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KL life

codenamekaz - 6 hours ago

I've just settled in KL and started my new life.

Can't wait your invitation

-Eating and drinking outside

-Taking me somewhere nice

-Help me working out correctly

-Taking a nap with me

Hope to see you soon!



dotPtt - 7 hours ago

Sometimes I crave for a puff, and I take one, waste a lot, but I'm not a smoker. 

Sometimes I need a beer, and I drink one or two, or more, but I don't hold it well.

Sometimes I'd like to do both together, but I know I'd 'die' at it, so I don't.


Sometimes we are just prisoners of our own walls that we build to protect ourself. 

Sometimes we are just finding our way out of this maze of double-edged swords. 


Oh and sometimes I really feel like getting inked, just that I haven't thought of what and where, but most importantly I haven't got a why.


dollylwk - 7 hours ago

I still remembered we talk about having a family ... Boo.. I want that still ... Only with you no one else... 


Marwah Television Will Support Cultural Activities

asiannewsagency - 13 hours ago

New Delhi: Two years old television station of MarwahStudios TV has created a wonderful niche for itself all over the World. The IPTV can be seen all over the World now for 24 hours a day.
“We have the largest collection of short films, events around the year and a media force of almost 200 people who are now getting associated with the television station of Marwah Studios” confirmed Sandeep Marwah President of Marwah Studios
“The television station will support our vision and mission of bringing Love, Peace and Unity through Art and Culture along with in house Radio Noida 107.4FM and a newspaper Country And Politics to support TV station” added Marwah.
Shot Films, fictional programs, documentaries, events are already part of the television programs. Marwahstudios tv soon add on all sorts of cultural programs to its broadcasting. Number of cultural societies, associations, drama artists, singers, and other performers has been part of the revamping program.


a very hungry morning...

greyish - 19 hours ago

A very hungry morning n yet eaten potato pork rib curry rice. ...

hot + spicy=sweating



Bright sunny energetic  morning get started.......


2 half day also gone soon..

greyish - 1 day ago

23.27pm....2nd half of the day left with around 30 mins. Time really fly fast. 

Pretty messy day with lots of this n that that suddenly appear...luckily...still able to manage it. 

Get an important job done for the time being and moving forward for the 2nd in list. 

A tired day but happy...


Never - 1 day ago

Strangely, till this day..I still enjoy reading dramas...likelihood not been that grown up somehow.:)


Dear Diary

dearDiary - 1 day ago

"are you talking to yourself?"

Yes yes evil twin. I needed some answers.

"where are you heading?"

Anywhere with the flow. 


dollylwk - 1 day ago

If you just give US a chance. I will prove it to you that it will be the best decisions you will ever make... Boo come back ok ? 


Omg Old Sch

dearDiary - 1 day ago

Time flies and you are 40.

if Only I can turn back time, I will communicate. 



umah435 - 1 day ago

i make a comment about myself about having with someone else having sex with and having someone to cuddle up wiht you when you sleep at night



darke - 1 day ago




another half day gone...

greyish - 1 day ago

is 13.50pm

another half day gone di...and yet am still struggling with those files and documents. sigh...but ...but...but..getting finish soonnnn..and done for this part...

still...another stack are waiting patiencely...


well...just have to said...get move one...faster n faster..,and get it done....



cool00 - 1 day ago








calling off for a day

greyish - 2 days ago

is 12am...

time to call off for the day...tired doing things ...

time to rest and recharge that tomorrow can do much better..

good nite for a common day yet filling contented. :))




greyish - 2 days ago

recently ..pick up back playing badminton ...

was thought that am old di..and stamina is getting bad...but surprisingly...still can play quite well...hahahha...

and if seriously play..for about half and hour....sweating all over the body...and the feeling is just so good...

thanks to my badminton's partners....




crescent82 - 2 days ago

Just browsing before I start to blog, & came across this phrase "Love is supposed to make u a better person." Really!? I personally feel that we ought to better ourselves for our own sake, and as a by-product, turn out to be a better person for our partner, friends, & family. I don't think love has an agenda or is suppose to do anything in itself. It's an emotion & term we use to describe certain behaviors... 

I sense it's just a chicken soup overloaded type of cliche. So much & too much of it all over the internet, we sometimes no longer know what to think, or understand what is absolute, & decipher what is nonsense. 

But I digressed (this is my personal favourite overused phrase haha) 

My purpose of blogging tonight is to release all the negative energy I have been harboring due to an obnoxious female colleague lol. I really want to be a friend, but we have vastly different sense of humor, her jokes are offensive & politically incorrect in the workplace, & she cannot take any criticisms.

Fundamentally I do not think that she is a bad person. She just... cant stop talking to the point of me changing my seat, but she cant quite sense my avoidance. Her choices of words are gravely extreme & do no justice to real situations. She is generally helpful yet always negative about things.

I really hope my collegue finds happiness in her own way, rather than overworking herself to brink of passing out to sleep 48hrs at a go, & burning her weekend without getting any bit of social life which, is good for everyone. I kinda need it too. I'm becoming mental. 



gone4ever - 2 days ago




samsamsam - 2 days ago













The significance of A Ring

LasCeu - 2 days ago

I have been absent-mindedly playing with the ring on my 4th finger lately. Turning it around the ring finger, loosening it on and off, stroking it and admiring it. The more I looked at it, the more I felt overwhelmed with its significance. It is more than just a ring to indicate that I am taken or in a relationship. Its value is not dictated by the price tag attached nor the element that makes up its composition. That ring represents commitment and our desire to thread through obstacles together, aiming to complete this journey hand in hand. 

I felt thankful for my past relationships..the broken-hearted moments, the hurt, the lower than expected attempts or the past memories. The past had taught me what not to accept in a relationship and what should be expected for a committed relationship to last. Being able to let go of all the resentment of the past I guess is important for anyone to move forward in order to be basked in happiness. 

I am thankful for her presence in my life now. She restores the faith I have in love, when once upon a time, that belief of everlasting love had been thwarted by failed relationships. Being traditional, I used to believe that my first love will be my last. Unfortunately or rather fortunately now, the 5th shall be the last though she was not the first. I am her 5th and she's my 5th coincidentally..that makes a good start yah? Let's not count the toes from now on...

Words escaped me in my attempt to describe the feelings for her that i have safely embedded in the recesses of my heart. I reckoned the emotions...are just indescribable..words could not justify how she has made me feel all these while.

Love from her is in abundance and I am truly in bliss. One lesson I have learnt.. a failed relationship is just one step away from finding that someone whom you will eventually love with all your heart and mind.

Never give up on love. You will eventually find that someone who will sweep you off your feet, who will care for you and shower you with love that grows over time, who will teach you how to love selflessly and in return encourage you to reciprocate similarly, who will spur you to just be yourself and show the good plus the bad side without fear of rebuke, and finally who will make you realise, the distant future together is no longer a dream..

I have found that someone..Her. 

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