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xanerious - 4 hours ago

Hokkien version of this part of the song... 

咁講你不知我愛的只有你 你啊你啊
一個兩個三個 你愛的到底有幾個
我的心就要 痛甲一直流血


looping. don't really know chinese, but seems relatable.  lol.


TO ジャニス24/7/2017

Revene - 5 hours ago

I still remember the feeling i felt when i first started talking to you.


TO ジャニス 23/7/17

Revene - 1 day ago

You may hold my hand for a while, but you hold my heart forever!



s69 - 2 days ago






To ジャニス 22/7/17

Revene - 2 days ago

If I did anything right in my life, it was when I gave my heart to you. 


Courage ~ Osho

Cocculine - 3 days ago

whenever I feel lost n low, I contemplate the meaning of life n the reasons of events. I never see life as a game coz it's not really fun but a temporary journey, it's true.

reading a book about courage by Osho, one of my favourite spiritual teachers.  I burst into tears in a cafe yesterday after reading only the first two page of this book.

sometimes, I wish there's someone to pick me up, but most of the time, I pick myself up n walk the dog.


Fondling & Missing

detohs - 3 days ago

According to Google Unconditional Love means as affection without any limitations or love without conditions. This term is sometimes associated with other terms such as true altruism or complete love.


Been 2 weeks aftermath, everyday she still ponder in her mind. No words can be describe, as she doesn’t know it LOVE or GRASP?! Can she love her unconditionally by wipping off her past? Will her able to change her habits and tie down to settle down instead hopping around? Does she have bio-polar disorder? Can she still be trusted after lies and endearing personalities.


Should she follow her heart? Well Observe before Open…… (to be continue)!  



Mahayana - 1 week ago

Reconnected with someone who is my Achilles heel. 8 years ago, she came into my life like a wrecking ball, with a darkness in her heart, and the naive me thought I could reach out and heal her wounds. But I was wrong. She came in like a wrecking ball and I became a train wreck. 

It seems like now she has changed. I dunno how true that is but from our conversation, she does seem to have let go of the worldly possessions which she once held on so fiercely. She apologized to me more than once for how she has hurt me. And that's definitely a change. I guess in a way, reconnecting with her is a mean of catharsis for me. 

Let the final darkness associated with her, bleed out, and scars to fade to nothingness. 


Finding MEMO :D

ur_chiko18 - 1 week ago

...I'm Genver, ...from PHIIPPINES.
i understand what people say that i am too young...but it depends how you brought your self to person whom you talk with..I'm looking for a long term relationship!!!and hopefully it would last forever....!
I'm looking for someone who wants to know more about me....I'm also into friends. willing to meet new friends and explore and see what happens.
Every individual has his/her own identity and characteristics. He/she likes this while others don’t. I think I have to say something about me.

* I am genuine.
* I hate to be judged.
* I do understand things.
* I love truly and deeply.
* I am young yet a matured-thinker.
* I am proud of myself.
* I believe my capabilities as a decent human being.

..... When someone is degrading me and my family! Nobody has the right to degrade people. Why don’t you define yourself? Face in the mirror and then see if you deserve to be degraded in return or not.
..... Finish my studies. I now realize how important education is. It doesn’t only emphasize the professionalism of the person, but the hard work and interest of learning something. AND THAT DREAM IS GRANTED!
*** My family! I conceive, without them, there’s no more reason to breathe and to live. They inspire me most of the time. They keep on guiding me and determining my existence. and hopefully my special someone 🙂



gateway11 - 1 week ago

Hey you... reading my profile.... ya.. I'm a butch , looking for a gf.. how about you.


Sandeep Marwah Special Guest at Venezuela National Day

asiannewsagency - 1 week ago

New Delhi: Indo Venezuela Film And Cultural Forum extends its heartiest congratulations to the country of Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and to H.E. Augusto Montiel Ambassador of Venezuela to India on its national day. Through films, art and culture we will be able to make strong bridges between the two countries,” said Sandeep Marwah President of Marwah Studios and ICMEI at the grand function at Embassy of Venezuela as a special guest.

“Venezuela is the country of love and affection. Our relation with India is more than just selling the Oil. Our relationship has grown many folds in last few years. We will take our relations to further height through large number of business together,” said H.E. Augusto Montiel Ambassador of Venezuela to India in a opening address.

The national anthem of both the countries were played with great respect and honor where Mansukh L. Mandavia Honorable Minister of State for Transport and Chemicals was   the chief guest of the Event.

The national Day of Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela falls on 4th July where large number of Ambassadors, High Commissioners, and people from all strata of life attended the event.


xanerious - 1 week ago




hugu - 1 week ago

Unconditional Love, Love and Lust!

detohs - 1 week ago

Been talking to S* recently, she told me when it came to love there is no right and wrong! I agreed as well. 


Im happy that she finally confirmed her relationship with No.01. Well what happen, No.01 has been her guardian angel for the past 2 years. He don’t mind she a divorcee with 2 children and he tuition her studies for MBA (although he busy with his work as a CFO). He always be there for her whenever she feel down, lost transiting bus or MRT, he always been there to support her whenever she in SOTONG mode. So lovely to hear that they finally together instead playing with guessing game and upsetting each other by posting remarks to make each other jealous or testing the heartbreak index instead telling each other that they miss or love each other.


Still remember S* was so hesitated to confess to him that she love him although he been there for her always. Both of them had been playing Pull & Fish Game for too long until they can’t get hold/control their own fishing rod anymore. I was thinking, it’s really necessary to play fish and pull game (hard to get/ flirting game) ? i wonder and puzzled. Can’t love be straight forward? [Its not applicable to all individual]   


Anywhere hope their love last after 2 years friendship and all the hard to get game! Pray for them!


Back to the topic of love & lust?! Well, if without love how to have sex?! Well my friends were debating that, some ppl just can have sex without love. I agreed and all depends on individual. In addition, it also depends during the progress/process of making love. Whether its fucking for sexual pleasure or making love to make ur partner comfortable and enjoy the feeling of exchange love. So it all come to intention and how much you love her and what you would like her to get instead self satisfaction. Most Girls, able to feel whether its making love of fucking?! So, we both agree the intercourse is part of enhancing the relationship and moments to embracing each other.

Missing her anot?! Yes! Its for Love or Lust?! (Only they will know)  


In next blog….we will chat about Unconditional Love.




Nichod-A Book of Punesh Anand Released at Marwah Studios

asiannewsagency - 1 week ago

Noida: Justice G.S. Sasthani of Delhi High Court released the first book of poetry written by Punesh Anand in a grand function at Marwah Studios, Noida Film City.

“The art of writing is the expression of your thoughts and feelings. The poetry book of Punesh Anand has added a lot to the literature when people are forgetting to write. I hope he continues to write and would love to be the part of his second book launching function too,” said Justice G.S. Sasthani while releasing the book Nichod.

“I have been appreciating Punesh Anand for his art of writing, he has reached to the stage where he has started talking in poetry. I have understood that he must be given an opportunity to come in public with his talent,” said Sandeep Marwah President of Marwah Studios.

“I am amazed and surprised by the organizing capacity of Marwah Studios who all have not only identified me out of crowd but also published my work in no time. From No where to Some Where-this is life. I am thankful to each and every one who has helped me in reaching to this platform and declaring me a Poet,” added Punesh Anand emotionally.

Sushil Bharti analyzed the poetry in detail and also read few of them in public. Mrs Maniderpreet Sasthani and Harsh Anand also spoke on the occasion.

The event was attended by large number of important people from different starta of life and supported by family and friends. Asian Academy of Arts and International Chamber of Media And Entertainment designed the launching function.



RainbowDash - 1 week ago

When I am sick and you left me with a good bye, my world felt empty once again... 

I did my best and do everything with you in my mind but I guess it wasnt enough and you decide to bid me farewell instead... 


Mridula Tandon Nominated Co Director Global Literary Festival

asiannewsagency - 1 week ago

Noida: Renowned art lover and art presenter Dr. Mridula Tandon has been nominated as the Co Director of one of the biggest literary festival of India Global Literary Festival Noida 2017 edition.

The management and administration under the president ship of renowned international media personality Sandeep Marwah has decided to bring Dr. Mridula Tandon on the board of GLFN 2017. GLFN is supported by Asian Academy of Arts and Asian Academy of Film And Television.

“I am pleased and honored to be now part of GLFN 2017. I have always prayed art as a religion. I leave no stone unturned to add on to the existing literature festival,” said Dr. Mridula Tandon also the president of Sakshi Charitable Institution.

The Secretary General of International Chamber of Media And Entertainment Ashok Tyagi and Director of Festival of Global Literary Festival Noida Sushil Bharti handed over the letter of appointment to Mridula Tandon at Marwah Studios, Film City Noida.

Dr. Mridula’s contribution towards promotion of art and culture is immense. She is an asset to the organization,” said Sandeep Marwah President Marwah Studios.


Sandeep Marwah Was Invited to Analyze Man Ki Baat

asiannewsagency - 1 week ago

New Delhi: A powerful event was organized by Bluekraft to analyze the most popular Radio program Man KI Baat delivered by the Honorable Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi broadcast every month at all the radio stations to be in touch with the citizens of India at Indira Gandhi Centre for Arts this Sunday.

“Never ever before an informative program of that stature has been delivered by any of the Prime Ministers of India. Keeping in mind the importance of radio Prime Minister Modi interacts with the citizens of India-people from all the strata of life. The program has brought not only patriotisms back to Indians, it has actually motivated 130 crores Indian Population to unite and work for the nation,” said Sandeep Marwah President of Marwah Studios and Radio Noida 107.4FM.

“I am sure when these programs can effect me , they must have tuned well the millions of Indians across this sub- continent. Man Ki Baat is one of the most well heard radio program,” added Marwah.

The event was planned in three segments of discussion and every one expressed their views and commented on the radio program and its various aspects. Dr. Sachidanand Joshi, Member Secretary, IGNCA honored Marwah for his untiring contribution to PM’s Programs.

Dinesh Singh former Vice Chancellor of Delhi University, Dr. Prasun Chatterjee faculty All India Institute of Medical Science, Baldev Bhai Sharma, Rana Yashwant Editor India News, Dr. Tirath Das Dogra Former Director AIIMS, Sumit Awasthi Deputy Managing Editor News 18, Malani Awasthi renowned Singer also spoke on the occasion.

Syeed Ansari Special Project Editor Aaj Tak, Prof. Ravindra Kumar Vice Chancellor IGNOU, Chitra Tripathi ABP News and L.Rizvi Editor Sahara Ilmi also expressed their point of view. Harish Baranwal conducted the program. The Chairperson IGNCA Ram Bahadur Rai presided over the function.


Hellooo Ms Dinosaur

Cocculine - 1 week ago

Puzzle is fun unless it has no solution.  Let's admit it, Cinderella is not a member of nobility while the Prince is merely a brand name printed on tennis balls...

Silly me, I feel like a stupid toddler crying over the death of a cartoon duck on TV. Everyone else knows what's happening and I'm like the only dinosaur believing that it was real.



jamesrivard - 1 week ago

This anonymous female tries to explain a mother’s unconditional love for her daughter which looks like a rude behaviour to others, horrifying experience of driving on roads, unwanted advices of people to a pregnant girl, and the happiness spread in the home on the birth of a baby boy. If you want to read her experiences please come over to this blog.

For more you can check:- Wealth Management Video

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