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Stampine125 - 9 hours ago



dollylwk - 10 hours ago

I love you more than the distance between us...I love you more than any obstacle that could ever try and come between us... I love you most.


rainbowglow - 17 hours ago


I seek not to obstruct, but to stand with you in the continued chasing of your passions, as you do for mine. Don't stay the same. Change, evolve, become. Stretch that intellectual capacity and keep that ever-acerbic wit. May you always find the space to dream and create. Be yourself. I love you. And that is enough for me for now. I'd like to hang out with you a little while more. But should the status quo shift in the future, I think I'll do okay. Don't mind romance, but I'm a pragmatist.


harleyQ - 1 day ago


You prolly will never see this but if you do, I've long forgiven you. I don't think I'll ever get over this loss, nor will I ever let go of the immense level of guilt and regret that constantly resurfaces for being totally inadequate in caring for you and how miserable you must have felt. I hope you forgive me for this.

You'll always be family to me and this means that I'll always love you. In saying this, all I want is for you to find out what you really want, and for you to realise this, because you deserve nothing less.


"Feeling the Loss"

lemmyting - 1 day ago

"A loss, but the kind of loss that you will look back on and know that it happened for a reason. 

You may be hurt or feel betrayed but this is a growth period for you and a lesson will have been learnt from recent events.

We cannot control how others behave and unconditional love is about allowing others to be exactly who they are, which isn't always who we would like them to be.

Your fears of abandonment may prevent you from looking ahead and you may feel trapped in what is happening now, you may be angry, resentful, sad or depressed. You may have regrets, but the key to your future happiness is to learn from your mistakes and move ahead with your newfound wisdom.

One of the lessons here is to realize that love comes from within and no one can give us something that we are unable to give ourselves. The pain of loss is often acute when we depend on a source outside of ourselves for validation."

- Five of Cups



Nat7 - 1 day ago











Stampine125 - 1 day ago

“所谓缘分, 就是遇见了该遇见的人;













greyish - 1 day ago

来了,错过了, 走了,完了, 没了。



dollylwk - 1 day ago

There are no half measures in love ... It's all or nothing ... I gave you all ... Not holding back any things  ... From the very beginning and for always ... You are the love of my life .... Boo



autism - 1 day ago

There are 84000 ways to meditate, who knows how the number comes about, ironically I have never meditate before even though I converted to be Buddhism in April 2004. However, I only do things that I am comfortable with and have not found any meditation classes that can make me comfortable. 最近發現一本很特別的書《全部的你》,作者的履歷也很特別。我想這樣的人生觀、打坐和佛教中心思想可以更廣泛地被人認同和吸收。This book should be translated to English to reach more readers.我們一直要找到的烏托邦其實是在第四個意識裡面,它不是我們的思想、認知,甚至是語言範圍所能體會的。找回一直都在的佛性才是打坐真正的目的。


My single life...

Luxe11 - 2 days ago

Love isn' aways perfect. It isn't a fairytales or a storybook. And it doesn't always come easy. 

Love is overcoming obstacles facing challenges, fighting to be together, holding on and never letting go. It is a short word, easy to spell, difficult to define and impossible to live without .

Love is work,but most of all, love is realizing that every hour , every minute& every second was worth it because you did it together....



dollylwk - 2 days ago

The only reason m hanging on... Keeps me going ... Is knowing one day we will be together ... That's all is it ... You are the only reason ... Of my existence... I love you more and more each day ... 


weekend activity

megadiscc - 2 days ago

weekend activity



Stampine125 - 2 days ago




Meeting and leaving

Stampine125 - 2 days ago

It is strange that sometimes 2 persons can chat fairly well but after meet up communications dwindled. Be it friendships or relationships, it takes 2.

Fate as they call it. There are some people we meet along the course of our life, who dropped out and return years later. There are some you are interested to befriend and know more about but only to know that the other party only takes you as an acquaintance. Likewise it can happen the other way round. So imagine when 2 persons come together and forged real friendship or relationship, how high can the chance be - one in a million.

Nothing beats having a close friend whom you can have impromptu meet ups occasionally or call on than the hundreds of friends on FB.

















About myself.

iqra - 2 days ago

Well hello!
Haha, this feels different writing my bio on LGBT website for the first time. But, let's go.
Okay, so I am bi-curios woman. Not a trans, not a ladyboy, but a girl actually. I am just here to explore my lesbian/bi-sexual side. 

Honestly, if you expect me to meet you up right after our first chat. That's not happening. I take my sweet own time to open up to someone and get comfortable. Feel free to message/talk to me :) Just be a REAL person with pictures of your own. And yes, these are my pictures.

Major turn off: If you just ask or talk to me, because you want to get laid. Ain't happening, son.



incense - 3 days ago

This blog will be about my trip to Indonesia so stay tuned.

1. I went to JAva recently. Part of my bucket list to do volcanoes and Borobudur temples. First off I took a very early morning flight at 830. So I had to be at the airport around 630 in the morning. Lucky I have a sister who drives and stays closeby. Dropped off at the wrong terminal which meant I had to make my way via skytrain to the other terminal. Check in was a bit slower but because I had no luggage it was faster and I cut queue too.

2. Was met promptly at the Surabaya airport and whisked off on a long journey of over 8 hours to the next destination. That was a seaside town just opposite Bali island. Gee I should have flown to Bali and then took the 30 minute ferry over instead. 7 hours wasted on the road. We slept for less than 2 hours as we woke up at 1am to make the trip to the crater to watch the blue flames of Ijen. I am very unfit. Huffing and panting I finally did it. The guide who took us down to the crater was cute and very strong. Yummy but then no makan. 

3. Following that was another 8 hours drive to the next volcano in central Java; Mount Bromo. The trip was nice and we stayed on another mountain with a view of Bromo. However we woke up at 3am to make a trip to another mountain to catch the sunrise and also to catch Bromo at Sunrise. Unfortunately it was a foggy morning and we did not manage to catch the sunrise.

4. Following that we trek up to the edge of Bromo and I had a first hand experience of a Volcanic ash shower. Rather bad experience. But still fantastic. I did not ride the pony up as my niece wanted to walk. Tiring. Lots of gay thai men were seen going to the volcano.

5. After Bromo we went back to the hotel for breakfast. It was a good breakfast and then we got ready for a 10 hour trip to Yodja. Most of the tim I was sleeping on the trip.  Anyway we checked into the hotel around 10pm so there was not much to do. We went out for dinner instead of calling for room service. There were many Batik shops around my area. I hd mcdonalds for dinner and mie bakso. I should have just had Bakso- only cost a dollar for a bowl or piping hot noodles with so much ingredients.

6. The next morning at 7am after a nice breakfast we went out on to a hindu temple call Prambranan. Similar to Borodudur but quieter as it is less famous. But just as nice. We manage to take many nice photos against a clear blue sky.

7. We then set off to see the Sultans' Palaces. The first one was the Sultan of Jogja residence. Big compound with lots of supersition still intact. Rich and opulent people. Heard his third daughter is staying at Sentosa Clove. After that we went to see another kraton. This belonged to another Sultan and was more like a castle with swiming pools inside. Nice and I suppose was very grand in those days.

8. We then went off to try to catch a glimpse of Merapi but it was all covered in clouds but we were told tourist would go close enough to see the effects of the eruptions. We did not do that. We set off to Borodubur. Oh forgot to mention lunch at the Palaces. Actually not the palaces but a house nearby. Traditional food with music and dancing. Quite nice. very handsome waiter who was very gentle.

9. Borobudur was nice except for the people who tried to sell all sort of stuff to me. I did not buy any as I did not have enough luggage space much shopping. Borobudur was more crowded and I should say the preservation is well done. After the sunset we left. beautiful sunset.

10. On the way back we stopped at two places to buy local produce and batik. The local produce was good- chinese biscuits actually. The batik was better - good high class materials. But when we returned to the hotel we went out again to buy more batik. I bought a Javanese costume from the roadside vendor. A sarong from one of the shops. All in the trip was good. 



dollylwk - 3 days ago

Boo... Flight for us... I can't be there where you are right now ... As much as I want have to be strong for us ... I believe in you. Please don't doubt my words...I will wait ...I need you .. I don't know how to live without you. We have a connection... And real connection will never fade away... 

Often i picture us holding hands and watching movies, sitting on the benches at the beach listening to the waves ....hearing your laughter throughout the day ...and catching your smile 

And all I can do is hope .. That when you close your eyes,your mind is filled with the thoughts of me

You are special to me... I can't explain with just words how much you mean to me are the only one I want to keep in my life ... This life and all the next life's ....

l love you now ... Always ... Forever ....


greyish - 3 days ago















交友-- 网页转载

greyish - 4 days ago



关心,不需要甜言蜜语,真诚就好; 友谊,不需要朝朝暮暮,记得就好;

问候,不需要语句优美,真心就好; 爱护,不需要某种形式,温暖就好。







人活着,圈子不要太大,容得下自己和一部分人就好; 朋友不在于多少,自然随意就好。


朋友,淡淡交,慢慢处,才能长久; 感情,浅浅尝,细细品,才有回味。

朋友如茶,需品; 相交如水,需淡。




从最初的无话不谈,到慢慢的无话可谈; 从一开始的无所顾忌,到渐渐的有所顾忌。







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