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dollylwk - 12 hours ago

There a massage sent to me ... 

Saying that I m very devoted to you... Boo

yes I m ... Not only devoted ... I m keeping my hopes high and my promise to you.

i won't... Never will .... Give up on you ... 

I m willing to face all hardship ... Together if not bear for you .... Boo know that you are not alone... If only you give me a chance ... I'll to proof to you ... 



I wished I had a ....

incense - 14 hours ago

It has been a wishful thinking week. I have so many unfulfilled wishes, I feel that I can drown in them,

1. First of all, I want to be double penetrated. The ultimate wish of a power bottom except I am not really a power bottom. Well, I want to feel the pain of being fucked by two big dicks. lol. Sadomachoistic. BDSM soon? Just one of my sexual fanstasies. Another would be for a strong guy to fuck me carrying me in this strong arms. At 60kg, it is going to be difficult to find gay men that strong and willing to lift me. Well, it is wishful thinking.

2. I had been looking at big TVs. Not buying yet but oh so tempted. Looked at a Sony 55inch 3D UHD that was selling for 1499. It is a steal but only because it is a display set. There is a cheaper Phillips 65 inch , also 3D but only Full HD. That is selling for 2090 and comes with $200 worth of shopping vouchers. I can buy a 3D bue ray player and watch my 3D movies on them. Just wished I had money to spurge on these big toys.

3. Caucasians men and their big dicks are such an attraction. However I do not think I am going to get any. Afterall, the only ones that express interest in me are all so far away. Can't hug and kiss a PC screen. One day my prince will come and I will be in a wheelchair. He would not have any hair left and he will be blind from old age too. lol. Toothless too.

4. Interrupt wishful thoughts with an updates of my week's highlights. I baked bread. Added just a little bit of cocoa powder so that it will not become sticky. This time the bread is ok. But really cannot taste the chocolate at all. Will stop making chocolate bread and just make chocolate cake instead. I did not get to cook my Tom Yum fish soup because I forgot to take the stock from my mom's place to my own place. I should be making the Tom Yum another time then. Most likely mid week.

5. I have been buying things again. But I did temporary stopped myself from buying a few things. Meaning eventually i may still buy the stuff. Mainly furniture. I have  furniture obession. Outdoor furniture and pure wood. I should be travelling to Jurong to buy a folding table and a serving bed tray. And then to ikea to buy about $150 worth of candle holders, mirrors, shelfs and other accessorries. Gee I am s shopaholic. I better strike lottery soon.I will also go to vhive to buy some furniture. Buy and stack. I should buy a coffin. Is that furniture?

6. I am also tempted to buy gold jewellery. What am I looking at? Bracelets or bangles. May buy a big bangle and wear it around. I saw a nice big jewellery box today. should have bought it. Maybe I will go down next time to get it. It fits the one I have at home. I can stack it up modular style and take up less space. i should find a rich man with many houses for me to decorate. Ooops I am not pretty enough for that to happen? Please, I will just cast a love spell.

7. Seems I am back to wishful thinking. I am going to the IT fair next week. I may not be getting the colour photo printer but I am definitely getting a Nikon camera. Spent money like water. Maybe I should sell me soul to the devil for some pocket money. If only it was so easy. Wonder how people are able to sell their souls to the devil.

8.I watched X men with a gay colleague. Nothing romantic. Just had to use my buy one get one free movie tickets deals. Next week I should be watching another movie. Afterall, the deal will end in June so might as well watch till I pop! I like this latest X men movie. Ok all gay guys with high sex drive must always have this question. Who is fuckable oops I mean cute or handsome or.... ? Magneto!!! Havoc. Nitecrawler, the Beast, Prof Xwithout his hair so much sexier and Angel! I am having a mental orgy with them.

9. Joseph Gorden-Levitt. I watch one of his shows last night. He is talented and so my type!!.Unfortunately he is married. Oh well I still have Chris Evans and a few other fantasy figures. Maybe I should go for royalty. Any gay royals around or bisexuals. Good lord, What will they call me if I hook up with a royal prince. The duckchess of ....?

10. To end my rant or chant or whatever. I need to win big money soon. I have to start putting my life in order. Starting with my house. Oh I am redecorating my condo. Just put up some new furniture. Will be doing some painting and repotting some plants to make a flower balcony. However I will need to trim the Noni plant outside my balcony. It has been blocking too much light and my plants are not doing well.I will use the noni leaves for cooking. 



hugu - 23 hours ago




















anqi - 1 day ago

妳這樣一個女人 讓我歡喜讓我憂


dollylwk - 1 day ago

You might think I stopped writing to you ... But the fact is I will never ... Not till my time comes.... I'll keep doing so ... Night after night .... Hoping that one day ... That faithful day you replied.... It will be the happiest moment of my life ... Boo... You are my life ... Never forget what we talk about ... What my deepest feeling ... What I dream of have with you ...a family ... A home ... Our home ... I love you 


Sandeep Marwah Honored With Param Shree Award 2016

asiannewsagency - 1 day ago

New Delhi: “Recipient of more than 50 International Awards, Global Cultural Minister, International Media Guru, Founder of Noida Film City and Marwah Studios Sandeep Marwah has created five World records in Media. His contribution towards media has been recorded in the books of media History,” said V.K.Sharma President of All Journalist Association on the occasion of AJA Media Excellence Awards at Pyarelal Bhawan, New Delhi.
“I am touched by the love and affection extended towards me and by bestowing upon me this prestigious award” said Sandeep Marwah.
Sandeep Marwah is also the president of International Journalism Centre, which is looking into the benefits of the journalists all over the World.
Former Election Commissioner G.V.G.Krishan Murthy, Renowned actor Govinda, Ambassador of Romania to India H.E. Radu Octavian Dobre, Chairman of Film And Television Institute of India Gajendra Chauhan and Member of the Legislative Assembly from Noida Bimla Batham blessed the award and presented to Sandeep Marwah.


dollylwk - 2 days ago

The bad dreams .....are happening so often that I m so afraid to fall asleep ... 


dollylwk - 2 days ago

I m here ... I'll love you until it is all that I know ...till the very end .... The act of loving you will still be embedded in my heart ...I love you now, always and forever... Boo my love ... M here ....,waiting .... 


hanging out vs dating

samsamsam - 2 days ago

Qn: may i know what's the difference between a hanging out vs dating with coupling intention?

someone ever told me we are just hanging out, this is not a date, a date consist of both parties had coupling intention.

so how do you do a coupling intention date? do you ask the other party: hey can we do a coupling intention date instead of hanging out? or the hanging out will eventually become a coupling intention date?

And what's the difference in term of the progress of hanging out and dating? ain't we still dine together and talk rubbish?




TheSiren - 3 days ago
Narcissism is the pursuit of gratification from vanity or egotistic admiration of one's own attributes. The originated from Greek mythology, where the young Narcissus fell in love with his own image reflected in a pool of water.

It's probably fine if it's just admiration of oneself. When it went overboard, it's pretty scary I thought. Chanced upon this profile when she sent me a heart. Yes, you must be thinking what a bitch I have been?!!!! Oh yes, I'm one and probable one of the worst. I ain't disclosing the profile but god sake self-proclaimed great catch?! And you're single? That doesn't prove your eligibility well. Why aren't you caught since you're a great catch? Why are you turned on by your mom?!!!! Seriously that's screaming some freaks. And the partner-to-be has to weary with her mom! Isn't that incest????!!!!

&with that, my wallowing has ended. For now.

rainbowglow - 3 days ago

All this time spent wallowing in self-pity, saying: life is pointless, on repeat, and all it took was another girl to say: life is pointless

for me to see that, no, if life is pointless, would I not be saying my parents don't matter? All the things they've done for me are for naught? Or A's existence doesn't matter? Wouldn't it mean that all that matters, don't matter? When nothing could be further from the truth.

It is at this point where guilt and remorse would normally take pity's place. Somehow, I manage to pull my socks up and think on the positive - all the more I should appreciate my life from now on so as to not let down those who matter.




greyish - 3 days ago

听到这几句话, 蛮喜欢。


"因为你还在, 所以我留下来。"





Stampine125 - 3 days ago























Stampine125 - 3 days ago

对你的思念 是一天又一天 孤单的我还是没有改变
美丽的梦 何时才能出现 亲爱的你 好想再见你一面

秋天的风 一阵阵的吹过 想起了去年的这个时候
你的心到底在想些什么 为什么留下这个结局让我承受

最爱你的人是我 你怎么舍得我难过
在我最需要你的时候 没有说一句话就走
最爱你的人是我 你怎么舍得我难过
对你付出了这么多 你却没有感动过


ellen85 - 3 days ago








Never - 3 days ago

I hope people just stop whining and get on with their is more than that...

Went  to get bread from 7-11. saw the gal with heavy eye bags on duty...believe that she is still schooling to earn her keeps ..she made me recall about an ex classmate of mne who always skips classes to earn money for his school fees and is always tired in class even if he attends classes...he will always borrows notes from us ..and he graduated the end ..though his grades were so so...but he subsequently achieves alot more in his career and life. I have admiration for people like this...very determined for success...maybe, I lack ambition..and I do admire people who make it on their own through hard work and some luck.


dollylwk - 3 days ago

Right from the start .. I knew you were the one ..., I just can't explain the feeling ... You stole my heart ... I hope you are keeping it safe ... Cause for now m a soul without  a heart .... Boo ... Come home to me .... 


(20) Living A Sincere Christian Homosexual Life

princesszz - 3 days ago









greyish - 4 days ago









別傻。。dont be silly

greyish - 4 days ago


学了新知。 是件好事。 

听是一回事。 说是另一回事。 

是考验。 是挑战。是学习。是改变。 





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