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even more work.

incense - 2 hours ago

So what if it is a busy week. It is Singapore! Notice every week I talk about the buzzz in the week. Well got to work to retire in rich country.

1. Finally made my buttered rice. Here is the recipe.

A. I used a spice bag and filled it with 3 bay leaves. 1 tbsp each of rosemary, thyme, cumin, basil, black pepper, butter and a cube of maggi chicken stock.

B. 1 cup of rice. 

C. Place everything in the pot and viola, in my case it is a microwave pot and a microwave that cooked it.

2. THAT done, I started to make noni juice. Went and bought a glass bottle and place 5 noni fruits in it. The other noni fruits were out of reach. Too high in the tree. Now to wait for the thing to ferment. Later i will pasteurize it. 

3. More seedlings are growing. Glad to see progree in the garden. May go to the nursery to buy a packet of compost to start the system in my house. May buy 2 packets of 25kg soil and a tub of white oil and some fertilisers. 

4. Was tempted to buy a noodle maker but stop myself as I do not see myself making noodles everyday, just like I am not making bread every week. Most likely will only buy  a noodle maker when I get to cook for myself daily in the future.

5. I really need to buy a heavy duty iron this month. I tried using the steamer but it was not very good with heavily wrinkled clothes. Used up the water just to iron a cotton shirt. Not very practical.

6. I got my report from my health check up. I did not fast for the blood test but the report said I had low sugar, hahah after drinking milo, borderline high cholesterol, expected, and basically a normal report for a city dweller in his 50s.

7. I have to get more rubbish out of my house. It is looking better but more can be done. Waiting for the xiaomi redmi 2 screen protector before I start using it. Oh I need to go to the bank next week to link my credit card to a saving account. Long overdue. Need to pay bills too.

8. Great to be single. Do not have to organize my time around others except for my mother. Old people can be very demanding. She is only 75 years old. Today we are going to celebrate her birthday. Did not buy her a present yet this year. Bought her brands essence of chicken last year. May buy her similar later in the year. Wait for offers.

9. I will buy a canon laser colour aio printer, wireless, this year. Budget of $700. May buy another photo printer. Epson aio photo printer for the other house. The current printers are not printing well. Do not print photo well. 

10. Must  fix a time to have food with friends. Have not met up with any friend for 3 months. This is bad. Lol.



mk_87 - 3 hours ago

The strength to take a step back and tell you it hurts.

The strength to speak up for myself.

The strength to tell you enough is enough.

The strength to leave you, I still struggle to find.


Please, just go.



tummy1980 - 3 hours ago




那晚由於我的同房下一天 day off 所以我便早些去睡覺。剛入睡不久便被拍門聲嘈醒,一開門便是這位師兄想借電腦用。我示意冇所謂便回床上睡。


About Me:

jazo_one - 16 hours ago

A person who loves to eat, coffee chats and tea time rather than drowning himself with beer. He doesn't smoke and defenitely not into drugs.

He seeks for a life long relationship and possible true and loyal friends too. He is sometimes 'Hopeless Romantic' but most of the time he weighs things against facts, reality and practicality. He has this silhouette figure of a person he wants to be with as being conscious in public affects big part of his social life so being discrete with gayly things is his priority.

He fancied cooking, spending quality time and also watching movies, be at home or in cinemas. So if you think you like his personality and would match to it, please don't hesitate giving him a message, he's always waiting for you... oh, and he doesn't bite. ;-)



Mahayana - 18 hours ago

Been a stressful week. Makes me want to run away and escape reality, hide in a small, cozy corner and just scream "FUCK YOU, WORK!"


Time is all we've got

joeron - 19 hours ago

Sorry for wasting your time


Random thoughts

shymuse - 1 day ago

Time travelling forward and waiting for no one. 


Love comes thick and fast or slow and tenderly.


The Present that which is now but was formed in yesterday.


The Future a continuous journey in life.


Life a myriad of colours, experiences, exultation and sorrows.


get out of my head

Mahayana - 1 day ago



Icy_Blue - 1 day ago

How are you?




Hellokittylove - 2 days ago

When someone treachery, accusing it change it? Can not! Then accept it! When is a full lesson.

When people cheat when exposing deception can make practical overthrow it? Can not! Then accept it!

When someone said behind three down four times, arguing that malicious slander can cleanse it? Can not! Then learn to accept it! When is bored by the whole of the Spit spit flying in environmental pollution.

Pain, suffering, deception, slander, love and not love is but a process that is owned now have a future course of it, looking forward to tomorrow will be even better now! Is not it? Will be more beautiful tomorrow? Only silent tears ...... patience expectations will be more beautiful tomorrow! Will! Tomorrow, we will be more beautiful.


Aliens - 2 days ago

4 years ago you are mine. Although life is tough, to let you expected something from me that I couldnt accept. I left you for 2 years. And after these 2 years I managed to forgive you. We are back again for a while so shaky and I left you again. I was so mad. I know you will come back to me again. You prove to me that you no longer will be like in the past again. This time you changed I saw you, I finally could feel your heart with me. 4 years now I  know you are always mine. You are always mine. This time I really hope we could last.


Varija Bajaj Stole The Show at IFFD

asiannewsagency - 2 days ago

“Extra ordinary Indian dresses part of our traditions and culture supported by live music by drum players- I think Varija Bajaj almost stole the show at Fashion festival organized by India Federation for Fashion Development at New Delhi” said Sandeep Marwah President of Marwah Studios.
“It was necessary for me to be part of the show as we are also running a fashion School- AAFT School of Fashion. You learn with every fashion show” added Sandeep Marwah.
“It takes you months together to prepare for the show. You have to showcase not only your creativity but something, which is wearable also. I have specialized in Indian traditional dresses which is all time in demand” said Varija Bajaj a well known designer from Delhi.
Present on the occasion filmmaker from Mumbai Rahul Mittra said, “I thoroughly enjoyed the fashion show. Varija,s designs look stylish & comfortable. It was a well-presented show. ”


AAFT- School of Hospitality And Tourism Launched

asiannewsagency - 2 days ago

Noida Film City: AAFT an education group serving nation from last 22 years now planning to get into the business of Hospitality and Tourism. A new school of Hospitality And Tourism has been launched recently by Dr. Mahesh Sharma, Minister of State (Independent Charge) for Culture, Tourism and Minister of State for Ministry of Civil Aviation (India), Government of India at a grand function at Noida Film City.
“We have designed degree and diploma courses in Hotel Management and Tourism from this school. We have tremendous demand from the industry for well educated, groomed and trained personnel of this field” said Sandeep Marwah President of AAFT.
We are touching only 0.64 percent of World Tourism; there is a huge scope for expansion and improvement. I expect high standard of education from AAFT which has done commendable job in films and television” said Dr. Mahesh Sharma congratulating Marwah for taking this initiative.
National Federation of Tourism And Transport Cooperatives of India Limited supports the AAFT school of Hospitality And Tourism.


myrage - 2 days ago

Word of the day: Salvage. 


Anyone looking for a housemate?

aloevera69 - 2 days ago

I am helping an andro friend out - is there anyone out there looking for a housemate? 



max_sg84 - 2 days ago

i am getting used to being alone, and i do feel lonely sometimes. 


From Myself To Myself

stephie - 2 days ago

I have read countless of self-help books and it's about time to put them all together, step out of my costumes be a third person, help Me to pick up the grains of my broken heart and move on.

 ... ... ... 

We have a choice: to be a winner who looks at the history and learn from it and improve ourselves: mentally, intellectually, physically and also spiritually. 
Or we just count days how long time ago it happened and feel bitter and sorry and dig our heads in the sand and stay there. 

There is a time for grief and sorrow to take place but we can't let it run our lives and don't set a time line. Try harder, try your best and if you can tell yourself - this is the outmost I could do. Then, move on. Nobody can do better than that level. Have self-love. If we don't start to love ourselves, we have no right to ask someone to trust us with their hearts and that we can take care of it, because we don't have that capacity. 

Step 1 - cry it out. Let the tears wash out the pain. Set a time line how many days and hours you intend to let this happen, so you won't go create a new habit of it.

Step 2 - learn something new. Create a new habit. It could be just change the way you drink coffee. Let your mind start focusing on accepting changes. Retrain. Relearn. Release yourself. 

Step 3 - feel gratitude. For things you have in life. People you have in life who cares about you. Everyone comes to our lives with mission to teach us something. Could be love, anger, pain, laughter, fear, betrayal. The list goes on. Thank them for letting you experience that. A life full of feelings means you lived. Passing through days without any reaction only shows you never lived. And someone who never lived, how can she learn what is precious? Success comes with a price. Those who move on will only know it. 

Step 4 - when you learn all these and make it your new you. You cultivate good energy and it will attract abundances to you. It's the power of the Universe. It will happen the way you want things and always wanted. 

Have patience. And believe. Most of all have faith good days will come.



CK628 - 3 days ago

Selling out is not my thing
Walk away, I won't be broken again
I'm not, I'm not what you think

Dream away your life
Someone else's dream
Nothing equals nothing

Letting go is not my thing
Walk away, won't let it happen again
I'm not, I'm not very smart

Why should I feel sad
For what I never had?
Nothing equals nothing

Turn to stone
Lose my faith
I'll be gone before it happens



yeoh - 3 days ago



Prayers For Bobby

ASHLEE143 - 3 days ago

Yesterday, I watched a heartbreaking Movie entitled Prayers for Bobby. The movie stabbed me through my heart. it is one of the most saddest, most tragic stories i have ever watched.

This is the story of Mary Griffift who has a Gay son, Bobby.

Prayers for bobby

Marry Griffift is a Devout Christian who raises her children with the conservative teachings of the Presbyterian Church in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s Walnut Creek California. Her son Bobby confides to his older brother that he may be gay. Life changes for the entire family after Mary learns about his secret. Bobby’s father and siblings slowly come to terms with his homosexuality, but Mary believes that God can cure him. She takes him to a psychiatrist and persuades Bobby to pray harder and seek solace in Church activities in hopes of changing him. Desperate for his mother’s approval, Bobby does what is asked of him, but through it all, the Church’s disapproval of homosexuality and his mother’s attempts to suppress his growing behaviors in public causes him to grow increasingly withdrawn and depressed.

Stricken with guilt, Bobby moves to Portland, hoping that some day, his mother will accept him. He gives up on his hopes of defeating homosexuality. He finds a boyfriend, David at a gay bar. However, Mary makes it clear that she still does not want her son to continue as he is. Despite meeting David’s parents, who assure them that things will improve, Bobby continues thinking of his mother’s words, and also sees David with another man. Finally, Bobby’s subsequent depression and self-loathing intensifies as he blames himself for not being the “perfect” son, and one night, he free falls off a freeway bridge into the path of an oncoming eighteen-wheeler truck, which kills him instantly. The family receives the horrible news the following day, and is devastated.

Faced with their tragedy, Mary begins to question herself and her Church’s interpretation of the Scripture. Through her long and emotional journey, Mary slowly reaches out to the gay community and discovers unexpected support from a very unlikely source. She becomes acquainted with a local reverend of the Metropolitan Community Church, who convinces her to attend a meeting of Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG). It is there that she realizes that she knew Bobby was different from conception and that his true value was in his heart.

She becomes an advocate for gay rights and eventually gives a speech in a Walnut Creek city council meeting in support of a local “gay day”. She urges people to think before they say, voice, or support homophobia because “a child is listening”. The measure is rejected, but she and her family travel to San Francisco with fellow PFLAG members and walk in a gay pride parade, during which she sees another young man just like Bobby observing the parade. She walks over and hugs him, finally coming to terms with her son’s death and vowing to work hard for the rights of gays and lesbians.


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