers

asiannewsagency - 5 days ago

Noida: All those women who have done well must be honored to create an example for the society and for other women to motivate them to take their contribution to higher level, Dr. Sarojini Naidu Award was constituted last month and this was the second round of Awards at Noida Film City.
“No society, no community and no country can prosper unless the women are giver higher status in the system. We need them at every stage, every parliament, and at every decision. Don’t forget they are half of the World,” said Sandeep Marwah introducing International Women’s Film Forum of Marwah Studios.
ASMS Director- Cinema Dr. Alok Satsangi, Director Radio Noida Sushil BhartiRenowned designer Mamta Gupta, Event Manager Anju Handa and Secretary General IWFF Babeeta Saxena, also spoke on the occasion.
Marwah gave an opportunity to every woman present on the occasion to speak her own story of achievement. A 52 episode television and radio serial were announced to give due respect to the Women Achievers.


How do I want to be remembered ?

stephie - 5 days ago

Yesterday at the bus stop I was observing a very nice black shiny polished Audi cabriolet slowly drove by and stopped at the bus stop, the bus from behind gave a signal horned at it as indicating it to move away from the spot so it can stop. The driver was very cool and didn't even bothered and just continue to wait at the spot and very soon formed a small queue of 2 buses that couldn't move, and so it became 3 buses. 

The bus stop outside Dhoby Ghaut is a heavy traffic spot so naturally such disruption can within minutes form long queue with buses. Then slowly 2 young boys strolling towards this so very nicely polished Audi cabriolet, slowly opened the door, you could even see each step they took to get onto the car, like celebrities doing it in slow motion on purpose with such consideration for the media and photographers to take nice shots of them. 

Back to this spot, there was no red carpet and what came behind was neither queue of celebrity cars but daily buses for commuters to get on and off, and sitting there I was thinking - my first impression was admiring such nice car and thought of the success of the person behind the wheel. Along with the frustration it caused for the commuters and bus driver I start deducting the admiration points I had and the list of being inconsiderate, lack of kindness for others...

So being successful in possessing nice car or nice shape doesn't equal to having a high level of compassion. When your small act cause a big impact of disturbances and disruption onto others lives, you will be remembered as an inconsiderate person, not the guy who drove that flashy Audi. 
So when we appreciate others kindness, we also should notice such small act of the opposite as reminders - How do I want to be remembered?


Nat7 - 6 days ago





谢谢您一直以来的关爱和细心教导 :)




但自己却一事无成,我到底想怎样.... ....




dollylwk - 6 days ago

When will I see you boo.... ?I wish my prayer will be answered...... That you be well... Safe and healthy and come back to me soon ... Boo I miss you dearly ... I love you so much ...

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