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Perfectly Imperfect.

AshleyJo - 3 hours ago


I am so full of imperfections..........sometimes i am beyond my own understanding.  


I could tie up the bedsheets and slide down the house. Be gone before the morning comes. I could dye my hair, i could change my name. Leave it all behind, be free to run. When i close my eyes i'm on the other side. I'm like a hurricane along the track. I see the landscape's wild from here inside my mind. Beyond the walls which always hold me back. 

It's just my imagination. Running away.


- Spanish lucia


What's Love?

thequeen - 8 hours ago

If you love me, why is every little thing I do wrong? It is not love, it is love that is fading. The day you find what was once cute has become annoying, what was once endearing has become irritating, the day you don't even bother to express gratitude and the day you find yourself having lesser and lesser patience, is the day you no longer love the person.


Something, anything..

myrage - 11 hours ago

And I will stumble and fall..

I'm still learning to love..

Just starting to crawl..



Say something, I'm giving up on you..


after effect

Alyssumrum - 16 hours ago

thinking all the possible impossibilities and possibilities

whatif...there are many whatif...i don't know if i still could

it is always good not to face it

so that can get better soon

hope you are doing likewise



ICMEI- Appreciated by Foreign Nationals From All Over The World

asiannewsagency - 20 hours ago

Noida Film City: “This is for the first time that any Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to the activities of films, television, media and Entertainment Industry in the World,”said Sandeep Marwah –Five times World Record Holder, President of Marwah Studios and ICMEI.
International Chamber of Media And Entertainment Industry has created 162 International Committees, 80 National Committees and brought its presence in 100 countries in no time.
Recently the Ambassadors and High Commissioners of different countries based in India appreciated the bold initiative taken by the Chamber in developing and mounting the relations with different countries through films, media, art and culture.
“The chamber has also included a committee on tourism, skill Development, Fashion and Environment recently. We have encouraged through Chamber to open a skill Development Council, a School on Hospitality and Tourism, a School of Fashion and Interior Designing and promoting environment and climate subject from school to school” added Marwah who has already attained a tittle of World Media Guru.
ICMEI has already encouraged large activities in Nigeria, Senegal, Hungary, Israel, Wales, Poland, Peru, South Africa, Sudan, Egypt and USA by opening separate film and cultural forums.
ICMEI probably the only Chamber to have its own News Paper, Radio Station, TV Channel, Film And TV Production House, Research Centre, Film Studios, a film School and a Business School.



CK628 - 23 hours ago

站在樹林內 就如沒氧氣
在夕陽下 寂寥吧 沒權利見
早知高的山低的谷將我分隔兩地 失去人情味
你那貴族遊戲 我的街角遊記
天真到信真心 太兒戲

快樂過生活 我拼命去生存
渴望被成全 努力做人誰怕氣喘
但那終點 掛在那天邊
界定了生活 我侮辱了生存
渴望大團圓 腳下路程難以削短
未見終點 也未見恩典 我與妳極遠~~~



hugu - 1 day ago

make friends is ok, but try best to avoid complicated case. Rather hurt myself and walk away than hurt myself deeply or wrost to hurt someone else..

I didn't watch this tv series, just like this song.









Never - 1 day ago

Happiness is one cup of cappuccino and a cheesecake least she made a good cup of cappuccino ..I would think the right attitude really makes a difference even in brewing coffee. The taste was.just tasted like cuppuccino.



Suga84 - 1 day ago

Im nt a nester, nor am i in clan, cut open me and will you find. 

Dun judge nor ever define cz here i am curious to decide.....







The Multiplier Effect.

AshleyJo - 2 days ago


The common perception of the word 'adventures' is normally associated with activities that involve speed, adrenaline rush or extraordinary scenes/sights (that might make one go "wow"). Yes but not all encompassing though. 

Being on an adventure is not just limited to physical exposure to certain activities. In fact, at the core of every adventure lies a certain sensory stimulation brought about by the exposure to new experiences. And that is exactly what an adventure is all about - to have one's senses stimulated by the new experiences, taking in thoughts & ideas and perhaps learning from the journey. 

Everyday can be an adventure for me.


- lucia


I really don't like the idea of being teased with lame cartoons and James Dean taglines (even tho i do like him) in flip-flopping style, because i have little tolerance for insincerity and dodginess. 


Hellokittylove - 2 days ago

👉Missing people, even love each other once before, also really come back, after all, not broken mirror that ends, after all the scars will not go away. After witnessing this kind of thing too many. Love is a noble faith, if this faith is dirty? ? , Then the original purity of love will become a people made that ridiculous👈


What matters, really.

idlephilosopher - 2 days ago

After the death of a loved one, it is rather hard to find what truly matters. Everything else will appear relatively trivial. Though it doesn't change hardened instincts, to worry about money, bitch about colleagues, whine about work, plan the next holiday, get on with usual business, there is that background, latent suspicion. 

The suspicion that these all doesn't really matter. 

Existence doesn't matter. 

One thing I have discovered about myself is my inability to believe in a divine entity. Somehow I am hard-wired to be an atheist. I just can't, though I am aware that the idea of dad looking down from above, is a nice thought. 

So I am left to deal with the nothingness after his death. 


many reasons

Alyssumrum - 2 days ago




lvbi - 2 days ago

The sky brighten up by all the stars,as i look up all i see were you.The time we spend together under the i miss those moments holding you close to me and wispering love to you.As we walk along the seabed holding hands and breathing in the fresh air and giving you my promises...i love you and will always do...



MangoTango - 2 days ago

Its no wonder y our parents cant understand today's generation and y marriages dont have happy endings any more.

To me, holding hands is already a very intimate act. i wun even share my partner's hands with others let alone.....

i dun understand open r/s, fwb, ons, nsa, 3p w bf/hubby watching, married but have.... n the list goes on... 

What happened to commitment? Im not judging. we make our own choices and lead our own lives. i cant imagine my innocent nephews' world in time to come. 

So, i guess im dinosaur. The world is changing but i refuse to go with the tide. Im still the same old me. i wun consider myself conservative, im just normal. 


lvbi - 2 days ago

You and me,who are we?

We act like we don't care about each other but our words and action speak diffrently

we act like we don't miss each other but we cross each other mind and we knew about it

You and me,who are we?

We says we go our own way yet we still see each other once a while...      we still cross each other part on purpose at times..

We keep ourself buzy with career and works yet....                                          we act cold at times with each other but what ever we say we mean for each other...

You and me



lovexiaolong - 2 days ago

丈夫是左手!妻子是右手!左手摸右手总是没感觉! 当有一天!左手流血了!右手一定去帮着止血!当有一天,左手痒痒了!右手一定去给挠挠!当有一天,左手提东西累了!右手一定会去帮你负担!所以!不用去嫌弃你的右手!更不能嫌弃你的左手!因为左手拍右手!才能鼓出精彩的人生!-执子之手,与子偕老,相濡以沫,平平淡淡才是真!!!我相信GAY之间也有这鉴定不移的爱情,所以我一直期待,哪怕我年过花甲的一天,我也不会遗憾!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Power of words

Mahayana - 3 days ago

Words are cheap. Yet it is often used as a weapon. Words are used to hunt. To convince that there is love and trust. Words can also hurt. Break families apart. Words are cheap. Yet, in the mouth and hands of someone who can manipulate words well, words become powerful. 

So although words are cheap, don't ever underestimate the level of destruction it can bring. 

That's how politicians work. 



gieny - 3 days ago







Congrats to the Irish!

Ling1977 - 3 days ago

Ireland becomes the first country  that legalises same-sex marriage through a popular vote!

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