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Too many holidays.

incense - 4 hours ago

So many holidays. So little money to spend. Lol

1. I am a uniqlo fan. They should give me loyalty points. I bought underwear this time. Airism and heat tech products. For hot and cold. Spent 74 dollars. Wanted to buy a hat but it was sold out. 

2. I have been jogging once a week. Too little. Each time I ran 2 km which is too little. I have to increase my frequency to  at least twice a week and to more than2km. Hope to hit 5 km by end of August. Weight is still around 60kg. Must be the salad I have been eating. Yeah I added eggs to it. Will be cooking rice this weekend. 

3. Next weekend is a long weekend. I will be making corn beef and cabbage in my pressure cooker. Yummy. My mints are growing well. My Rosemary are not. I have to start planting more plants in the pots. The weather is not helping much. Keeps killing off my seedlings.

4. I had sex with a chubby guy recently. Lol. Yes not really my type. But was he tight. Plus I pretended he was a girl and squeeze his big breasts. Make the bitch moan and ask for more. So I have decided I will date fat virgin bitches. Tight holes and big tits to make up for the lack of small waist.

5. I sounded so perverted. Lol. Sex is a dirty thing. Ok I have been fermenting noni. Today I pasteurized a batch. Next week I am going to add to my black fungus drink. Vomit. Lol.

6. Bought a Fitbit charge hr exercise monitoring band. It comes with a watch face. Tried it out. Not bad at tracking my running but it has no gps. I could pair it with my phone and carry my phone when I run but that means carrying more things. I will wait for the end of the year and buy Sony running headphones with gps. Cannot keep buying presents for myself.

7. Just checked my wardrobe and found I have too many clothes. Will have to start wearing them and getting rid of some of them. The ones I hated and the ones that don't flatter me at all. Have enough watches now. Like one for everyday of my life but no branded one. If I strike toto I will buy a Rolex for myself lol. Actually it is too. If for my wrist. 

8. A guy from years ago contacted me recently. I remember why I dropped him. He was too talkative. After a while you have to drop talkative people from your life. Life needs peace and quiet. Wonder if I am too talkative myself too. Ah well, will talk a little to him. He is quite a decent chap but not suitable. 

9. Long weekend coming up and I think I will go to JB on my own. Go in on Saturday morning and maybe stay over till Sunday night, as if I have a JB boyfriend. Nah. Crash into some hotel. Have been a long while since I do crazy things like this. But hey life is boring without excitement.

10. Food craving for the month. Mm mm. Dim sum, peranakan food. Miss the food. I also want to eat teochew Maui. Ok I want to eat a teochew man too. Lol.


plastic memories

max_sg84 - 23 hours ago

curiosity got the better of me as i searched your name via google, and found your fb profile that was last used in 2013. 

it's hard to put into words the mix of emotions that were stirred upon seeing you again, albeit virtually.

i do wish you all the best wherever you are, and whoever you are now with. 



Getaran Jiwa - no music accompaniment

BryanTong - 1 day ago


Words of the day - 塞翁失馬

stephie - 1 day ago

For each loss, be it a break up, loss of a job, illness in family, it does affect one tremendous because the grand pillar is in imbalance.

When hit the bottom, bouncing back up, on the journey we walk new paths, discover new flowers and greens along the road. Look up, you can see the sun and blue sky, and you see it differently after all the storms, that it’s more beautiful than ever.

I have reached a point I can reflect all these, and ask myself this question:

“Did I lose something or gained something?”


Self Help Crap

Chalkncheese - 1 day ago


Was reading this article on FB someone had posted about the 15 ways to be Mr/Ms Right. 

Really ? By doing all those you will be someone's Mr/Ms Right? I had a good laugh. 

If anyone, tries, even remotely practise the tips, there will be one outcome. You definitely will have the love of your life, but you will not have anything else.

When you revolve your life around your partners, there will be only sad outcomes. 

You will definitely be an average worker; since the article says to make sure your partner comes first. (not to mention a rather unfulfilling sex life if they comes first all the You will never get that promotion, or increment or achieve much if work becomes secondary. 

You will not have friends or family; your priority in life is all about he/she. You will not hesitate to cancel plans with everyone else so you will be able to pick him/her up from somewhere.

You will be supportive, blindly supportive. 

You will end up meek, you forgot how to make decisions of your own. 

You for sure lost yourself. That part of you which had them fall in love with. Then what's next ? 

The complaints will come - too clingy, lack of opinions, stingy when you are not giving 100%, not caring because you are working late, not sensitive because you cannot be worried for your friend who have just broke up, not filial because you failed to visit your parents enough...the list is endless.

That's when you justify: But you needed me !!

Then they will retaliate with: But I didn't ask you to not be you anymore !

Likely a breakup afterwards...

Your world then colllapsed. You find yourself asking: Why did I put  them my priority when I am not theirs? 

Then you go read self help books/articles whatever to make yourself feel good. 

That's why these writers are still making money, it's always same morals, different story telling. 

Self help is perhaps just you and your thoughts.

Listen to yourself, it's cheaper...and a hell lot more truth than you are ready to face. 


looking for discreet sex worker

megadiscc - 2 days ago

looking for discreet sex worker

must be confident and sexy

avaiable of short notice

be horny ,,,


good in and out of bed


Words of the day - 勇者無懼

stephie - 2 days ago

Carpe diem. What if there is no tomorrow? Tell her what you feel today, because tomorrow might be too late. If she reciprocate or not, it’s her choice, but you make your own.

Be brave. Fear no failure. True love is being true to yourself and your own feelings. To love is no sin, to be loved back is a blessing, you make no mistake admitting to your own weaknesses.



Grinchgreen - 2 days ago


"The most important thing about swimming is not to be afraid. Just don't be afraid, or you'll drown."


just like life, be afraid and drown. 


How do you eat an elephant?

idlephilosopher - 2 days ago

how do you eat an elephant?

how do you get over the death of a parent?

how do you go on positively with life?



Gdnite - 2 days ago






可惜啊!这就是人生吧 !


to future

Gdnite - 2 days ago

今天终于把事情弄明白, 神经大条的她果然不明白我在说些什么,她明不明白已经不重要了,不过她不明白也算是好事,至少我知道后,我知道怎样给自己有交待。








Mahayana - 3 days ago

I read and can no longer be sure. Is it about me? Or about someone else? Am I a protagonist or an antagonist in your story


ICMEI Announced Short Film With French Director

asiannewsagency - 3 days ago

Noida: The celebrations took place at the international head quarters of International Chamber of Media And Entertainment Industry at Noida when French director was signed for short film under Indo- French Cultural Forum of ICMEI.
“I was looking for a platform to join hands for making of short film in India when Sandeep Marwah noticed my talent and grant me the facilities to direct one film under ICMEI” said Moane Elyane Maria Rosello film director from France.
“We want to provide a wonderful platform to our guest directors from abroad. Asian Academy of Film And Television and Marwah Studio will support to the production of film at Delhi/Noida,” said Sandeep Marwah President ICMEI & AAFT.
The film will be part of the 162 short films announced by Sandeep Marwah during his visit to London recently. The making of films together leads to the development of wonderful relations between two countries through art and culture.



crescent82 - 3 days ago

Filled with anxiety and know not why. 

I gasp for air and fumble for a hand, 

an arm, a float, an oar, but I see 

a cold face, emotionless and empty. 


That's when I know it is not the tangible things that I cling on to that keeps me going. It is hope, and sometimes it is bleak. 


Who is there to see what I see? 

Words reach the tip of my tongue, 

and dissolve at the touch of my lips. 

In the endless cliches of silent screams, 

I wish to drift into an abyss, 

of my own daydreams, maybe. 


The Island VI.

AshleyJo - 3 days ago


My world without you

Trades for me an honest life;

A life free of guilt and restrained desires

To be unlocked only with

A total exile of you from my heart.


You were my one and only

In this wretched heart of mine

That yearns for pure, untainted happiness

Impossible btw you and I.


Your world without me

Will surely earn you a life of greater love;

A love worthy of your affections

Shaping another existence

Unforgettably, the same way you did to mine.




Perhaps it was indeed a mistake to hold on to my promise….which could only be fulfilled to the detriment of my happiness, with someone else.  It dawned on me. Belatedly.

我   以为把幸福上锁   能紧紧守护承诺   是谁呢   把窗推开   风卷走了爱



Onedarer - 3 days ago

Something that's imperfect, yet perfect at the same time.

How would you know if it could be possible, if you had not experienced it yourself?

From the outside, everything seems complicated. Words of caution abound: Watch out! Don't get hurt!

Oh, but didn't I also have all those seemingly uncomplicated ones that had ended with me getting hurt?

The "complicated" part is not what hurts...

Where there is love, there will be pain – it will eventually hurt, no matter how you would like to avoid it. 




Gdnite - 3 days ago


等待在乎一个不需要自己的人,很累,我真的累了,什么五年时间,我想应该只有我自己记得,对方已经忘了这一回事,如果她看到我这样写,应该会对她朋友说,没想过她会这样傻 ! 哈哈哈!我自己也觉得我自己傻 ;)

傻了半年时间,够了,没有必要在这样折磨自己。今天开始我会对自己的心负责 !!! 我会好好的补偿你,不再让你难过。


We belong together

MrAutumn - 3 days ago

When running a relationsip, I believe there is no "you own me"or "I own you". As we belong together, we both shoud be take part in it. I am not expecting ""you"or '"me" , but "We".



ice7palace8 - 4 days ago

- 最近发生一些事,心理涌上一阵阵的恐惧和无奈,无法安心,无法换个角度看事物,无法换个心态看人生。

- 人生是非常短暂的,说走就走,什么也没交代,什么也带不走,只留下一推回忆。

- 人生是非常短暂的,生命最重要就是要把握当下,珍惜当下。越是把握当下,越珍惜当下,越害怕失去一切。

- 学会承受,学会坚强,学会微笑,学会接受,学会放下,学会随缘。我。。。都还在学习。


Sandeep Marwah Appreciated at IACC Meet at Varanasi

asiannewsagency - 4 days ago

Varanasi: The Regional Meeting of Indo American Chamber of Commerce took place at Varanasi hosted by Arun Kumar Agarwal Chairman IACC Varanasi Branch at Hotel Radisson.
“Sandeep Marwah Chairman for Media And Entertainment Committee IACC and member Executive Council has been honored at Kanbar Institute of Film And Television, Tisch School of Arts at New York by Prof. Karl Bardosh for his pioneer work in Mobile Cinema” announced Dr. Lalit Bhasin President North India Council & veteran Lawyer Supreme Court of India.
“We appreciate Sandeep Marwah for his vast contribution in developing Indo US relationship for last so many years” added Ranjana Khana Secretary General IACC.
“It is nice to know about Marwah’s activities and it must be appreciated,” said Chad R. Norberg Trade & Technology Unit Chief, Embassy of the United States of America. “We congratulate Sandeep for his continuous efforts in media and entertainment industry” expressed Tyrena Holley Commercial officer Embassy of the United States of America.

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