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laileng36 - 21 hours ago

Pain is sadness when things turn sour between lovers,

Pain is vital with the losing the love of my life,

Pain is painful when the heart is shattered,

Pain is hurt that is indescribable and unbearable,

Pain is expected when losing the loving and intimate feelings,

Pain is sorrow that brings unstoppable tears,

Pain is unavoidable especially with an ending relationship,

Pain will always be there within a falling relationship, but we move on,

Pain is part of growing up,

Pain will make us to grow stronger,

Pain hopefully will be gone when a new love is found.


花费50个小时, just need 50 hours

papatua - 1 day ago

只要花费50 个小时,就能学会世界语 Esperanto, 能和全球175个国家的人来往,为什同性恋者那么抗拒?宁愿写那种烂英文?

just spend 50 hours to learn Esperanto and one can meet frineds from more than 175 countries. But many gays and lesbians rather prefer to write in bad English.


Commitment issue

Onedarer - 1 day ago

I went for a piano trial lesson at a music school a day ago to find out if the teacher or the lesson there was any good. Before that, I was taking lessons with a friend of mine, but she lives far from me and so she suggested that I looked for an alternative that's nearer to my home.

The teacher at the music school is in her 20s, and it's hard to gauge if she was good or not as her instruction was pretty similar to my friend's. The thing is, she's quitting her job there and so most likely she will not be assigned to me as a permanent teacher if I were to sign up.

After the trial, I found out more about the fee and commitment period, as well as certain conditions pertaining to taking a break for traveling, etc. Somehow, I was not quite comfortable with the commitment level. In the end, I decided to resume lessons with my friend, but the same thing applies, that I need to commit to a regular schedule for one year's worth of lessons.

At work, I was chatting with some colleagues about this, and I remarked that I probably have a commitment issue. In fact, once, one of my colleagues and I had signed up for a pilates class, which I quit in the middle of the course.

Then again, I did manage to complete my basic Japanese language class a few years back, without missing a single lesson, and I did pass my exams. But that was about 5 years ago, and I was still in a committed relationship with my then girlfriend.

I'm wondering now if this commitment issue has to do with the changes that I have experienced since my last major breakup. Certainly there has since been other related issues such as not being able to trust new people that I got to know, including the women that I dated in several brief relationships. In some cases, I sort of chickened out after only a couple of weeks into them. Then I would feel bad and wanted to restore the relationship, etc., and spun several vicious cycles that took a whole lot of pain to break out of.

So I guess it's about time to fix this commitment issue. While I still feel somewhat uncomfortable about committing to a one-year beginner's piano course, I try to focus on the fun and enjoyment, as well as the pain and agony of practicing and playing on the piano. I might even be able to play a decent piece of music by the end of 2016 and perhaps pass my Grade 1 exams.

And who knows? I might learn to trust again, and perhaps even fall in love with someone?






hollowSoul - 2 days ago

有人说:好汉不提当年猛。当年是当年,当年的校花校草,如今已是烂花杂草,有谁抵挡得住岁月的摧残。只有我还沉溺在自我感觉良好当中,无法自拔,还渴望像过去般被崇拜,被爱戴,制造假象继续满足那贪得无厌的虚荣心,选择眷恋过去的风光明媚, 不舍得回到现实当中,想永远活在甜美的梦里。





hollowSoul - 2 days ago

价值观 -  一个很抽象的东西,有的人很在乎;有的人放下了,选择一切淡然。

价值观是最好的工具,用来合理化某些事情,也可以成为让人下台的阶梯,因为你明明跟xxx 翻脸了,别人问起时,你只需要回答"价值观不同"就可以了,不必抹黑别人的同时也让你显得有气质!

因为价值观不同,你不能凭自己的价值观来判断别人有错,只是你不认同别人的价值观,不代表别人做错。这该多完美啊,世界上没有坏人,全是圣人 - 拥有不同价值观的圣人!



Sick Season

Chalkncheese - 2 days ago


The season officially kicked in. Not the festives but my annual get sick season. 

It usually starts on a friday night, the Virus attack, knowing the next 2 days the Body will have very little fight left to retaliate. 

The Virus will win on Saturday..the Body all weak and defenseless, Immunity by then would have threw in the towel and concede defeat, Body taken as POW.

The Virus celebrates, hlting attack, sensing there isn't much the enemy can fight back anymore.

Sunday, nursing the bad bad hangovers, Virus at rest. The Body had devised a plan, with help of outside forces to boost Immunity's power..

The war begins again, this time, with the allies, the Body breaks out of prison and walks under the Sun, breathing in the air of freedom, healing. 

By nightfall, the Virus would have been killed off or weakened, escaped or cowered to the corner where they came from.

The Body lives to see another day, another working Monday..

Tears well in my eyes...







safe sex

andivrs - 2 days ago

masker  air mani hmmmmmmm 


Fairy Tail Theme (Violin) Taylor Davis

ourbluesky - 2 days ago

Fairy Tail Theme Song - Extended

ourbluesky - 2 days ago

My cloud

TheSiren - 2 days ago

I have absolutely no agenda, nor here for ego boosting session cos I already gotten my honey bunny 😆 not here to know new friends, neither am I looking for a chat..nothing.

Living life to the fullest with my almost perfect family, my 'few'(not exactly a few) fabulously awesome lot of friends around and my love + extended family. Appreciating every moment I have with everyone in my life. one foot in the big 4 now and embracing it gracefully with all my beautiful friends. 


Moving On

wordporn - 3 days ago

With each passing day,

As I cry my heart out.

Those heavy heaving sobs,

I wish;

I wish that as the days go by,

It would wither away at my pain,

Because I hold on to the hope that,

With each day that I shed my tears,

The next will be better.


Owl City - Vanilla Twilight

greyish - 3 days ago

Owl City - Vanilla Twilight


bye bye new york

kluivert - 3 days ago

will be leaving NYC soon ... Thanks for the wonderful time . I may come back to visit one day lol


Good luck to all the people I met in NYC






I'm a fraud

Onedarer - 3 days ago

While I value honesty and trust in a relationship (friendship included), I actually tell a lot of lies. I lie to hide some facts so that my friends won't judge me or worry about me, I lie to not let people whom I'm not very close with know too much about me. Perhaps it's for self protection or perhaps it's to make life easier, I lie. However, if I value honesty and truth, how can I be lying to people who care about me?

So in some ways, I'm a fraud, yet it also shows how little trust I place on others, whether friends, family or lovers. What I really do hope is to meet someone whom I can trust and whom I can be totally honest with. 

If I can ever meet someone who comes close, I'd really want her to mean something in my life. It doesn't have to be a life partner; the person can be a friend. 


Some people failed to keep to let her go

alexchang1026 - 4 days ago


真的得不到的才是最美嗎?為什麼有人就是會念念不忘、無法釋懷那些失去的、或不曾擁有過的?有人可能會說,會失去是因為那原本就不屬於你; 或是說屬於你的最後就會是你的……


Some people failed to keep to let her go

Really do not get is the most beautiful? Why some people just will never forget, could not understand those who have lost, or never have had? Some might say, will lose because that had not belong to you; or that yours will be your last ......
It sounds very vain, very convincing; in fact, no matter how good that person, so long as he does not go with you, he would just pass you by passing, but you will not I can not wait to wait for a man, but missed waiting for you people?





autism - 4 days ago

I got three books from kino before my trip, just finish廖輝英1983的首部作品《不歸路》,她從小三的觀點寫婚外情。聽說小三平均只有六個月的快樂日子,而至少要花六年過著苦不堪言的日子,真的得不償失⋯⋯The other two books are吳念真《這些人、那些事》and another散文by 廖輝英。The Langkwi trip was super fun and I told my mum I would probably prefer to continue doing solo trips from now onwards. Talking about independence, neither my brother nor I end up using the washing machine as we were not sure which three buttons to press, we are spoiled old kids lol. I took many videos and pictures from the trip. 十二月是家教們的''吃風''日子,當然也是我最喜歡的文青月份,呵呵。Currently, there is a Japanese drama called "Transit girls", odd script but good acting as usual from jdrama, the whole theme is lgbt and seem manga-styled.


Changing you, being me

meanmin - 4 days ago

When you really get to know each other, there will always come a point when reality sinks in. You understand your partner for who she is and she knows you similarly. 

One thing remains the same, out of all the stories other lesbians have shared with me and based on my own experiences. You cannot change someone, you accept or leave. 

It seems so brutual, isn't love about transcending mutual differences? Isn't love able to motivate change? Can't someone see your best intentions and it's for her own good? 

Chances are your egos will clash, you will need time to build trust which comes easier for some than others. Love does motivate people to do things they would otherwise choose not to, not all the time but some of the time.

I agree we change only when we acknowledge there is a reason to change. We don't change for others, we change for ourselves. Even if we do attempt a change for someone else, it will always be seen as a sacrifice and even brought up as a bargaining chip. 

I recently read an article about how our responsibility lies in accepting someone in a relationship and not attempting to change someone. I do agree, it takes a certain amount of trust and security to be able to listen to someone tell me what is wrong and believe it. It takes time to build trust and in the meantime your best intentions are always going to be suspect. 

If we could all really practice this, love each other for who we are, why do relationships not work out? 

It is also a matter of compatilbility, if you rub each other the wrong way enough, it isn't going to work out. Far too often, we stay too long in relationships that are mutually harmful, a need born out of insecurity or our own issues. I thought this is love, I hung on in relationships that cannot inspire trust or respect for way too long. Then I realised it whereas it started in a place of love, it became unhealthy love stemming from not wanting to feel like a failure or out of a sense of guilt because someone cares for me more. 

Some girls tell me stories of how they hung in there when they are being treated badly, almost like it justifies how much they love someone or how much love they have to offer. Sorry, this means you lack diginity and self-esteem, you don't think you deserve better. 

Love is sacrifice, sacrifice in a way that doesn't cause you pain. It should feel fulfilling, not all the time but most of the time. When you have exhausted all avenues, as painful as it is, letting go is sometimes the best option. We aren't all meant for each other. We can't always work things out. Sometimes it's just too much. Too much pain, too many harsh words and too much you and I. 

Courage is letting go before it escalates further. 



dotPtt - 4 days ago

世界上有一条最寂寞的鲸鱼叫 Alice




这个世界上,有很多很多人都是 Alice


每个人在人生的某一个阶段都会有可能是 Alice


I curbed my spending urges so far.

incense - 4 days ago

It has been a while since I cooked. This week I cooked curry from a curry mix again. I have no recipe to share but I do have something in mind that I have not tried out, It is a sweet and savoury dish I am thinking about.

1. Baked bananas, potatoes, aubergine. I intend to use a baking dish to prepare this dish. I need 4 riped bananas, 3 small boiled potatoes,  1 brinjal, two eggs and 2 slices of cheese.  Slice all the ingredients into 5mm slices and arrange them in a baking dish in layers. Add a pinch of cinnamon and nutmeg powder for taste. Also add a pinch of rosemary. Crack and beat the two eggs till fluffy. Pour over the slices. Bake the whole pan in the oven for 30mins at 180 degrees celcius. If you are using a microwave or a convection turbo broiler then reduce the time. For the last 5 mins add in the cheese on top. Lower the heat to 150. We want to melt the cheese not brown it. i will be cooking this dish on Wednesday and i may not have time to blog about it as I am flying off to Taiwan soon.

2. As I am going with a straight friend, do not expect me to have stories to tell. Plus recently I have looked in the mirror and I am sure I will not attract anyone except for horny guys. I will have to go on my sex outings in Singapore, maybe a local sauna or park. lol. 

3. Gosh I have to repack my clothes. Placed my old clothes into bags that I can carry and keep in my JB condos when they are ready and start wearing clothes I bought recently. Cannot keep them till they become yesterday's fashion. So I am going to spend December packing up the old clothes. Things that I will wear when i spend the weekend in Johore.

4. Colour printers or more specifically, photo printers. Canon and Epson make the best and I am buying one soon. After that I will start taking more photograghs. I have not been taking because I like to print photos and have not gotten a good enough photo printer. By the way, the more ink bottles a printer has the better the colour production. So get one with at least 6. 

5. I have not dated or had sex for two weeks. By choice. I decided not to be too active seeking sex. So all I have been doing is advertising and not answering adverstisments. At my age of 52, you can expect that few people will ask me for sex. Anyway, I am getting fat. So I rather spend my time trimming my waist and increasing my muscle mass.

6. Yes I am still at 62.5kg. Still have not started my exercise regime. Reason being I stepped  on broken glass and had a splinter of glass embedded in my foot.  Been walking slowly because of that. I hope to start my exercise soon. Feeling damn fat and going to Taiwan is not going to help. 

7. Another reason why I have not exercised is cleaning my house. I have been trying to clear the stuff. I really should not be buying stuff anymore or picking up other peoples junk for that matter. Anyway I should clear the house because this year I want to set up a Christmas tree. 

8. I have looked at 3D cameras and so far the technology is not good enough for me. I will wait for it to improve and the price to drop further. Either that or strike toto and get everything my heart desires. Men and toys. lol

9. Politically, I do hope the radical islamic groups, the ambitious chinese, and all sorts of trouble makers in the world will disappear when I wake up tomorrow but that is not going to happen. Therefore I have decided to do the next best thing. Exercise my power as a world citizen and help to stop these world class maniacs from taking over the world. The voice of one cannot be heard but the voice of many cannot be ignored.

10. When I come back from my holidays on the 8 December, I am going to start dating. Yes, dating people. gay men, hiv and non-hiv. Not for sex so it does not matter. Too bad about Martin Sheen. I guess he got it from a girl who had it from a bisexual guy. But was hoping maybe he was bisexual. lol. Oh yes I went to the Domes at Gardens by the Bay. Nice and I stalked this tall White guy that was alone. lol. He was skinny. I love them skinny and lean, so I am going to trim myself down to that as well. My muscles have really shrunk. 


someone like you

Aalisa - 5 days ago

never mind I will find someone like you , I wish nothing but the best for you too ...

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