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Introducing Tech Updates ... and Photo Galleries!

Hi there, welcome to the first Technology post on the Fridae Blog. I'm Jason, Fridae's Senior Developer and I'll contributing posts from time to time, letting you know about changes to the site and other items related to the stuff that goes on behind the scenes here at Fridae.

To kick us off, you probably noticed that we removed photo functionality from the site for the last couple of days. This allowed us roll out a new feature - Photo Galleries!

Fridae has alays had an arbitrary limit of 10 photos per profile (and another 10 in your Vault if you have a Perks subscription). As we move forward, we wanted to address this limit and give you a way of grouping photos together. Now you can put your holiday photos in a gallery on their own and keep them separate from the photos of your pets. ;)

You can still customise the thumbnails for your photos, and you can now click "Make Main" to use any photo as your main profile photo. Delivering on a much-requested feature, you can now rearrange the photos in any gallery by dragging and dropping them in the list.

When someone views your profile, they'll now see the photos in your "default gallery", and then a list of other galleries in your profile.

For Perks subscribers, a Gallery becomes a part of your Photo Vault if you tick the box to restrict access to users with a Vault Key. We've removed the upload and management functions from the Vault section - your Vault Galleries' contents are now managed using the "Photos" icon along with the rest of your photos.

If you notice anything wrong with your photos after making these changes, please get in touch with our webmaster for investigation.

Update: Apologies - the Make Main and Edit Thumb functions had problems for a little while today - this has been fixed.
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