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Birthday begins.

incense - 3 hours ago

I officially start celebrating my birthday month today.

1. It started with a lunch at Jack's Place steak house. 5 of us went. Family affair. We all had steak. I only spent $16 because we used 100 dollars of vouchers. It was good.

2. The next meal will be Tim sum followed by Japanese sushi. Roasted suckling pig and whatever I find in Indonesia and Malaysia. I have to exercise soon to get rid of the flab. Do not want to look flabulous. 

3. Since it is October, it is time to buy $400 worth of products. Qoo10 for phone covers, batteries, and camera filters. Also going to ikea to buy roller curtains. They are going to change the line so the roller curtains are not going out. I use the roller curtains as a screen for my projector. Lol.

4. That means I am going to ikea later. Shall I blinge and ordered chicken wings. Nah. Maybe I will see what is available first but I must remember to carry my carrier bag there. Maybe I will buy some I scented candles too.

5. Switching workplace next year. Maybe this time round I will get a workplace that is easier to get to. Or situated next to a nice shopping mall. Instead of a god forsaken place. Have to start moving things from my workplace home. Move a bag every week.

6. Despite the poor showing of the Singapore economy our currency is still strong. Which means the other economies around us are doing worse. Time to go on holiday and exchange cheap currencies. 

7. I have already prepared presents for my ex. Will leave them near the main door in case he pops over. Some of the stuff are actually his. I am renting out the place around the middle of next year so I must move things out. My own stuff are moving to Mlaysia.

8. Gee Pokemon go is good for stopping sexual urges but also bad because I have been sleeping late. Anyway tonight I am going to ikea to get my stuff so no time for sex too. Wonder if I can date anyone to ikea.

9. Just looked at my stuff and I have to use them soon before they expire. Not buying an electric scooter any sooner. Someone just posted an article about how we have been conned by businesses into buying the toys. They still leave a carbon footprint and we now have more batteries to pollute the earth. 

10. Too bad I cannot post any pictures here. I will post the 360 pictures on Instagram and Facebook. Want my accounts? Try asking me.


Carpenters albums re-issue

sexymanilaboy - 21 hours ago

Exciting news for Carpenters fans!

Universal Music Japan is re-issuing all 13 Carpenters studio albums (covering the years 1969 to 1989) on Mini-LP SHM-CDs on October 26th. This re-issue includes their two Christmas albums “Christmas Portrait” (1978) and “An Old-Fashioned Christmas” (1984).

The CDs uses the 1996 remaster, features obi-strips included with the Japanese first pressing editions, with lyrics and all inserts included in the original LP releases.

Pre-order is now available at Japanese music retailers CD Japan and HMV Japan.  


第100匹盲目团结狼群 或 第1匹孤傲狼?

hc_tennis - 21 hours ago



dollylwk - 23 hours ago

Boo ... My heart is so tired ... But I will hang on .. waiting for you to

come back to me .... Love you always ... 



hotshort - 1 day ago














More worst than yesterday.. Am trying!!

Tired_gaL - 1 day ago


Say something, I'm giving up on you.
I'll be the one, if you want me to.
Anywhere, I would've followed you.
Say something, I'm giving up on you.

And I am feeling so small.
It was over my head
I know nothing at all.

And I will stumble and fall.
I'm still learning to love
Just starting to crawl.




dollylwk - 1 day ago

Boo... I m screaming in silence ... Crying in my heart .. But I m not going to give up ... I love you


Kathak Recital by Vidha Lal at 2nd Global Literary Festival

asiannewsagency - 2 days ago

Noida: Entertainment is the essential part of any festival any where in the World. The performances of music and dance depict your culture and helps in learning more about the arts and culture of the place. “With almost thirty countries participating in the Global Literary Festival it was necessary to show our heritage and cultural to all these foreign delegates. Vidha Lal won the hearts of the audiences,” said Sandeep Marwah President of the Festival. Vidha Lal, a multi-faceted kathak exponent is a disciple of renowned guru smt. Geetanjali Lal of Jaipur gharana. Vidha has emerged as a rising star in the field of kathak. She is an empanelled artist of Indian council for cultural relations (ICCR) and ‘A’ grade artist from Delhi Doordarshan. Vidha has earned great acclaim in the media and from connoisseurs for her brilliant solo performances in India and abroad. She received ‘Sri krishana Gana Sabha Endownment Award 2010’, Chennai. She made a Guinness world record for most numbers of spins (103) in one minute in 2011. Later Vimla Batham Member of the Legislative Assembly Noida in the capacity of Chief Guest honored Vida Lal with the participation certificate of 2nd GLFN. The event was presented by Asian Academy of Arts and supported by International Chamber of Media And Entertainment Industry. Indo Wales Creative Forum, Indo Hungarian Film Association and Indo Malawi Cultural Forum were also participating.


dollylwk - 2 days ago

Boo... Where are you ? Need you to come home love .... I .... I love you 


Feeling blue today.. Feeling down

Tired_gaL - 2 days ago

When M + F + F is a reality

hc_tennis - 2 days ago




cynic - 3 days ago

She came to my rescue the other day.

I'm touched by her prompt response.

Just like that fateful day at Gateway years ago.

She came to me when I needed help most.

I'm grateful for her selfless help. I'm grateful for that hot choco drink and that slice of choco brownie cheesecake. I'm grateful for the conversation we had that night; just like 2 old friends reminiscing about the past and talking about the happenings around us lately.

She made my night better that day.

I'm thankful for her.


吴若希 - 休止符 ( 广东)

jonyx5 - 3 days ago

站在附近未能望见 我却会情迷意乱

太虚假的爱恋 也许我看不穿

静待愿望未曾梦见 迷迷糊又在继续兜转

只能绝缘 不能眷恋 身心已耗损


抛低过去伤口 一刹未够


让记忆赶快淡忘 高飞远走


不甘再去厮守 挣扎在永久


不想再度梦见他 该休止了吗

若是幸运亦能遇见 碰见你当作试练

你找到新爱恋 至少令我心酸

就像玩具未曾玩厌 离场时又在继续兜转

只能说明 不能说穿 身心已耗损


当天跟他种花 为何仍然发芽 诉说过太多的浪漫传记吗 闭上眼仍有数十万个他..




抛低过去伤口 一刹未够



但记忆 都有罪 都太累 挥之不去


Expression vs Possession

samsamsam - 3 days ago

Expression vs Possession

Scene 1:

She: once exclusive no more contacting your ex gf.

Scene 2:

She: you are flirting with the waitress

Me: I am just carry out a conversation with the waitress

She: what if I did the same to the waiter

Me: you know I will not stop you from doing what you like to do in your life

She: you don’t love me at all

Me: …………


So what do you think in scene 1? Expression of love or possession of love?

With due respect, one should know ex gf been thru a lot with us and some who know us much beta than ourselves so to give up this friendship is truly difficult and if there is possibility of getting back together in the first place they will not be our past tense.

How about in scene 2? Expression of love or possession of love?

Given full respect of one’s freedom yet become a sign of not loving her. One could say to her, I am who I am when you know me. Think twice, should this be even a statement to say out? Did you still flirt with your gf after she became your gf? This is self-absorbed, life with her should become we, us and there is no longer I, me or you. Sensitive over how she feel is not giving up your own personality, one can still carry out a conversation with any stranger but bring in your gf’s name in between the conversation so she can feel her existence in your life.

My famous line, a dice had six sides, when you think is an expression, it might be a possession. However so, respect is what we should always bear in mind. Girlfriend is not an asset and you do not own her, she loves you doesn’t mean that you own her. Be kind and be grateful always respect to each other is another key of keeping a relationship.

Disclaimer: Above scenarios are fictitious, if any similarity is purely coincident.




dollylwk - 3 days ago

We have tomorrows for a reason... So boo ... Stay hopeful ...l love you 


different dreams...

nyres_ident - 4 days ago

Prince said: "All good things they say, never last" - and perhaps that 's true. Though that goes for bad things as well (I hope!).

I took a chance and for a year. I dated someone long distance. He's a wonderful man - only two hours away, but this weekend we decided to call it quits. After a long and teary talk we realized we had different long-term goals, and it was important to be honest with ourselves and each other.

I'm a bit sad, but also relieved - as every ending offers a new beginning.  :)

And so, the road begins anew. Looking forward to new adventures in friendship, love and (yes!) sex.   ;)

Learn from life and move on... xoxo  -ant


Grand Inauguration of 2nd Global Literary Festival Noida

asiannewsagency - 4 days ago

Noida: A grand opening of 2nd Global Literary Festival Noida 2016 was attended by delegates from 30 countries of the World. 52 events were planned in three days of festival. All the nine halls were pre booked and occupied by the writers, poets, media persons and young enthusiastic literature lovers from all over India and abroad. The energy was bubbling in the environment.
“Never ever seen and heard a literary festival of that grandeur and stature by any film school of the World. What an arrangements and programs, it is one of its kind. My heartiest congratulations to ICMEI and Asian Academy of Arts for taking up such a powerful step to develop literature,” said H.E. Jožef Drofenik Ambassador of Slovenia to India on the inauguration of 2nd Global Literary Festival Noida 2016.
“The involvement of so many countries at the same time for the cause of promotion of literature is a positive step in building relations with many countries. Not many organizations are in these kind of promotions,” added Jaleez Sherwani President of Writers Association of India and also the writer of many feature films like Dabangg, Wanted, Hello Brother, Loafer, Tere Naam etc.
“These kind of literature festival give you a wonderful opportunity to showcase your talent internationally. The participation is huge and wide. We are thankful to ICMEI for including here in the team” said Alfred Vilili Counselor from the Embassy of Malawi to India.
“Writing books and good literature is slowly and gradually vanishing from the seen. It is taking different shape of short cuts and machine language. It is the right time to motivate and boost literature so that our traditions and culture can survive,” said Pankaj K Singh IRS, Government of India and a known writer.
The festival has been designed to promote literature and in addition to develop a good thinking into the masses through good writing works. We have started this mission and we are sure that we will be successful,” said Sandeep Marwah President of 2nd GLFN.



greyish - 4 days ago

在 极高又贵的 顶尖...前一分钟 还是很开心的谈着...然..不多久的下一秒钟却狠狠的被 警告 ...此时此刻...顶的高和静 成为寒冷的气流. 一个人的凄冷,滚着热泪盈眶..是够了。足够清醒了。





dollylwk - 5 days ago

Boo... Even though I'm unsure about most things in life .... I am certain that we will meet one day ... I love you ...

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